Purple Perfection

Now I’m not generally one for needing everything in my life to match. It’s fairly safe to say that I don’t have a strong enough sense of what is aesthetically pleasing or for fussiness to be too bothered by such things.

So when it happens by accident that something of mine comes together in a way that works, I’m quietly chuffed and just a little bit amused. Take this project bag and sock. Were they not made for each other?

wollmeise socks and matching bag

I knitted this sock on the plane to and from Melbourne yesterday and as they sat perched on my tray table, I smiled and thought if only I could be bothered to make sure all my knitting had matching project bags. Isn’t it lovely?



15 thoughts on “Purple Perfection

  1. Heh heh, I love it when my project bag matches my knitting! Usually it’s more of a coincidence than planning though!!

    But yes, now that you have the technology, you can make it happen ALL THE TIME!!

  2. Wow, Helen…those two together are absolutely gangbusters! The project back is really gorgeous, and having seen the purple sock in person, I know just how beautiful it is…the two together are sensational!

    I knit a little bit on my current dark turquoise sock on the plane to SF last night…no pretty project bag, though…just a plain, boring ziploc bag. Need to expand my horizons!

  3. Serendipity is a wonderful thing! I couldn’t stand trying to match bag to project. One more decision to make in a day? I’d go nuts!! In fact, I mostly stick with black shoes and purple jewelry to save myself from having to match.

  4. hehe, i love that idea of a challenge to make a bag that matches each project you start! that one is a lovely match, and there is really nothing quite like the purple wollmeise is there! yay for matchy matchy!

  5. I could hear “we can make it. we have the technology.” in my head after I read your post! No reason why you can’t use your newly honed sewing skills to make bags in all the colors of the rainbow.

  6. I think with your new sewi8ng skills you should be able to make a matching bag for all your projects now. The purple wool is lovely, sort of variegated??

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