Tombliboo Shorts

Now that the days are warming up (recent cold snaps excepted) there’s a need for a Spring wardrobe, especially for Alice who has grown a lot since last Spring. Here’s how she looked in October last year.

Spring 2009

Pre-walking, still chubby, still at that age where you could put her on a blanket and she wouldn’t go tearing off to the nearest, most dangerous attraction (water, the road, something she could climb).

I take my contribution to the wardrobe of my nieces and nephews pretty seriously, as you well know. I’m cursing myself for not getting photos of the first pair of PJ bottoms I made for Willem recently. He loved them and will now receive more! And Alice of course has been the recipient of lots of lovely dresses, cardigans etc.

Now she can add shorts to her wardrobe after I made this lovely pair of fully reversible shorts last week. We spent the whole day together yesterday while her parents moved house and after she found a bucket of rain water and doused herself in it, she needed a change of clothes. The spare clothes her mum packed were all far too warm for the day so it was time to get the newly made shorts out.

Here is the brown/pink side.

Reversible Shorts - Pink side

And here, with some difficulty because she was playing and not in the mood for changing the shorts around (can you tell from the photo? She’s glaring at me isn’t she?) is the brown/green side.

Reversible Shorts - Green Side

What fun these were to make! The pattern is the Betsey Shorts (which is for boys and girls) from Nanoo Children Designs on Etsy and fits in beautifully with my current love of all things reversible.

Two things to note about these shorts. Firstly, why I called them Tombliboo Shorts. Actually Fee called them that when she first saw them. They look, on the spotty side, like shorts worn by characters on that vaguely annoying but ultimately cute and harmless tv show (in my view! Many hate it!) In the Night Garden.

The Tombliboos look like this.

I guess Fee means the one with the brown shorts. They are similar! And so they will now be known as the Tombliboo Shorts.

Which brings me to the fabric. Fans of Amy Butler will have picked it right away as being hers. On both sides. Am I crazy for using fancy Amy Butler fabric for a pair of shorts that she will outgrow in no time and made filthy by playing and eating? I don’t think so. I had two pieces just big enough for these shorts – I could have made a bag or something but thought the pieces I had would look great as shorts.

And they do!



21 thoughts on “Tombliboo Shorts

  1. Fantastic! Shorts are just the best thing to know how to sew. I have GOT to get myself together because you’re making so many fabulously useful things and it’s just killing me not to be in on it! 😉

  2. Fabric is made to be used! Shorts are an excellent choice.

    We don’t have that show here, but I remember you mentioning it before. The website looked a little…yeah. I’m not so keen on the kid’s TV anyway. And no matter the show, I’ve always observed the opposite effect–TV doesn’t calm kids down, it hypes them up. I’m with Tam, it’s good for a bit of emergency mama down time, though!

  3. What lovely shorts, they look great. And Night Garden is good, at first. When you’ve watched the episodes umpteem times you start to really hate it! Fortunately Kathryn doesn’t like it any more.

  4. They are gorgeous shorts and so is Alice! No saving things for best – they need to be worn, loved, enjoyed and remembered. They won’t be remembered if they are kept in the cupboard!

    Very beautiful Bells. I am trying to get into the sewing thing, but just don’t seem to find the time at the moment. Soon, I hope….

  5. If making cute clothes for a lovely kid isn’t a good use of Amy Butler fabric then I don’t know what is!

    I think the idea of In the Night Garden is that it is calming for little kids before they are supposed to go to bed? Not sure, but if it works, then it sounds good to me!

  6. ah yep, thats a glare. a very good one too. shes still awfully cute though! and the shorts are just gorgeous! im still in awe of the whole reversible thing. nice work agian aunty bells!

  7. Um Oo Ee!
    Gotta love the Night Garden, especially when you’re dead tired. Whack it on and go to sleep. 20 minutes later, they’re still staring at the tv. lol!

    Love the reversible clothes, and so cute, too. Don’t they grow up fast? This time next year it will be “That doesn’t match my shoes!” hehehe.

  8. i’m loving your reversible sewing too! what lovely shorts and great fabrics. i say go with the amy butler! no point saving it for “best” whatever that is! these will be worn and enjoyed and worth it. i find in the night garden somewhat annoying too, but do think the tombliboos are incredibly cute, and had fantasized about tombliboo-inspired ensembles for the girls! i love the colour combinations and mix of spots and stripes.

  9. Oh adorable shorts and I love the name of them too! I am sure Miss Alice will get lots of wear out of them. I really love how your new knitting bag matches your knitting too!

  10. They grow so very fast! What fun the shorts are. I know modelling and playing don’t always mesh, so the shots you got were great!
    Your sewing skills are really shining these days. I look forward to more children’s wear as well as items for you.

  11. Oh yess! All very cute now. You just wait until she tells you she loves you because you look like Makka Pakka 🙂 That’s what I got last week from my 5 yo son! Cute shorts!

  12. That kid’s got an excellent glare on her. Good for her. She’s developing her weapons arsenal for adulthood. You go, girl.

    And you go, Auntie, making such lovely things for your loved ones.

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