Sock Love & The Coop

I think it’s fairly safe to say my love of socks is back. One foot done, and I’m finding it hard to put this sock down.

purple sock

This is unusual for me since I almost never knit socks at home but this is a pattern that needs a little concentration so I’m knitting it at home – although I did manage a fair bit in the car on the way down to the coast. I think in some ways it’s the colour that’s keeping the magic alive for me at the moment. It’s such a striking purple. It’s hard not to be completely won over by it.

Wollmeise is amazing stuff, although I will confess to finding the yarn annoyingly splitty. Is that blasphemy? Never mind, it’s the only bad thing I can say about Wollmeise really.

For fun, here’s a shot of Alice in our new chicken coop. My Girls are coming at the end of the month so in the meantime, somebody else who is suitably small thinks it’s a fun house, not a chicken house.

alice in the coop

Who’s going to tell her, when the chickens come, that the ladder isn’t for her?

alice on the ladder



23 thoughts on “Sock Love & The Coop

  1. I remember as a child loving being able to fit inside & see places adults couldn’t. Hopefully Alice will enjoy knowing what it feels like to be a chicken, safe in your coop!

  2. Love the sock and the color! What is that pattern?

    Hmmm….while your coop is lovely — every bit as fabulous as the mansion my dad and I built for my mom’s chickens 20+ years ago — my excitement is tempered by my overall dislike of chickens. Baleful glances, painful pecks — these are the things that stick with me more than the fresh eggs. I did like the Dominique’s we had though. They were huge and pretty and laid big white eggs. What kinds will you be getting? I will warn you that Bantams are the b*tchiest I’ve run across, plus their eggs are small. Maybe stay away from those. 😉

  3. I hope that the chickens are exciting enough that Alice doesn’t miss her playhouse. She does look very happy in it!

    Chickens are very popular here, too. Lots of people raise them in their backyards. It does sound like fun, but I think I’m too lazy!

    So glad to see you are still knitting!

  4. I’m sure the lovely chick chick chickens will make up for Alice having to give up her play house 🙂

    So happy that you are enjoying the sock love – I’ve been worried about you not having enough socky cuddles of late!! I just got my paws on some Wollmeise in my latest sock club parcel – my first ever – v exciting!

  5. I am soooo jelous of your coop! In a place where it just won’t happen for me, but perhaps some day! I too can’t stand when yarn splits! it is most annoying to go back and correct what you didn’t catch right away. I am dying up some lovely 2 ply merino twist this morning that is truely lovely to knit with. can’t wait to find the perfect pattern for it.

  6. chickens! how exciting! think of the superb weekend breakfasts you’ll be able to have with fresh eggs… and cakes … the sock is looking great, nothing like a small-scale project with an interesting stitch pattern for being addictive.

  7. The socks are looking just spectacular…really love that colour! Forgot to ask you the name of the pattern? It’s really pretty — gotta love lacy socks, and the pain of the lacy pattern doesn’t last that long.

    Adorable pics of Alice with the chicken coop…what kind of chickens did you get?

  8. Wow, the socks are coming along beautifully. That colour is fantastic, isn’t it? I forgot to ask you the name of the pattern…really lovely.

    The chicken coop looks so great and Alice is loving it, isn’t she? So, what kind of chickens did you end up getting?

  9. I think our township has an ordinance about “non pet” animals. That means chickens and pigs and alpacas. I can’t wait to see how you make out with them.

    I let Pk choose a pattern for his next pair of socks. The yarn from the sock club came yesterday and he really likes it so it became his. He said he wanted a “snazzy” pair so I gave him the books of patterns and he chose one that I think will be lacy but he really likes it. Maybe it won’t look feminine in browns and greys.

  10. That’s a fabulous chicken house! Plus, I saw Wollmeise earlier this year and know what you mean about the rich colours. I’m still kicking myself for not getting any – but I was taking a class and the queue was huge and I needed to get back.

  11. The sock and yarn colour are gorgeous…and that sure is one fancy chook house! Can’t wait to see the girls in it…though there might be one little girl who won’t be so keen 😉

  12. i am so thrilled you are getting chooks. ive had them twice and just loooove them! they actually make quite good pets and are easy to train. and the eggs, oh my. better tasting than alice, i think!

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