Reversible Pinny

So, a bit of a run on Alice posts at the moment. I’m sure this is good news to her fans out there. I have to show off this wonderful, wonderful pattern I found. It’s the first garment I’ve sewn that I’m truly happy with. The fit, the shape, the result – it’s all better than I imagined. And her mum is over the moon with it.

Lizzy Pinny - Pink Side

It’s called the Lizzy Pinny and it’s by an Australian design company, Little Bird Patterns. I’ll be making more of their stuff just as soon as I buy more of their patterns. They are great for the novice and more experienced alike.

Lizzy Pinny - Pink Side

A pair of tights, pink crocs and a pink long sleeve top and she’s just too lovely for words in this outfit. And yes that’s the same pile of leaves she’s been playing in since autumn. That little corner of the yard has been so rich in entertainment for her, why sweep up the leaves?

Best of all, the pinny is reversible! We interrupted her Sunday morning play to flip it around.

Lizzy Pinny - Blue Side

I mastered the reversible bag a few weeks ago, so thought that the reversible dress was a logical step. I was right. Apart from a little bit of fiddling and muttering at the point where the straps were joined, it was a breeze. Little Bird Patterns writes, based on this pinny, very simple and straight forward pattern instructions. I cut this out on Friday morning and had it done by mid afternoon. I imagine now that I know what I’m doing, this will be a breeze to whip up from now on.

My two older nieces have said they too want sundresses now. I can see I’m going to be kept busy but I imagine it’ll be nice to be able to sew in summer when it’s just too hot to knit.

Lizzy Pinny - Pink Side

I’ve got Fee all excited to go for a shopping trip now to find fabrics that match for more versions of this adorable dress. What’s interesting to note is that even though Alice is tiny for her age (18months), I didn’t really expect the Size 1 to fit her so well. I thought really I should be aiming for the size 2 but I think for a little while yet, I’ll stick to the size 1. I imagine once this is worn with nothing but a nappy underneath, there’ll be plenty of room in it. The Size 2 can wait.

Lizzy Pinny - Blue Side

In knitting news, I’m merely days away from finishing the test knit, the Shiraz cardigan. Hope to have that to show by the end of the week! Then it’s time to start thinking about Spring knitting. You can tell from the photos of Alice that the days are brighter and just a little bit warmer, although we did wake up to a frost this morning, so it ain’t over yet.



25 thoughts on “Reversible Pinny

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  2. Darling! Both the girl and the dress. I hope you’re washing the fabric before you sew. They’re filled with sizing, and can shrink or buckle funny if you sew with unwashed material. I learned the the hard way. Too cute!

  3. That is a timeless design. I think I made some of them for my girls and that was almost 20 year ago! Little girls look so cute in them.

    You did a beautiful job. Your choice of contrasting fabrics is wonderful.

  4. I wonder how long it will be before Alisce works out that she can swap her dress around herself? She looks so happy in the garden in her smart new outfit! You really are a clever aunty!

  5. BeAUTIFUL! That looks like a drress that could be worn for years just by extending the shoulder straps.

    Now for your next assignment: pockets!

  6. The thought of whipping it off and putting it on the other way in the middle of the day just gives me the giggles. What did Alice think about that switcheroo?

    Patterns can be challenging, so well done!

  7. Alice looks gorgeous and a reversible dress is such a good idea. I love sewing in Summer, it’s definitely better than knitting sometimes!! You have done such a lovely job!!

  8. Just gorgeous and so clever, I can’t believe how good you’re getting at the sewing. I think I want one of those, especially for summer ice cream eating! Look forward to seeing Shiraz soon too.

  9. Oh the little Alice posts are always so enchanting. I think you have done a marvellous job on the dress and reversible too, wow so many skills in such a short time!

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