Sisters (and Kids) Road Trip

What do you get when you put three sisters and two Small People in a car for nearly four hours? You get a lot of silly conversation, story telling, kids music and sugary treats.

And fun. Lots of fun. This week my sisters and I, with Alice and Willem, headed off to the south coast of New South Wales to visit my parents. We’ve planned this trip for months, with lots of talk about our plans, our ideas and what the adventure would be like. It’s the first time we’ve all gone together and it was fabulous. In some ways you can break a trip like this into two distinct sections.

The road trip. And the visit. Both parts have a very different feel.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to sit in the back and deal with car sickness. That was Fee’s job.

cool kids

On the road you get to have adventures and thrills, like this ride at a playground outside the Nimmitabel bakery. I took this photo literally seconds before they both flipped backwards and landed in the dirt.

Willem on Alice before the fall

There were only a few tears, but I think it was from the shock, not any real hurt.

One of the things I was looking forward to most was when my dad would take Willem and I out on the lake in his boat (The Willem II) to go fishing. We huddled together in the boat, full of nerves and excitement and sailed out onto the lake that forms the focal point of Merimbula.

Soon we were floating, fishing and, well, not catching anything.

Willem and I on the boat

But we did work hard to catch something, even if in my case it was only a massive bundle of seaweed. But that’s ok, Spiderman Willem had a great time (though he did experience a little boredom when there was no sign of any bites).

spiderman fishing

My parents have a new dog – Coco – and she’s lovely. She’s not remotely yappy. She’s friendly, placid and very good with small people. Despite the look on her face here, she does actually quite like a cuddle (I think).

me and coco

We were only there for forty-eight hours but there was plenty of time for swimming, running around the near by parks, fabric shopping with my mum, eating oysters and watching the kids be lovely, lovely cousins together. Willem has taken to being a big cousin so well. It’s gorgeous to watch him protect Alice, show her things and sometimes tell her that she’s so very cute.

Alice and Willem paddling

Life’s a lot different to how it once was, with children and responsibilities but as I think most women with sisters will agree, it doesn’t take much to make you all revert to some degree of how you used to be together, with stories and laughter and secrets and all those things that are sacred to sisters.


Note the eyebrows. We had a night time eyebrow waxing session. The last time we did that, Willem was in utero and Adele waxed off half my eyebrow. I vowed never to let her near me again but I guess time heals all wounds, right? Although to be fair she only plucked – she didn’t wax. Still, I came out ok.

sisters and kids

Time for a few quick snaps before we left, waved goodbye to our parents who probably collapsed into a big heap on our departure, and we headed for Canberra.

Mum, Coco, Alice, Dad Willem

Thank goodness it’s the weekend though. I can chill a bit and unwind after cramming so much into such a short time.



16 thoughts on “Sisters (and Kids) Road Trip

  1. Looks fun, fabulous… and totally exhausting! Good for you all for keeping the family ties tightly bound. Glad you’re going to get some time to recover at home. I’ll try to get Maia on the needles this weekend, but certainly by first of next week. 🙂

  2. We went from the coast to Gunning recently over the Turpentine Road to Braidwood which starts near Sanctuary Point and were suprised how good it was. Lots has been done to that road with big machines since I last went over it about 15 years ago and it was pretty horribly corrugated. I was wondering if you had been that way … We counted 1 live wombat, 5 dead wombats, 2,000 kangaroos (in paddocks, not on road), and 1 wallaby as we went.

  3. Lovely photos Helen, they really captured your visit. It was great having you all here, exhausting yes, but a happy tired. Glad you all arrived home safely. Getting stuck into all that lovely fabric you gave me this afternoon, the mind is working overtime as to what to make. Happy sewing days ahead. X

  4. The love between you and your sisters is so obvious. It makes me wistful. My sister doesn’t like me (and never has) so we don’t have secrets and adventures. Cousins are treasures just like sisters. Willem and Alice look like they like each other. How cool is it to watch the next generation grow up together?

  5. I was JUST about to write you a nasty email DEMANDING A post when I came upon this one! I’m sorry! I forgot you went away! Sounds like a great trip – everyone looks so happy. I cannot get over how you look so much like your mother – and your sisters, too – different parts of everyone’s face are the same. So funny! Well, not funny haha, but you know what I mean. I think it’s the eyes, that most resemble each others. Anyway, glad you had so much fun!

  6. Sounds like a big few days! A rest will be most welcome I imagine! You are very lucky to have sisters to share such adventures and experiences with (glad you still have both your eyebrows this time!)

  7. So great that you had a chance to spend some good time together. Its lovely to see Alice and willem making their own childhood memories! And yay for a quiet weekend at home!

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