Meet the Girls

Despite the amusing comment left by Trish on my last post, no I will not become a chicken blogger! But they’ve arrived and it’s exciting (for us) and so indulge me while I introduce our lovely girls to you, complete with names. By the second day, they’d come out of hiding and were scratching around the coop like they’d always lived there. I got up nice and early and put a chair in front of the coop, watching them, getting to know their markings and characters.

The character part is a little harder to determine, our relationship being so new, but the markings are easy now I see! I thought at fist I’d never be able to distinguish them but I can now and we’ve matched the pre-chosen names to each Girl.

The first name was chosen weeks ago when my nephew Willem was here. We discussed names and he declared, ‘You should call one of them Shirley!’ When asked why he replied, ‘Because it’s a good name.’

Can’t argue with that. The name stuck in my head and so Shirley was the first to be christened. And here she is.


The reason for her name is because she is the one who is most strikingly red in colour. Bear with me. I knew I wanted literary names for my chickens and Shirley is a novel by Charlotte Bronte but it’s also the surname of Anne of Green Gables. She is Anne Shirley. And she had carrot red hair. You see, it was easy.

Sticking with the literary theme, my sister Adele has been watching Cranford, by Elizabeth Gaskell, this week and in talking about it I remembered the wonderful character, Miss Matty, played by Judi Dench. In both book and adaptation she is a lovely sweet woman. I knew the sweetest chicken, the one who seemed to have the most pleasant temperament, would be Miss Matty. And here she is. Like Shirley, but less red. Also, I note from this photo, a little white dot above her eye.

miss matty

The last name was chosen by Sean, who adhered to the literary angle. We identified pretty quickly the chicken who was bigger, louder, braver than the others (Willem wanted to call her Bravey. His mum said choosing one name was plenty!) So here, at the back of the photo, standing straight and tall, is Lady Catherine de Burgh. So fitting isn’t it, for the top Girl? She’s easy to identify, marking wise, by a striking feather in her tail that is rimmed brown, and white in the middle. Hope she never loses that feather!

lady catherine

I love the names and I love the chickens! Alice rather likes them, too I think! She chatted to them through the wire yesterday.

alice meets the chickens

When I was out in the yard this afternoon, mowing and pottering, Sean was out for a while and I loved having the company. They were muttering to themselves nearby and it made my yard seem somehow smaller, more friendly.

As does the deck! Look! Here it is in sunshine! We love it! We absolutely love it! I think we are both wondering how we lived so long without somewhere lovely to sit outside.


I had my longed for G&T on the deck last night as a storm blew all around us. It was hard to stay out there for too long, but it happened. Today, in the sunshine after some work, I sat on the deck with my knitting and felt very, very satisfied. We have a little table for now while we plan the proper furniture.

me on deck
I predict many happy hours spent there. It’ll be just lovely.



31 thoughts on “Meet the Girls

  1. When you said Shirley, my first thought was Laverne and Shirley (shows you that I have no literary bent at all). I love Lady Catherine. She looks like she will definitely grow into her name.

    The deck looks marvelous. What a perfect outdoor room.

  2. OH, awesome, awesome! Too much fun – all in one week! The chickens are beauts – love that their names match their personalities. (And wasn’t Shirley Temple also a redhead? I don’t remember.) Anyway, can’t wait to hear more about them; and the deck! It’s great!

  3. what perfect names for such handsome chickens. the girls and the new deck must make for a most bucolic setting. i’m sure you’ll get lots of pleasure from both!

  4. Surely Willem picked the absolute correct name…yuk-yuk-yuk! (Lame reference to the movie, Airport: “Don’t call me Shirley…)

    And Miss Matty and Lady Catherine are perfect, too. Gorgeous little chookies!

  5. The chooks are such a lovely addition, they are sure to keep you company and amused. I’m experiencing extreme envy of your deck. We have an outdoor space that is on a very slow progress scale. One day it will be done and I hope it will be as useful as yours.

  6. How exciting to have your own chickens. I love their names too. The deck looks like the perfect knitting spot! You will have to tell us when you get your first egg.

  7. I love your chickens’ literary names!! I want to say Shirley not? though!! Lady Catherine De Burgh is perfectly named!! Alice will have lovely chats with the chooks.
    You look very at home on your new deck!!

  8. I think three is a perfect number of chooks. When I was a child my mother kept chooks and used to sell eggs to the (then) Egg Board. We had around 70 chooks, including a couple of aggressive and territorial roosters. They were free range in the days when that’s what chooks were, and one of my tasks was to ensure they were all back on in the coop in the evenings. As a consequence of all this, I hate roosters, and think the smaller number of chooks, the better.

    Three seems about perfect. Enjoy. Yours seem very civilized.

  9. Classic names and they seem very fitting! Do you know how long it should take them to lay eggs??

    Today would have been a lovely day to sit out on the deck, once the rain left and the sun came out – just perfect!!

    As always, it seems Alice has made friends rather easily and quickly with your new aquisitions! and PS – I would love to read a Chicken Blog!! lol

  10. You realize I am going to traumatize Shirley when i visit next by running up to her screaming “SHIRRRRRRLLEEEEEEEEY ITS QUITE EXCITING TO BE SLEEPING HERE IN THIS NEW ROOMMMMM”

  11. Well after waiting, i am glad to see that the first lady was named – Shirley, Helen i was reading about the Anne Shirley thing as above, and dont know if you realised or not but my name is Shirley-Ann!! Glad to see your feathered friends have settled in nicely.

  12. With the various chicken eating varmints in our neighborhood, chicken coops and yards have to have wire mesh bottoms. Even then some wiley critters can get the birds. Enjoy them for me as I won’t be getting any of my own!

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