Huge week!

So there’s lots of stuff to show from what has been a rather big week for us. Quite without any planning, the deck and the chickens collided, happening all in the one week and they’ll get their own special posts when details are finalised. Suffice to say, the chickens arrived this afternoon and are tucked up in their roost after dark and our deck, although not oiled yet, is finished.

Tonight, I had the chance to sit for the first time and knit on the deck. I’m going to dub the deck my Summer Knitting Room.

sock knitting on the deck

This happened while we watched and waited for the chickens to settle in. For the most part they sat on their roost, keeping quiet and figuring out where they were. I haven’t had a good enough chance look at them yet to know which one to give which name. All in good time. There was one who was brave enough to look out the door from time to time. Later she came down for a scratch and a peck but she went back up the ladder soon enough and we’ve not seen hide nor hair since.


Earlier in the week, I had the chance to visit Alice in her new home, which has a fabulous cubby house. It’s a beautifully designed (and insulated!) cubby and she just loves it.

Alice's House

And here, for the first time, is a video of Alice for you to enjoy! It’s just a tiny short one – about 40 seconds. She’s trying, for reasons known only to her, to push a tea towel down the slide and talking to herself all the while.

She thinks it’s funny and afterwards, she does a little dance, right near the end. Twenty months is an adorable age. She’s just so playful. On the weekend, she’ll get to meet the chickens – and that’s when we’ll choose their names and introduce them to the blog!

After such a big week, I think I need some time spent sitting on my deck watching the chickens, and not much else!



28 thoughts on “Huge week!

  1. Ma minette calls my two chookies Henny and Penny (perhaps in honour of that last chook, Henny Penny, who ‘went for a walk in the bush and didn’t come home’). Which one is which? Doesn’t matter.

  2. Wow, the deck is fabulous. I can see many happy hours of sittin’ and knittin’ going on out there!

    And the cubby looks like a kid’s fantasy come true. Adorable video…but what else would you expect with Alice in it?!

    Congrats, all around…

  3. Weeeeeeeee! That happy sound will echo through my head all day. Thanks!

    Cubby house? Is it what we might call a play house? And why is it insulated? It looks too cool for school!

    Chickens! Deck! Wine and cheese and knitting! Heaven on earth.

  4. Awww. Cute! LOVE that age. Love the “whee!” Cuz that’s what happens when you go down a slide, right? Whee! And you always say it, no matter what.

    No pics of the deck, though?! C’mon! We need a shot of you sitting and knitting!

  5. Chickens bewilder and scare me a little. I think it’s their beady little eyes and their sharp beaks. too many cartoons as a kid, I suppose.

    The deck seems to have sprung up overnight, although I guess it seemed longer to you and Sean. I love Alice’s playhouse. It looks like a great place for hanging out and hiding. She is absolutely adorable. Kids are so immaginative. It’s fun to watch her face as she tries to give the towel a ride.

  6. wonderful things! wine and knitting on the deck must be close to heaven! all this and chooks too! alice is so adorable, nice to see her in action, and that IS a mighty fine cubby house.

  7. Alice knows that teatowel is about to have fabulous trip down the slide. What a lovely girl she is!! And that’s definitely a 21stC cubby!!
    Lovely outdoor knitting room and hello chooks!!!

  8. I just love that video, she’s so cute. Your deck looks great. I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s so large you’ll probably not get wet unless there’s strong wind or a storm. You spoke about a G&T… Did you miss getting a shot of that first? LOL

    • no no! You didn’t miss it. That comes on the weekend when we’ve oiled it and tidied it all up! I’m not allowed to buy the gin until we’ve got it properly finished off, now that the builders have left!

  9. That child is ridiculously cute. As always, she reminds me of Madeleine. You’re right, 20months is a great age. I’ll have to dig around for some video of her.

    Can’t wait to meet the chooks! You’re going to become a chicken blogger! šŸ™‚

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