On the Eve of the Election

On the eve of this most painful and difficult Election there is much to think about, much to hope for and just as much to fear.

I truly hope that on Sunday morning my (obviously Left leaning) niece will be doing this.

Alice clapping

Why yes I would indoctrinate her to avoid anything on the Right!

And when our current Prime Minister is rightfully restored on the night of the election, my face, along with Alice’s, will look something like this (I’ll have to imagine it though because no doubt she’ll be fast asleep in her cot.)

Alice's surprise face

She’ll be both surprised and amazed that the Australian people really did, once again, do the decent thing and save our future. After all, it’s for her sake I’ll be voting Labor. The Other Side have not spoken even remotely eloquently for the children, for schools, for the community.

We will spend the night of the election roasting a sizeable pig on spit in a suburban yard and watching the future unfold on a TV in the open (cold) air.

Let’s hope Alice has a future to applaud on Sunday morning.



12 thoughts on “On the Eve of the Election

  1. Writing this after the event seems a bit redundant, but what I would wish for Alice’s future is a government free from race to the bottom dog whistling, and policies formed from ethics and social justice. Hmmm.

  2. I won’t even pretend to know anything about Australian politics, but if you are voting for positie futures for children, I’m all for it. After all, they are the ones who will be deciding how we are treated as elderly citizens, where ever we live.

  3. Oh, I so hope we have reason to be glad on Sunday morning. I’ve been very disheartened by this whole campaign. But I cannot stomach the idea of another Liberal government. We’ve only had 3 years off!

  4. it is a bit of a worry. some people think there will be a change of govt, but i think that julia will just make it (wishful thinking?) i’ll just be glad when it’s over in some ways.

  5. After those interminable years under Howard, the thought of time with Abbott is intolerable. I’ve been angry for most of this election. So many claims by the Liberals that are unsupportable at best and clearly wrong most of the time. The world concensus is that Australia came through the GFC extremely well; that the level of debt we have is manageable and affordable. No economist or business analyst would deny that our economy (and health and eduaction systems) will be less efficient without the new National Broadband; schools have been improved; agreement with (most states) about health funding will lead to improvements, etc etc – but all this has just been ignored or completely misrepresented. And then there was the Apology…you can tell how angry I am!

  6. I think that JG will be returned.
    I hope JG will be returned – a female Prime Minister over TA.

    I keep hearing Billy Bragg’s From Red to Blue
    especially the chorus

    Sometimes I think to myself
    Should I vote red for my class or green for our children?
    But whatever choice I make
    I will not forsake

    I am getting so frustrated at the lack of progress and see the Greens policies as the best vision for our future and what I want for O and the kids.

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