Socktoberfest 2010

Usually in October I take part in Blogtoberfest. Not this year. I’m going away a couple of times and I think I’ll just find it all too hard. So I was scouting around for one of the other Octoberfest ideas to jump into and it struck me that my sock knitting is in need of renewal.

For the last year, I’ve only knit plain socks. Plain socks are great. They’re a way to show off variegated or striping yarns to their best advantage. They’re great for all the commuting and socialising we do where we want to keep our hands busy. They’re fast and effective and to be honest, I think they’re the best to wear.

But they get a little repetitive after a while. I’ve got two plain pairs on the go and they’ll keep me company on the bus, but I need something new and exciting. DrK talked recently about being a bit over cardigans after winter and I have to agree. I’ve been feeling the sock and shawl urge for a few weeks and so Socktoberfest feels like the way to go. I’ve never done it before. Lolly Knitting Around has run it for years and so I think it’s time I embraced the fun.

I dived into my stash two nights ago, determined to come out with something I’d forgotten I had. I came out with a deep shade of purple Wollmeise 80/20! What a find! I’ve never made Wollmeise socks – only a shawl – and so the time is well overdue to give this stuff a go.

riding on the metro

I have all these sock books I’ve never used because of the plain knitting jag I’ve been on. So those came out of hiding too. This is the Riding on the Metro pattern from Wendy Johnson’s inspiring ‘Socks from the Toe Up.’ So far, I’m having fun. It’s not overly complex lace so it doesn’t feel like jumping in at the deep end after so long on plain socks. It feels fun and free. This was an impulsive knit – you know the kind? One you haven’t planned. One that takes you by surprise. One that you’re doing JUST BECAUSE. Can’t beat that. Especially not in purple wollmeise.

But I’m scouting around for other patterns to get my toes stuck into this month. Are you participating in Socktoberfest? What are you working on or planning? Let’s hear it for ideas!



20 thoughts on “Socktoberfest 2010

  1. After hanging about here with you the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking I’d really like to learn to knit socks. Maybe Socktober is a good reason to finally venture into the scary knitting shop!

  2. Thanks for the Socktoberfest tip. I had intended on making my daughter a pair of “Toxic Socks” for Christmas. They are on the needles now and I have a goal. I am “suzanknits” on Ravelry if you are curious as to the pattern name.

  3. i love those impulsive knits, it’s so freeing to jump right in to a small project without labouring on decisions. such fun, and such lovely yarn. happy socktober to you!

  4. I love Wollmeise. I love it so much I’ll never make socks with it again. I walked through them in no time flat. 😦 Mine were 100% merino though. You’re smart to use 80/20 and I won’t knit socks without some nylon in them anymore. I have a couple of new skeins picked out by my two youngest, so they’re getting the next pairs of socks I knit.

  5. Beautiful knitting! I’ve never knitted socks starting at the toes. I have noticed you use a circular needle. .. Maybe I should get that book…Could you please write a few words on toe starting socks please, I’d like to hear what you think since you have a lot more experience than me. Thank you and thanks for sharing !:)

  6. Socks have alsways been my “go to” project. For me they are mindless and transportable and lately, a lovely way to show off my kettle dyed yarns. I must admit a patterned sock kicks it up a notch and I would still need a simple stocking stich to go to when I just need to mindlesly knit. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh its October already! Gees Louise! So great to see you working on socks again, and purple wollmeise is a nice way to get the mojo happening! Look forward to seeing how these turn out.

  8. Whenever I move away from simple ribbed socks for awhile, I seem to end up with Cookie A’s book…love her patterns, complex but very beautiful, and the instructions are good. I don’t do toe-up, though…don’t care for those short-row heels.

    See you later today?

  9. I love your purple socks. I just finished a pair like that. An unplanned pair that I just had to make. I used Knitpicks’ Hearts Abound pattern and I loved it. The socks came out well and I love them.

    I’m working my way through some plain socks and some complicated cable and twisted stitch socks. I have no problem with having several pairs of socks otn at one time.

  10. Lovely. I’m finishing up some overdue socks for my sister. And trying to concentrate on some sweater knitting, in what little time I have left to make things.

  11. Snap! I am knitting wollmeise socks too – but not purple and not toe-up! And I am LOVING the yarn and the fabric it’s making. Love the purple – perfect amount of variegation to show off a lace pattern without overwhelming it.

  12. I have a red pair for my Mum in the naughty corner at the moment. Might have to dig those out and get them done, along with the Mystery KAL from Through the Loops.

  13. Great idea! I’m getting low on WIPs at the moment, so I joined Soctoberfest 2010 as well. Think I’ll do the toes and make it up as I go πŸ˜€

  14. I’m doing the Through the Loops Mystery Sock Knit A Long. The first Clue (cuff) came out yesterday and the rest of the clues arrive weekly on a Friday just in time for weekend knitting πŸ™‚ Last years socks were gorgeous so I signed up quick smart for this year. Also working on a pair of Monkey socks.

    Love the purple and the Metro pattern looks lovely too.

  15. Your socks look gorgeous and Lolly does seem to have a big following with her socktober plans each year. I found a nice pattern today but I recall which blog I saw them on. I think they were called Tine socks and were a fake smocking pattern which looked really good!

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