Election Socks

I have some new socks and I love them. I named them Election Socks since I knitted 80% of them at pub sessions with friends during the Election campaign.

Yukon Socks

Who ever knew the socks would be finished before the Election results were known?? No one could have predicted that. As of this moment, the final decision about who will govern our country is approximately twenty minutes away. Nail biting stuff. No really. I did start to think these socks were dragging on a bit but that’s nothing compared to the long drawn out decision-making process going in our government ranks. Sheesh.

Anyway, so I’m pretty sick at the moment (tonsilitis) but this afternoon I thought I’d get some sunshine and take my socks for bit of stroll through the spring bulbs. I thought these Star Flowers were a lovely backdrop for them.

Yukon Socks

So there’s really not that much to say about my new socks. They’re just regular toe up plain socks. They’re my fourth (I think) pair of plain socks in a row and while I’m finding plain socks a lot more convenient for social and commuting knitting, and a lot more wearable because they fit inside many shoes beautifully, I’m starting to itch to do something with an actual pattern.

But what I can say about these socks is that the yarn is fabulous. Truly wonderful. It’s Bluefaced Leicester by Fyberspates, a UK company and was thoughtfully given to me by far away ex-pat friend, Shazmina Bendi. It was one of those yarns that was just so pleasurable to knit with. From the lovely twist, to the way the colours stacked on each other and finally, to the wearing. I’ve hardly taken them off since I got home from Darwin. I did actually take them with me to Darwin thinking I could get an exotic photo, but there was no way I was putting wool on my feet in that weather!

Yukon Socks

And so they are done and they’re warm and infinitely wearable and I love them. But it is time to start some fancier socks I think and to possibly revisit the notion of a personal sock club – you know that great idea where you pack up your sock yarn into different bags and select one yarn each month? I started it and then stopped. I think I’ll start again.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have a government before I finish my next pair although, you know, anything’s possible.



20 thoughts on “Election Socks

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  2. At first glance, I thought this post was titled “Election Sucks,” which I hope will not be your feeling when the results are finalized!

    I really need to try the toe-up approach. Your socks are adorable!

  3. love the election socks – the way this election has dragged on you could have knitted enough for my family of 9 – crazy stuff – they are too cute and I love that you gave them a name 🙂 Naomi

  4. Lovely socks! The socks I was knitting in Bendigo were Fyberspates yarn and I really liked it. I also took your advice and used the Sewn bind up. I was so impressed I went back and re-did the first sock so thanks for that tip!

  5. The socks, especially with the grassy background, are just lovely! I much prefer solid-colored yarn with fancy patterns, and self-striping yarn with plain stockinette. It complements the strengths of each.

    I know several adults who have had tonsils removed and found it greatly improved their quality of life.

  6. I thoroughly recommend the Personal Sock Club. I’ve such a bad memory that it truly is a surprise each time I reveal the next skein of yarn. And it gives me a schedule which for some reason works for me.

    Such lovely muted spring colours in these socks.

  7. I remember what it was like to go to bed days after an election and have no idea who had won. It seems so unlikely in this day of computers. I hope by now you know who won (and it’s not too bad!)

    I still have my tonsils and have often wondered if they’re responsible for the frequent sore throats I get. The idea of getting them out just gives me the willies so I’ll keep them. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Pretty socks! And how lovely to be able to take the photos out in the spring flowers.

  8. Perhaps your socks were prophetic in their colours – a mix of green and a spot of red. well perhaps not really red but I’m pushing the boundaries. A bit of poetic licence.

    I’m glad Labor is back although I’m not very fond of our Julia. However, she well and truly bets the alternative.

    I’m doing plain stocking stitch sock right now. I tried a patterned pair in the Yummy yarn from the Granny Square newly opened in Newtown in the old Champion Textiles shop, although that’s unrecognisable now.. The dyeing totally swamped the pattern so plain they are.

  9. I really like those socks, election socks is the perfect name too. I will be happy when the government is decided! Sorry to hear you have tonsilitis, I used to get that a lot when I was in my 20’s.

  10. They’re lovely socks. We had a fairly long drawn out election result wait, but not as long as you have. Fingers crossed you get the result you want.

    And I hope the tonsils get better:( Kathryn and I have both suffered in the past and it’s one of the most unpleasant ways of being ill I can think of.

  11. I love that simple stockiing stitch socks can give such pleasure.

    You never know, you might have them worn out before we know who our government is, heh!

    And you should definitely do the PSC!!

  12. Oh Election socks!! They’re lovely. I am sitting here listening to the ABC radio with butterflies in my stomach, waiting to hear the decision of the last two independents. Here in The Apple Isle we are used to minority government, and we’re still here!!
    I am sorry to hear you are not well, it’s awful being poorly. I hope the sunny weather is cheering you up and making you feel better. It’s taken 9 days for me to feel better so I hope you recover more quickly.
    I am toying with the idea of a PSC too, MrsDrWho even talked about one – not that she will knit any, and if an almost non-knitter can know about it, I figure I should make myself one too. I think you need a plain pair for travel knitting and a fancy pair for stationary knitting!!!

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