Sock Monogamy

It’s fairly safe to say I got the sock bug back, well and truly. Somehow I looked up yesterday and realised I have no fewer than four pairs of socks on the go at once. This is, for the last year or so, unheard of for me. And I’m knitting them all the time, at home, on the bus, out and about.

This week I’m pretty focused on the Monkey Socks. Looking great aren’t they? I’ll be finished the second one by the weekend. Lightning fast!


I felt bad on the weekend that I had nothing knitted for Sean’s birthday so I started a pair of socks in some great tweedy Trekking XXL. Love the colour changes.

trekking socks

And of course I have still got  the ongoing Purple Wollmeise socks, which are nearing completion too.

purple sock

There is another pair of socks too, which I can’t find right now (oops!). A plain stripey pair for a friend in exchange for some stuff he’s done for me. Must find those but he’s got size 11 feet and well, I’m a bit daunted about starting the second one just now!

Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what feels right and right now, socks are it. I’m committed.

I’ve also been sewing. I made a red skirt for myself some weeks ago and it just needed hemming. You can see it here – I’m wearing it today.

alice and chooks

Alice came over for lunch and we spent some time with the chickens.

alice meets Lady Catherine

It was her first time in the coop and while she was a bit scared at first, pretty soon she was following them around with seeds in her hands offering ‘more! more!’. I think they’ll be great friends.

And I love my skirt. It’s got a zip in it – my first! I think I need more of these – very comfy for summer.



20 thoughts on “Sock Monogamy

  1. The socks are lovely! Well, you’ve done it. Thanks to reading your blog all this time (and Mad Mad’s before that) you’ve slowly worked some kind of magic…. I want to learn how to knit socks! And hats. My daughter and I are taking our first knitting lesson next week. Thank You!! (send me your snail mail address and maybe someday I’ll be able to knit something worth thanking you with 🙂

  2. Your Monkey socks look great. I have knitted the same pattern but have not worn it yet. Love your red skirt & it’s so great that you can sew. You can have a whole range of skirts for summer as I love wearing them for summer too.

  3. so much hand-made goodness! the skirt is great. i must differ and say that i prefer to put zips in the back (straight) seam rather than the side shaped one! the socks have me dreaming of one day making a drawer full of hand-knitted socks, but there is too much else on the list too!

  4. Oh! You make me feel so much better. I have one sock done for a friend and can’t find the darn thing ANYWHERE. I think I’ve lost it on purpose just so I won’t have to make another one. I messed up on my two at a time pair and took them off to do them one at a time and this is the result. Ugh! Also, I’m partially through two big(ish) projects and suddenly I don’t care if I ever see either one of them again ever, ever, EVER!! And just last week I placed a big order for scarf yarn for Christmas presents, and now I think I’ll just send it back unopened. I don’t want to be responsible for anything that has a deadline just now. Am I having a knitting nervous breakdown? 😉 But maybe I just need to cast on a nice pair of socks top down, thankyouverymuch, as I’m sick of fretting over my too-tight-sloppy-looking cast-offs, and just hope that a little sock love is all I need. Fingers crossed!!

  5. I haven’t attempted zippers yet. Well done! I can see how a class would come in handy for those intimidating bits. (I haven’t tried buttonholes yet either.) But then I haven’t sewn since the spring, I think. It is so very hard to carve out the space & time with my little buddy here!

  6. Zippers are fun! I just got thru handsewing one in a knitted garment for Tesla! I still have some socks on the needle, but did frog a pair the other night! I haven’t made monkeys yet. Maybe that will be my next pair!

  7. that STR just looks so great in the Monkeys, i think you hit the sock jackpot there. im glad to have finished a pair myself this weekend which means im down to 2 OTN and therefore fully justified in starting at least one other pair ASAP, going by your calculations. yay for alice and the chooks, such a brave girl. so important to have her not scared of animals as early as possible!

  8. Red paisley! Nice one! I haven’t put a zip in something for years…I must rectify that, maybe while Mum is here I’ll do some sewing.

    I have had 4 pairs of socks on the go for some time now, heh! But I’m not actually knitting on all of them, 3 are in hibernation and I’ve almost turned the heel on sock #2 of the pair I’m working on, hurrah! Then I’ll pick up one of the other pairs and try to finish it, and so on. At least you are working on all of yours (almost! you can do that stripey sock, you can, you can!)

  9. Well done on completing your first zipper! Love the red fabric you used for your skirt too. Miss Alice will have to be your little chicken feeder wont she! Lots of socks too, your better than me. I think I have only knit 6 or 7 pairs for the year and dont think I will get 12 completed for the year.

  10. Well done with your zip!! Is it in the side or the back?? I favour side zips because it is one less seam to sew then. The skirt looks great.
    You are having a bit of a private sock-a-thon. The Monkeys are always a favourite of mine!!

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