Sweet Pea Socks

Now, you and I, if you are a knitter of socks, may recognise these socks as Monkey Socks. Anyone who’s been around the knitting world in the last few years will know of these as one of great success stories in sock patterns. Me, I’ve made them about six times. I think that means I’ve made them on average twice a year. I never grow tired of them and they are always well received and worn. But I have called them Sweet Pea socks because of the colours.

sweet pea socks 2

This time I made them differently. There’s a version around the traps that means you don’t purl the stitches between the fan shapes. You just knit them. For a variegated yarn it’s a great alteration to the pattern. It works a charm. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to the original pattern – this is a great improvement on an already fantastic sock.

sweet pea socks

There’s a great story attached to why I made this particular pair of socks. So you’ve all seen the chicken coop. Well, we didn’t buy it. We were given it by a friend we’ve made through Twitter.

Have I mentioned how great Twitter is? No? Well I love it. The drinks we went to this afternoon, the BBQ lunch we hosted earlier today all came about because of connections we’ve made through Twitter. You know how lots of us have made friends through our blogs and through Ravelry? Same deal. Only much, much more local for us. We’ve met and made friends on twitter with people who by and large were just outside our usual social circles. By that I mean we’ve ended up meeting people who maybe work in our large departments but we’ve passed by and not known, or people who eat and drink at the same places we do but we’d just never been introduced. It’s opened up corners of Canberra that were practically on our doorstep already. And we’ve made chicken friends through it – we have chickens now because we met people who had chickens and who showed us how it could be done.

One of those new friends had a chicken coop she didn’t want any more and as payment she, having watched me knit socks many times over drinks, asked for a pair of socks. Generous! Extraordinarily generous! And she asked for socks in a ‘sweet pea’ colourway.

This yarn, from Blue Moon Fibre Arts, was the best match I could find. It’s called Dilly Dilly and I think it’s so pretty. A nice match for a Sweet Pea request. I gave them to her today and I think she really loved them! Those are her feet posing in these photos.

sweet pea socks 3

I feel like I won out of this deal. I got a home for my chickens when I wasn’t really sure what I wanted and I got the joy of knitting socks in a colourway I might never have chosen for myself but which was so very enjoyable, and I got to make someone else happy. That’s a win!

Speaking of the chickens, a friend at lunch today encouraged us to let them out of the coop, to let them explore the yard. Eventually, tentatively, they joined us on the deck and it was so much fun. I think I could get used to them clucking around so close by! Here’s Lady Catherine de Burgh up and about checking out our lunch.

chicken on the deck

We rewarded the Girls for returning to the coop without drama with the generous gift from our guests of a box of special crickets all for themselves (seriously, we were full by then and couldn’t have fit in a single one). They went mad for them. How they love a treat! Just like the rest of us, I suppose!



23 thoughts on “Sweet Pea Socks

  1. The socks look great & such a perfect fit. I love the monkey pattern too & have knitted a few pairs. I have also modified the stitch pattern to knit from the toe up.

  2. Fabulous colours, fabulous socks. These have been in my queue for ages, and when I do make them I think it will be without the purls. I think they may have moved up in the queue.

  3. Did I tell you that I sat near an American guy on the Eurostar from Paris to London whose job it was to advise politicians on their social networking site practices? He was chatting up this gorgeous Australian girl next to him (she was ignoring him, mostly directing the conversation towards herself, she obviously thought him a repulsive nerd), but I was fascinatingly listening to every word! Too bad I’m at an invisible age, I would have enjoyed the conversation. He had in fact been speaking at a conference and had been in the company of one of our female ministers the night before, Kate Lundy I believe. It was so interesting. He gave his card to the girl, she didn’t even look at it. I was thinking ‘give one to me!!’ – but I continued doing my iphone sudoku instead.

    I thought about you and Sean at the time, particularly Sean, and thought it’d be a great job for him, if such a thing existed in Australia.

    No purl monkey for chicken coop. Good trade!

  4. Huge fan of the no purl monkey, I agree, better than the original and so great with that fantastic yarn. A great exchange rate you got! And yay for Twitter. I’m not really into the new people thing, but its so much better than Facebook for keeping in touch!

  5. Great Monkeys, Helen…I’ve made several pairs and loved them, but haven’t tried the all-knit version…will definitely do that, though. And the yarn is perfect – Sweet Peas, indeed!

    I can see you are indeed fortunate to enjoy the patronage of Lady Catherine de Burgh…she looks as if she approves of the new deck. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

  6. The socks are SO beautiful! You did a marvelous job on them.

    Were the crickets alive? And did the girls poop on the deck? When you have friends over, you can play chicken poop roulette. Just mark off the coop into squares (with chalk dust like they do for football?) number the squares, place your bets, and the first square to get pooped on pays off.

  7. I’ve never thought of Twitter that way. It’s always seemed silly to me but now I’ll have to rethink it. Meeting new people would be wonderful.

    The socks are terrific. I love monkey socks. the pattern skims along and it looks great in all kinds of yarn. Those are gorgeous. A good deal is one in which each party feels satisfied. It looks like you both got a good deal!

  8. Those socks are soooo pretty!!! And isn’t Twitter great? I just ran into someone today who I’ve spoke to on Twitter often, massive lightbulb moment when we realised who the other was!!

  9. The socks are gorgeous…what a great trade for a chicken coop! I’ve just cast on for the Monkey socks (my first socks!) and didn’t know about the non-purl version…will have to check it out.

  10. heh, Lady C looks very aristocratic there. Do you think she’s happy with the size of your chimney piece and the number of windows in your morning parlour??

    I agree, the no-purl monkey is a great improvement on the original, and works so well with variegated yarns, I’m sure your chicken mansion giver will be very happy with them!

  11. Lady CdeB looks right at home. Know I know what the crickets in the pet shop are for!!
    I love the no-purl Monkeys and the colours are perfect. I sometimes enjoy knitting colours other than green too, just for a change!!

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