Murrumbateman Field Day

As part of getting ready for our chickens arriving in a couple of weeks, we went out to a nearby village today to check out farming stuff. Each year the town of Murrumbateman holds a field day and I’m wondering how why we’ve never been.

The day didn’t start brilliantly though. Canberra and the region is experiencing a sudden Spring cold snap and bizarrely, snow began to fall as we drove into the town. Snow! In October! We saw the mud and the sideways falling flakes and thought better of it, calling in to visit friends instead. After a cup of tea and some defrosting, the sun came out and we braved the weather again. The weather was fine. More problematic was the mud! After so much rain, the paddocks were just a mud bath. Thankfully, Alice and Sean thought ahead and wore gumboots.

lots of mud


I, on the other hand, didn’t. Closed in shoes yes, but gumboots would have been so much easier. Note to self: buy gumboots!

Still, despite the mud and the unseasonally chilly weather, we managed to fit in a lot of fun, mainly of the feathered or four legged variety. Alice really is so fearless. She’ll walk right up to an animal, pat it, stroke it, say a bright ‘Hi!’. A few times she came to face to face with sheep right up close at eye level though and they were a bit unsettling, but on the whole, she’d check to see if just about any animal at all was up for a spot of conversation.

alice and sheep

Or chasing.

alice and duck

While I was busy managing Alice in the petting zoo, her big sister Jenny took over the camera. She did really well!

alice me and sheep

Jenny told me she really liked photos where she could get close to her subject. I was so proud! As we all know, up close and personal is my kind of photography. She got some great shots of sheep faces.


Here are the girls having a quick rest before we headed back out to the muddied tracks.

alice and jenny

We came home tired, wind blown, caked in mud and hungry but ultimately thrilled with our adventures. Between the snow, the hail, the bursts of sunshine and all the furry friends we made, we declared the Murrumbateman Field Day a roaring success!

And best of all, seeing Alice go so confidently towards the chickens told me all I need to know about how she’ll be with our chickens in a few weeks. No fear! In fact if anything, we think the chickens might have to watch out for her!

alice and chicken



20 thoughts on “Murrumbateman Field Day

  1. Funny weather.
    We went to that field day last year, and I rugged everyone up, it is often freezing in Murrumbatemen, and we were all r ealy hot.

    Last year they had really cheap plants – large potted crabapples etc. I meant to get some this yaer, but didn’t get there.

  2. It sounds like a great day out (except for the snow – that really cold day was just weird)!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the chooks when they arrive. It’s quite surprising how nice it is to have chooks. Ours have settled in very well and are laying like troopers – even our Sussex! Enjoy them.

  3. Snow in October? It would be odd here, too, but not unheard of. Our temps haven’t been cold enough for frost yet. But I know it’s coming.

    I love the pink cheeks on all or your girls’ faces! That shows the cold better than anything. What an adventurous day.

  4. Field days are the best, the big one at Henty even has yard dog trials : -). Jenny really is a great photographer, and its very cool that Alice is fearless, that’s the best way to learn. I’m dying to see your chooks, hurry up and get here already!

  5. it’s cold here too again, but snow!!! jenny’s photos are great, it’s wonderful that she is so interested in photography. and the adventures of the lovely alice are always a delight! looking forward to when you get your chickens.

  6. That snow that passed you by was heading for us. We got a good thich layer of it yesterday. My boys were thrilled… right up until the snow melted through their shoes!

    I love the Small Farm Field Days, we have a great one at Orange every year. Looking forward to reading The Further Adventures of Alice and the Chickens!

  7. We’re having a cold snap in here too…not spring type weather at all! I agree that you must buy yourself a pair of gum boots. They were on my shopping list for the longest time, and while I could find plenty for men and children, ladies gum boots weren’t so easy. I finally found a pair to fit just this winter, snazzy red ones from Bunnings =D

    Alice reminds me of Sunbonnet Sue in the pics where her hat obscures her face…and Jenny’s shots are wonderful, definitely a photographer in the making 😉

  8. I knew Alice photos would be cute. They always are. She seems to be plotting world chicken domination in that last photo, judging from the look on her face.

    Odd that you’re all exclaiming over snow there in October – often that’s when snow starts here in the north. Weather gets odder by the day.

  9. Awesome outing!

    And yes – the chickens will likely need to learn that they must be wary of small children with eager hands! Our experience with our nieces and nephews who are younger (our kids are teenagers) is that they must be gently told to approach the girls (the chickens) with gentle caution – and NEVER chase.

    I have a chicken/garden/cooking blog – if you’d like to see some pix of the girls: My knitting blog is

    You’re going to love your chickens. I call mine the best therapy I never knew I needed! 🙂

  10. You might have to explain to Alice that if you frighten chickens, they bite and scratch. She must be kind and gentle to the chooks. If they let her.

    When I was about eight years old, we had one old rooster that used to go for me every time I went out to feed the horses. He would hit my legs with his spurs(often drawing blood,) and peck at me, and beat me with his wings. My older brother hid behind the barn with a broom and had me run past him when the rooster flew at me. He caught that mean old bird with the broom like a batter catching a good pitch. Whack! Squawk! and then he chased the rooster around the barn twice, catching him a good swat every three or four steps, while I cheered! After that, when I went out to feed the horses, the rooster would stand back and give me the evil eye, but never attacked me again.

  11. Alice the Lionhearted! And I love the sheep face picture, too! What fun. I’m so glad you guys were able to take advantage of such a fun outing. Anything where kids can spend time outdoors is a grand adventure.

  12. Looks like Alice needed kneepads to go with her gumbies! You might be able to get some gumbies for yourself on winter clearance still?

    The cold weather was here too – freaky hey! No snow for us though!

  13. Whenever you mention Jenny I can’t help but think what a wonderful stroke of chance brought you two into each other’s lives. And that fair looks like so much fun! I love going to those sorts of events.

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