Comfort in the Familiar

It’s still, no matter how many socks I knit, a delight and a surprise sometimes to find out that a set of colours put together can come out entirely unlike how I imagined.

When faced with a skein like this delightful sample I truly imagined stripes. You would too, wouldn’t  you?

dilly dilly

And so I chose a pattern I thought would suit stripes well. The now ubiquitous Monkey Socks seemed a safe, comfortable and wonderfully welcome choice. Casting them on last night (top down, my old friend! What fun!) felt like a kind of homecoming. For me Monkey socks are more or less where it all began. They were my first foray into patterned socks, way back when. Casting my eye over the chart, remembering the lovely, neat 11 row repeat that you can almost memorise, it all came flooding back with delicious familiarity, except that I had made the decision to knit the no purl version. Two of my friends had done excellent versions and I knew it was a good choice. RoseRed’s version and DrK’s version are well worth a look and you can see why I will follow in their, ahem, footsteps.

I prepared myself for stripes. Was certain there would be stripes although really it should have been obvious from the way the yarn cake emerged from the winder that stripes were not going to be the order of the day.

And they weren’t. But no matter, I think the result is perfect.

No purl monkey socks

They’re irresistable, I think. One of the great things about repeating a pattern is that it’s usually never the same twice. You can make it new, again and again and again.



28 thoughts on “Comfort in the Familiar

  1. Lovely colors & I love STR yarn. It’s like magic when working with colors & sometimes I cannot put the knitting down as I want to see more of the colors as they emerge with the knitting.

  2. One thing I’ve learned from knitting is to expect the unexpected especially when it comes to how you think a finished project will look. Love the look of these and can’t wait to see them completed!

  3. I have some yarn that is making the “big stripe that winds around the leg” kind of pooling and I was just thinking that monkeys might be the way to go. It’s one of my favorite patterns for stripey yarns of all kinds.

  4. That yarn will make some yummy monkeys! Monkey socks were my 1st patterned socks as well, and I knit a pair in BMFA recently, too. It’s a match made in sock heaven!

  5. Love the Monkey pattern. I have knitted it twice with lovely effects, it looks like your socks will be lovely. Haven’t tried the no purl version yet. Might have to try that version next time.

  6. gorgeous yarn, the socks are looking beautiful. i guess that’s one of the nice thing about handmade, the combination of different yarns and patterns can bring unexpected but lovely results.

  7. Oh, pretty yarn! I have Monkeys out of yarn YOU gave me – every time I wear them I think of you! Hasn’t been wool sock weather here yet, but maybe I’ll get them out today; I love them!

  8. That is such a surprise compared the way the skein looked – very lovely.

    Dr K pointed out to me that I am making knee high socks in the same KF yarn as you did – funny – I’d forgotten yours and yet when my auntie requested knee highs out of all the yarns in my stash it was the only one I considered – subliminally I think I was remembering yours as another variation I love is that which other knitters bring to a pattern even when using the same yarn – Ravelry has been so amazing for seeing the subtle differences different hands bring

  9. What beautiful photos you have for this post – what kind of camera did you use to take them?

    The last pair of socks I knitted were from socks that rock yarn. I think it’s just about perfect sock yarn and lovely in this colour way. I know you’ll enjoy them – both the making and the wearing.

    • Just my regular little digital, Lyn, but thanks! Actually the second one was taken with my iphone at my desk at work this morning then edited in flickr.

  10. Gotta love the Monkeys – it’s my go-to pattern for when a yarn does the ugly pooling thing. I haven’t tried the no-purl version yet… and yours are seriously gorgeous… and I have a skein of STR in Froggin’ in stash, and another in Jabberwocky…

    NO! No, I’ve already cast on two new projects this week! Must resist the siren song! Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll be stash-diving before the end of the day, you mark my words… 😉

  11. I haven’t knit Monkeys either!! Maybe someday! I have some multicolored yarn (the girl picked it out, and it’s a set of colors I never would have looked at before she came along–I love how she’s expanded my world!) and after I make her a couple pairs of socks there will be some left for a pair for me, too.

  12. that is just the best set of colours ever! so fantastic, and stripes or not, i think monkeys are indeed the perfect pattern for mulitcoloured yarn. i know i will be back there.

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