A Padded Pouch

Before I head to the Northern Territory next week, I’m doing a bit of planning. This includes Sean finding a special external battery for my phone so that if I’m out and about all day and the phone dies and then I have to go to dinner or something, I can charge it on the go.

It cost a bit so we talked about how I could keep it all together, including the cords. Sean, who is loving watching me learn new sewing tricks, suggested a nice fabric bag would be good, maybe something a bit padded?

Well. That’s a bit new to me. I looked around, wasn’t sure I could find anything I liked so put the call out on Twitter. Did anyone know of such a pattern? A few replies came back and in the end, it was Jody who came up with the goods with some links, among which was the one I used from Sew Mama Sew!

Because I never knew what anyone else was talking about before I did this, here’s a photo of me sewing the layers together – the outside fabric, the inside fabric and the layer of batting – the elusive ‘sandwich’ set up that I’ve heard talk about but never entirely got.

iphone pouch

Simple really, so it turns out. That’s the easy part. The harder parts come later with making sure the corners are turned inside out properly, and sewing through several layers once you’ve put the front and back together. Getting lines straight, getting the corners pointy – it’s all stuff I’ll know more about next time.

iphone pouch

I make no pretense of perfection – rather it’s a document of a first go at something that is going to be functional, is kinda cute and which marks another step on the sewing trail.

The outside fabric was part of a donation from Alison at MachenMachen.  She gave me a bunch of fat quarters at lunch time knitting one day and I’ve loved discovering them.

Iphone Pouch

The inside fabric goes way back! It’s leftover from an apron I made two years ago with help from Jejune. What possessed me to hold onto scraps of it when I wasn’t sure I’d ever sew again is beyond me, but it matches perfectly I think.

Now, when I go travelling next week, this snug pouch (which I modified to make just a bit wider than the pattern suggested) will keep all the iphone battery pieces and cords together perfectly. I think I’ll make another one tomorrow!



23 thoughts on “A Padded Pouch

  1. Just love the pouch Helen, I am so proud of you. You are coming along with your sewing in leaps and bounds. Can’t wait for your visit in October when we can chat about sewing and the projects we’ve made.I am looking forward to taking you out to Mandeni’s Needlecraft shop, you will love it. Just about finished my quilted table runner, I will send you a photo. Love Mum

  2. The bag is perfect for its intended use! The fabric is cute and you will know at a glance what it is. Enjoy your plane ride and be sure to take lots of pictures! I took my camera to the reunion and was so busy it never came out of my bag!

  3. like caffeine girl, i’m mainly amazed at how supportive sean is! how wonderful that he understands and encourages your creative endeavours. have fun in the nt next week! it will be hot so remember to stay hydrated – maybe you need to sew (or knit or crochet) a water bottle holder too!

  4. Well done Bells, it looks great. I tend to keep certain scraps too but havent discovered a project for them as yet. I will have to keep that pattern in mind too so thanks for sharing!

  5. Clever idea and cheery fabric. I have some quilted fabric that I bought to make a padded holder for some of Pk’s handmade tools. All the ingredients are together in a bag but I’ve never made it. It’s designed to be like a roll up needle holder but with bigger pockets. Maybe now that the weather is cooler, I’ll feel like pulling out the machine and working on it.

  6. Fabulous idea, I must put that one in the memory bank
    You are sewing a treat and like Ailsa I’m enjoying watching
    what you make.
    Enjoy your trip

  7. I’m not expert, but it seems your sewing is really coming on, and I can tell by your exuberance that you’re really enjoying it too. And I’m enjoying watching it..

  8. Great to see how your sewing coming along, you will soon be as proficient at it as your knitting. I’ve always sewn and knitted since my childhood, but sewing has gone on the back burner once I had children, but I’ve justed started doing it again, and today I’m cutting out a japanese knot bag, either for my sock knitting or for my purse. It’s going to be padded so wish me luck.
    Kind Regards, Anita in the UK
    PS. Really enjoying reading your blog.

  9. How organised!! It looks like a very cool and functional padded pouch. I always keep scraps of fabric (and yarn too). You never know when you might need a bit of something for something. And if you’re me, you’ll probably never find them either!! Good to see you are more organised than me!

  10. I think that using up little bits of treasured fabrics is one of the nicest things.

    I just made coasters with bits I recovered from an old skirt. It makes things just a little bit more special.

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