Saturday morning in Spring

Just a quick post this morning to show you another reversible dress, like the first one. I was able to make this over two nights during the week – cutting it out one night, sewing it up the next.

This time I put a pocket on each side and already it’s been a hit – a lovely place to hide things!

Purple Pinny

My mum was behind the colour choice for this one. We had a Spotlight shopping trip earlier in the week and she singled out the orange and purple with cream dots. Perfect! No photos of the orange side with purple pocket, I’m sorry. She was having far too much fun running around to interrupt her for a flip of the dress.

Purple Pinny

This morning I’m off to Spotlight again to choose some more for another dress as well as a dress for our other niece, who is nearly ten and so taken with Alice’s dresses that she’s chosen one for herself. We’ll have a look this morning and she can choose fabric of her own. What fun! I never thought there’d be any kind of shopping as fun as yarn shopping, but this comes pretty close and the immediacy of it all is very satisfying!

Purple Pinny and Star Flowers

And for reference, the pattern for this dress is the Lizzy Pinny by Little Bird Patterns.

Fabulous little girl patterns!

Purple Pinny

Have a great weekend everyone!



22 thoughts on “Saturday morning in Spring

  1. What a great little frock! And Alice is the perfect model to do it justice too! I love the colours – they really suit her, although, I am yet to see a colour that didn’t suit the delightful Miss Alice!

  2. The company should use that last photo on the pattern. it’s adorable.

    The immediacy of sewing is one of the things that make it so much fun. Fabric shopping is as much fun as yarn shopping. There is lots of fondling going on.

  3. Ahaha! Once you discover the joys of sewing for kids you’re halfway down the slippery slope. the other half is covered by all the beautiful fabrics out there and the gadgets you can get:)

    Beautiful dress, and love the reversible ness of it.

  4. love the pockets! great place for dummies, and sticky lollipops. they are so great, and the colours are just terrific on her. especially when matched with hot pink crocs. too stylish! clever bells.

  5. Oh another lovely dress by your gorgeous niece. I rather like the purple and orange together too and pockets are always perfect for little ones to put everything into. Pity we are the ones that usually have to fish it out of the pockets though!

  6. Alice is definitely getting the hang of the whole modelling thing!! The dress is lovely and yes, there is a thrill in fabric shopping and also in making a little dress in two days!!

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