Glimpses of a Long Weekend

A few fun things to share from my not-yet-over long weekend. It’s been busy here, but particularly busy for Sean and his dad who have been building stuff and getting prepared for three new arrivals of the avian variety. But I’ll save that for when they arrive!

In between cooking sustaining meals for the builders, I’ve been sewing, playing with Alice who came for a visit and taking some photos. Here, let me show you.

First of all I spent some time admiring my yellow tulips. They’re like giant buttercups, I decided, as I tried to capture their magnificence. Even the dull day can’t diminish their spectacular beauty.

yellow tulips

The inside of a tulip is always worth peering into.

tulip inside
This morning, inspired by Mooncalf and her quilted coasters, I dug out my recent acquisition, Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts and whipped up some quilted coasters for myself out of a scrap of fabric. These were great fun. I got to use my nifty Walking Foot, a mighty beast of a sewing foot that I’ve been staring at for weeks and feeling seriously intimidated by. Then I watched a tutorial online and thought, ‘well I can do that!’ So I did.


I love them! Simple little projects that taught me an introductory lesson on how to use a walking foot, how to sew concentric straight lines (I reckon circles would be so hard!) and gave me something to use afterwards. If you’re a real life friend of mine, I predict some of these for surprise or birthday gifts!!

And just for fun, this great photo of Alice is too good not to post. I took her to visit my friend Ally yesterday and at Ally’s house was a box of fabulous dress up costumes for little people. I think Alice shows natural flair, don’t you?

Alice plays dress ups

Love the pot belly, as always!



18 thoughts on “Glimpses of a Long Weekend

  1. Love the photo showing the inside of the tulip.

    You’re really flying along with this sewing caper Bells! The coasters turned out really well.

  2. Your sewing skills rock! If you are coastering, can placemats be far behind?

    Yellow tulips are the sunshine we grow for dull days.

    Open the dictionery under adorable, and there is Alice’s picture.

  3. Tulips are one of my favourite spring flower.

    Wow, those quilty things look so good. I’ve always veered away from quilting but those coasters may make me change my mind.

  4. alice certainly does have a talent for accessorising, so cute! those coasters are so beautifully sewn. what a great looking and satisfying project. i’ve always had trouble with quilting, must be because i don’t have a walking foot. and your tulips are divine, yellow is such a perfect colour for tulips.

  5. If you want to see tulips in a whole new way, pick one and put it in a really warm room. The petals open wide and flat, and they look like a completely different flower.

  6. Are you getting chickens?! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to hear all about them! I’ve been a little tempted the past couple of years, but haven’t quite conquered the fear of having even more things to take care of and clean up after… but I’ll be looking forward to hearing the details!

    Cool coasters, too! I’ve also been too intimidated to start a project requiring one, but these are cute enough to make me give it a shot/

  7. I love how you have captured the matching blue lipstick that Alice has paired with the ears! So great to meet such a spunky little girl, we had so much fun!

    I want to know how you got your tulips looking so sensational, mine came out late and are still looking very dwarf-ish.

    How did the walking foot go looks like you aced it?? I am still too scared to try mine.

  8. Lovely coasters, doing concentric circles is not so hard once you get started!! I always use the width of the foot and have my machine on ‘slow’.
    Yes, Alice is ready for any of the cat or bunny walks.

  9. I love tulips! Gorgeous. And the coasters are great! Clever you! I don’t think I have a walking foot for my machine, I must check that out next time I drag it out. Looks like it would be a good investment!

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