Patience is a Virtue

It occured to me today, a lovely rainy Tuesday in which I was at home alone all day, that I haven’t finished any knitting in some time. Six weeks or so, I would say. I suppose this is where the fact of being a results versus process knitter comes into play.

I get a little anxious when I have nothing finished. I have what Sean calls a strong Protestant Work Ethic (which obviously applies mainly to my craft and less so to my work!) and therefore a need to know that my time has been productively spent. I have nothing finished, unless you count one half of a pair of socks. One half of an unspeakably wonderful pair of socks that I’m thoroughly enjoying knitting.


Today I realised that although I would have liked to have finished these during Socktoberfest, in reality, life was crazy in October and it just wasn’t meant to be. But more than that, I realised that for the first time in a long time, there are no deadlines. I’m not racing any clock, no one is waiting for me to finish. I’m tinkering away at the socks and enjoying them very much.

But that tussle between the process knitter and the results oriented knitter is strong within me sometimes!

There will be no Christmas knitting for me this year. Although I reserve the right to change my mind. I’m just not up for the race. Instead I’ll work on pieces that have no pressure attached and are a pleasure. Not that gift knitting isn’t a pleasure, and I do cope well with deadlines on the whole, but this pressure free knitting is like a breath of fresh air.

What I have finished is more sewing. The dress in the photo above is another for Alice, of course, and it has matching shorts. Now that the days are (supposedly) warming up, a modest little pair of pants under short dresses to cover her nappies is just the thing. And it’s fun to make a set.

Now if my chickens could start to lay eggs, all would be well here indeed, but I’m told they are still some weeks off laying, being young girls, and so I just have to keep feeding them and waiting. Like the socks, which though enjoyable are taking their time, patience is a must. The Girls will grow and so will the socks and in time, all good things will come to pass.



17 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. I think it’s great that you’ve decided against gift knitting. I am doing some, and it is stressful! At least I did most of it well in advance. I love working on deadlines when I’m writing; but, knitting is different. Just the thought of knitting on a deadline makes me cranky!

  2. I find that if I have to have something done within a certain amount of time I don’t enjoy making it nearly as much as if there’s no deadline for it to be done.

  3. It’s great not having deadlines. I am in the same phase now & enjoying my knitting & also having more time to play around with different stitch patterns. I have only 1 Christmas gift to knit.

  4. I’ll join you with the non-Xmas knitting. In fact, I’d almost be prepared to retire from deadline gift knitting altogether, and just knit gifts on a ‘just because’ basis.

    Enjoy your deadline-free knitting!

  5. Knitting for pleasure…that’s how it should be! I don’t do Christmas knitting. Some of my knitting may end up being Christmas gifts, but that’s not why I knit them. No pressure!

  6. Ah the FO buzz – I do love it but I try more and more to relish the process – both of knitting and life too. Nice to catch up with you, sorry I’ve been so quiet lately – I love your new deck and your chickens look rather fine and what wonderful names they have.

  7. Lovely socks! Knitting just for pleasure is what it’s all about. Pity our foremothers who HAD to knit or the family went barefoot! Besides, all that knitting mojo heads north for Christmas. Sew up your Christmas gifts.

    Dresses with matching shorts are da bomb! If she gets a growth spurt, it’s shorts and a long top.

  8. MadMad made me laugh. I wish she’d blog again.

    Knitting these days for me is essential. When Grace was sick and I didn’t knit for a few days I started to feel prickly. Sometimes I feel like I knit like it’s medicine, like I need to make sure I get a sufficient dose, even if it doesn’t work out to much overall during a day. (Don’t ask about sewing. The logistics are too hard right now!) Right now I’m knitting a sweater for my 6yo, but with yarn I’d been wanting to knit a sweater with for ages and ages (Spud and Chloe Sweater, and I can confirm knitting with it is all I’d hoped it would be). So that’s as much for me as for him. As for gift knitting, I knit hats for the bus monitor and driver, because they’re wonderful, and fingerless mitts for both boys’ teachers. And that’s it for the gift knitting!

  9. I had the very, very embarrassing experience this weekend of having non-knitters come across (ONE!) of my WIP baskets while over for dinner, and start picking through it: Oh… this is pretty! What is this? And, oh, look, what is THAT? And… oh wow – what is THIS? Whoa…. and… and… and….

  10. Yes, ive decided against Xmas knitting too. every time I say I will do it, it comes to nothing. Lesson finally learned! Those purple socks are just fabulous. There really is nothing better than knitting for the sheer pleasure of it. Enjoy!

  11. it’s liberating to remove the pressure of christmas knitting, no expectation and no disappointments, and all the better if you are enjoying the process of your project. the socks look lovely, and i’m sure the weeks will pass soon enough (especially this time of year – yikes!) for your hens to start laying.

  12. No Christmas knitting really for me either, it’s a strange year. Love your socks and the dress is so pretty and shorts or bloomers underneath are great. I love bloomers myself, not for myself I hasten to add. You have been doing so much lovely sewing.

  13. mmmm, the socks are so nice!

    I’m not doing any xmas knitting this year either, with one small exception (ok, maybe two, but the second thing is something I started months ago, with no intention of it being a xmas gift, so I don’t think it counts, heh!)

    I like finishing things because at the moment it means I can start something new, heh! But it doesn’t happen much!

  14. I too am skipping the Christmas knitting this year (unless something strikes me). In fact I am knitting MYSELF a hat and mitts. I realized I hardly own anything that I have knitted. Enjoy the knitting of your socks. There is no race!

  15. I am finding that when the only deadlines I have are self-imposed I tend to get less done but enjoy it more. I have a new pair of socks on MY feet as opposed to someone else’s. I don’t plan on much gift knitting this year except for Tesla.

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