Floriade 2010

Floriade is here again, that annual flower festival that heralds the reawakening of Canberra in September. The sun shines. The lake glistens.  Canberrans strip off their winter layers and millions of blooms wave their heads in the air. It’s spectacular and today we went with my sister and her family as well as our nine year old niece. Six children plus four adults equals an exhausting but wonderful outing.


As teenagers, my sister Adele and I would wander around Floriade in the sunshine imagining what it would be like to be there on a date, walking around hand in hand with some handsome guy, eating an icecream and feeling very, very cool. Twenty years on, I told this story to the kids and thought of how life plays out. We were there with kids never dreamed of, partners a million light years from the teenage boys we were probably dreaming about in the late 80s. But the flowers are still the same; the festival still full of entertainment and treats and there’s still that sense of a city waking up.

This was Alice’s first Floriade and she enjoyed some of it from the prime viewing spot of Uncle Sean’s shoulders.

alice and sean

She also got some time in the petting zoo with all the baby animals (animal noises are her most common vocal expressions. Her cat and rooster are amazing.)

Alice at the Petting Zoo

There were plenty of these up close


But from a distance, a great distance up high on the ferris wheel, you got to see what the layout of the beds really looked like. The Lollipop beds were a great hit with the two nine year old girls in our ferris wheel cabin.

aerial 1

And this checkerboard was impressive.

aerial 2

The kids in our group were amazed at how what just looked like a bunch of flowers down on the ground could be made into pictures and even words once you were seated high up above the action.

aerial 3

As always, one visit isn’t enough. I think Sean and I will go back on our own some time in the next few weeks to take in more of the grown up stuff, like the wine bar and the coffee and, well, the flowers. Funnily enough kids tire of fields of flowers fairly quickly, wanting to go on rides and eat sugar and run around a lot.

Next time, I might take a bit longer to appreciate the flowers.

aerial 4



23 thoughts on “Floriade 2010

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  2. How wonderful to see the flower beds from that height without the vertiginous feeling that ferris wheels induce! Looks like a lovely Spring outing for all the family but yes, go back and enjoy it with your man.

  3. how lovely! sunshine, flowers and alice in her new dress! it’s great to celebrate and acknowledge the changing of seasons, and spring is always the most promising.

  4. Each year when the Spring flowers bloom I think how wonderful it would be to go to Floriade – and then forget until the following year. But NEXT year it will be different!

  5. What a glorious teat! But yes, just looking at flowers is sort of boring to kids. You’ll have to go back with your man abd hold hands ans stroll amidst the blossoms and eat ice-cream, just like you used to dream. If he plays his cards right, this could be verrrrry romantic!

  6. That’s really lovely – while we’re having the first really cold days of autumn complete with rain and trees turning red, you’re having a beautiful spring festival. And I really like the hidden pictures.

    In my dream travels (that would be the ones I do when I win the lottery…) I shall have to add Canberra in the spring:)

  7. And here we’re watching the first yellow leaves appear. I love the idea of a flower show to celebrate Spring. I don’t think we have anything like that around here. We have the Flower Show in March but it’s indoors and the crowds are unbelievable.

    I like the lollipop beds, too.

  8. Oh! Just gorgeous! We will have a Tulip Festival here next month, I’ll make sure to take some photos for you! Though we don’t have a ferris wheel, and they never make patterns with the flowers…. But still 🙂

  9. Love Floriade. Visited a very long time ago with a friend. The closest we get in Melbourne is Tesselaar’s tulip farm. They are having their festival this and next week. We took the kids on Wednesday, they had a ball just like your crew but got over looking at all of the flowers pretty quickly too. You had lovely weather for it. And got some gorgeous photos. I’d be heading back there too if I could.

  10. Floriade never ceases to disappoint, but this year looks truly spectacular. I hope I can get there and have a ride on the Ferris wheel and eat icecream, and never tire of pretty flowers. Sounds like you all had a great day!

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