Neat little packages

We had a long weekend in Canberra – Family and Community Services Day, a public holiday which I think is particularly unique to Canberra.

We spent, as you can see from the last post, Sunday with family and kept Monday for ourselves and the garden but I managed to get a couple of hours of sewing in.

I’d stumbled across a page full of ideas for what to make from Fat Quarters – which are, for the uninitiated, little ready made bundles of fabric squares. They’re so hard to resist buying and I’ve got a few now, all washed and ready for use. I made all my earlier project bags from them and now i’m on the hunt for other things to make. So, I’m told, is Mooncalf, who across the world is going through what she’s dubbed a Sewing Apprenticeship. I love the idea. I’ve adopted the term because it’s so fitting.

Small projects that teach new skills and give a sense of satisfaction make so much sense as a way to learn – kind of like making a few different styles of hats early on before launching into a fully sized aran jumper or lace shawl, yeah?

To that end, I whipped up some pocket tissue holders yesterday. Aren’t they cute?

tissue pockets

Why four? Because next week I’m having a mini-holiday with my sisters to visit our parents down the coast and I made one for each of us. I chose the fabric initially because of Alice. She adores bumblebees and makes the sound they make so sweetly, even pretending with her fingers to be a little bee buzzing around her own cheeks.

I decided we could all have matching holders. I think they’re a great idea. Don’t know about you but my little purse sized packets of tissues always end up utterly feral in the bottom of my bag. I’m hoping the pouch will keep them nicer for longer.

I lined them in red.

tissue holder

I got huge amounts of satisfaction from seeing how they turned out. So perfectly formed and neat and tidy. The neat edges and folds make my heart happy!

RoseRed, when she saw a photo, asked the sensible question about what sort of packets I used since most open from the top and these obviously split down the middle. Simple solution to that – just cut a slice through the back of the packet and voila! You have the opening you need for the pouch.

Too easy. I hope my sisters and mum like them.

Pattern and tutorial can be found here.



18 thoughts on “Neat little packages

  1. ohhhh you are really getting into your sewing. These are so addictive, I sat down to make some a few months ago and before I knew it I was hunting around my stash for more fabrics and I couldn’t stop! So satisfying – great tip about splitting the pack down the centre as I just removed the plastic but that sounds much easier!


  2. Ah, Helen, your mum sounds like I want to when my girls are little older! Love the tissue packets and am going to make some now–I had the same tutorial up a while back but didn’t make them.

  3. such cute fabric! i’m sure these will be enthusiastically received. that’s so sweet that alice makes bee noises – probably because they have an older brother, my girls specialise in dinosaur growls!

  4. Lovely Helen, I am looking forward to receiving mine, such a grand idea. See you next week, it will so lovely having you 3 girls here all at the same time. PLUS Will and Alice of course. What a busy household it is going to be for a couple of days.

  5. My little packets of tissues are usually a mess in the bottom of the purse as well. It doesn’t matter how hard I try. These are great. So neat and pretty.

    When I learned to sew in school, we made little things like half slips to wear to learn all the tricks of the trade. It’s exactly like knitted scarves and hats. Small, useful things to learn the stitches and techniques.

    We have Martin Luther King, Jr day of service in January. It’s a govt holiday but not compulsory for everyone else. It started as a day off to honor his birthday and ended up being a day of service. Lots of community groups do clean ups and things like that. I usually have to work.

  6. So do people actually participate in community service on that day?

    When I placed an order on Etsy I received one of those fabric tissue packets. Luckily it had some tissues inside because I don’t buy those little packets. We buy boxes of tissues a dozen at a time at the warehouse store (BJs, but I’m not sure you have that there? perhaps something similar?). I keep a box in the car. Truly, with three children, one needs to travel with an entire box of tissues.

    Grace glommed onto ladybugs. I wonder what it is about the insects? 🙂

  7. Super cute. I must make some of these.

    Here in the UK the temperatures are dropping and in Oxford the new students are arriving with their new germs – the cold season will be here any day!

  8. They are very cute and so very useful, they are good stocking fillers at Christmas time too, made in Chrissie fabrics of course. Now I have to say don’t worry, bee happy on your trip!!

  9. Bells, I straight up LOVE this. I would never have thought of it, but what an awesome way to say to friends and family, “Thinking of you!” I’m stealing this. I really think I might be able to pull this one off. 😉 And fat quarters are the potato chips of the fabric world. No one can take just one. I just bought one off the clearance shelf at my LYS. It comes with the pattern for a super cute quilt. Now to beat my sewing machine into submission.

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