Riding on the Metro Socks

Finishing two pairs of socks in a week feels so good! Off the needles! Onto the feet! It’s a great way to feel productive and to bring on a bout of new project excitement. Here then are my lovely, strikingly purple socks that have been on the needles for two months. They were, without a doubt, a real joy to knit.

Riding on the Metro Socks

They were also my first socks made from the fabulous Wollmeise 80/20. With the exception of it being a little splitty at times, it lived up to its reputation. From the saturation of colour – so much purple richness! – to the fabric it produced, I couldn’t fault it. Even when I washed the socks, I expected the purple to flood the basin but only a little purple leeched out of them, no more than any other richly coloured yarn.

Riding on the Metro Socks

And the fabric! Oh it’s wonderful. I don’t know that I’ve ever produced socks with such a dense fabric – in the plain sections I mean. At times while knitting it, I thought it was almost a bit stiff but it’s just a really tight gauge and it’s smooth and even and just so good! I loved working on 2.25mm needles. They worked a treat!

Riding on the Metro Socks

This was also my first time doing one of Wendy Johnson’s toe up patterns. I learned to do plain toe up socks with her basic toe up sock with a gusset heel recipe, but hadn’t yet done a patterned sock that way. I’m a convert. A very happy convert. I’ll be doing more. I’m already leafing through the book, Socks from the Toe Up, deciding what to do next. This pattern is called Riding on the Metro. She called them so because she spotted the lace pattern on a passenger’s cardigan on the metro one day. I decided she must have great eyesight to be able to see and remember that sort of intricate pattern!

The other really wonderful thing about these socks is that I cast them on one day when I had that itch that’s so well known to knitters everywhere. That itch to cast on something new. I actually don’t give in to that itch as often as I feel it, but the day I did, I decided to just rummage around in the stash and pull out something I hadn’t looked at for a while, something I maybe even had forgotten I owned. And this beautiful Lavendel colourway made its way into my itching hands. This, then, was a pair of socks cast on purely for the fun of it. No deadlines, no gifts, no need. Just for fun.

And though the lace was a bit fiddly at such a fine gauge – I thought I’d break my needles sometimes – it came together relatively quickly and I was happy. Every stitch was for joy and fun.

There should be more of that in knitting.



20 thoughts on “Riding on the Metro Socks

  1. Who could disagree – more joy and fun I say! It’s been a pleasure to catch up with all that’s been going on over here, family fun, first eggs and two pairs of beautiful socks – great days.

  2. They turned out so beautifully, Bells. May have to give that pattern a try, have another go at toe-up socks, and maybe even give Magic Loop another try. You’re tempting me to stretch outside my comfort zone again!

  3. I love the feeling of putting on a brand newly knit pair of socks. It’s kind of like slipping into a bed with fresh sheets. It just feels so good.
    Those are gorgeous. I’ve never seen Wollmeise in person and I imagine the photos don’t do it justice.

  4. What a truly gorgeous pair of socks! They look so comfy and pretty.

    I still haven’t tried toe-up. I have Wendy’s book, though, and I’m determined to cast on as soon as I finish my holiday knitting!

  5. These look great, the patterns in that book are a bit addictive I think. I’ve just started Lace & Cables. I love the purple wollmeise, such a rich colour.

  6. They are squooshy purple goodness!! I am happy for your toe upedness, but it’s not for me.
    I couldn’t remember that lace pattern, seen anywhere really. It is such a good feeling when you finish something , especially socks I think.

  7. Oh lots of purple goodness in those pretty socks! I am yet to knit toe up socks but you make it sound like fun and easy to do. Perhaps next year I might put that on my to do list!

  8. such beautiful, fine knitting. i’m sure you’ll get lots of wear, and lots of pleasure wearing them. it’s great when a project goes so well from start to finish as this.

  9. mmm wollmeise really is so lovely to knit with and holds patterns (lace, cables, whatever) so well – not to mention the colour!. It’s just such a fab yarn. Great socks, look forward to hearing how they were (after next winter I guess!)

  10. Yay for pleasure knitting, so much joy, as it should be. I’m amazed at the finished effect of wollmeise too, I think these will be a lot of joy in the wearing as well!

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