The Top End

I’m way up north, far from home and the freezing weather. Darwin is beautiful. More beautiful than I anticipated. Vivid green ocean, scorching heat and today, 82% humidity.

I had to work today but even that wasn’t a trial. Informal meetings in offices overlooking the green harbor and its attractive foreshores.

To arrive and suddenly strip off the layers of winter was a weird experience but not unwelcome. It’s still winter but the locals are saying the 34 degree heat is hot for the time of year. It’s a different world and full of lovely surprises.

Yesterday I attended night markets and ate oysters and octopus on the beach at sunset. A little boy approached me to show off the hermit crab he was carrying in his shoe.

There was an Indigenous dance performance at the end of the beach and mango sorbet to cool me down.

I was sweaty but happy.

Tomorrow I go on the biggest adventure here. A 1.5hour flight in a small plane to a remote Indigenous community. I’m excited and nervous. I may never do something like this again so I will take in every second happily, even the bumpy flight.

I feel so lucky. Sometimes my job is good.



16 thoughts on “The Top End

  1. I love that shock of dislocation that comes when you arrive somewhere the temperature and humidity are suddenly different. You really feel in a different world. I’m looking forward to your report on your trip to an Indigenous community. So much to experience and think about.

  2. So glad you got to the markets. I love the atmosphere and watching the sun go down is just amazing. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip.

  3. Awesome photos! What a rare, precious time you are having! Soak it allll in! Night markets? How exotic. And I LOVE flights in small planes. You are closer to the country, and actually, you are safer than when in a car on the road. ENJOY!!

  4. oh yes,the sunsets! glad you made it to mindil beach markets. it’s a great priviledge to visit the remote communities, most people can only see them on open days once a year. hope it’s a good experience for you.

  5. Great opportunity for you to travel with work, and see a different part of Australia, especially tomorrow’s trip – hope the plane is not too small and the ride is not too bumpy.

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