A Bag and a Scarf

I had the great satisfaction today and buying fabric and making something from it all in the one day. It’s a bag I’ve been eyeing off for a while in a book and today I went in search of the right fabric for it. It’s all come together beautifully I think.

simple bag

In the book, it’s made from heavy weight cotton but I decided for my first go I’d stick to lightweight cotton. With the lining inside, it’s sturdy enough for my purposes.

bag interior

The pattern is the Simple Bag from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book by Joelle Hoverson. This has been an excellent purchase and take it from me, in my brief sewing career I’ve purchased a number of book and several of them won’t ever get much use. This one I’ll return to again and again, at least while I’m still a newbie.

I made this bag for a specific purpose, in case you ‘re wondering. During the week, as well as my handbag, I carry almost every day a carry bag with various bits and pieces in it like my knitting, my lunch and so on. I’ve had a bag for a few  years which was a gift from ex-pat friend Shazmina Bendi, but after three years of solid use, it’s nearing retirement. It’s a very similar style to the one I made today which was what caught my eye about this one. I used to wonder what I’d do when my Shazmina bag gave up the ghost and now I know all is well. I’ve made another. And it’s pretty. Enough room for a couple of extras on the bus and out and about. I know I won’t stop at one.

And lest you should think that it’s all about sewing here, check out my current knitting love. This was a lace scarf started in a burst of love for some newly arrived yarn about five months ago. I promptly put it down after a week and didn’t pick it up again until last week. I am, quite literally, in a swoon for this delicious piece. When I’m not sewing, I’m knitting and it’s flying off the needles.

Triinu Scarf pattern

Just a detail shot for now – it’s the Triinu Scarf from the exquisite book Knitted Lace of Estonia and I am smitten. The yarn is JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in a glorious peacock blue/green. The scarf is not all that wide and most of the rows are astoundingly straightforward. I’ll be done in a few weeks if the momentum keeps up.



17 thoughts on “A Bag and a Scarf

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  2. Ooh!!! That yarn is GORGEOUS!! I’ve been thinking of picking up that book. I got the Haapsalu Shawl one and it is stunning, but more of a coffee table kind of thing. I’m so jealous of your sewing! I can’t keep mine out all the time because of the boys, but daydream about using it constantly. I think I’ll have to pick up the last minute gift idea book. Sounds perfect for my purposes. THanks for sharing!

  3. I put a hold on that book at our library now – can’t wait to check it out. (Though I think any sewing may have to wait till after Christmas, it’s gotten so hectic here.) Love the scarf color, too!

  4. I have a leather shopping bag that I’ve had for a number of years to carry my lunch, umbrella, knitting, etc along with my purse to work. I realized the other day that it’s irreplaceable since the shop that sold it is out of business. I may have to make one when it wears out. It’s still in fairly good shape so I have some time.

    Knitted lace of Estonia is on my holiday wish list. There are so many beautiful pieces in that book.

  5. That Joelle, she’s so clever with the last-minute stuff, isn’t she? Such a pretty bag! Don’t be nervous about the thicker fabrics–just use the appropriate needle and you’ll be all set. 😉

  6. your bag is lovely, i really like your choice of colours/fabrics. dark red and fawn/neutral is one of my favorite colour combos. the scarf is looking beautiful and has me craving a spot of lace knitting too.

  7. I know that book, it’s great and the bag is so lovely and perfect for the purpose!!
    Such pretty lace, I love to look at lace, but I don’t spend enough time knitting it. You’ve filled my lace need!!! And what a lovely colour!!

  8. Lovely bag. It is a really good pattern isn’t it?

    I had a little break from my sewing machine but I’m back, I’m sewing and I’ve made that little pincushion from Last Minute…

  9. Gorgeous color for your lace scarf, just beautiful. I love instant gratification projects when you can make it all in one day. I have the same book sitting on my shelf and dont recall that bag either, might have to have another look through it since you have inspired me!

  10. Nice job on the bag! I have that book too – have had for some time – and am almost embarrassed to admit I haven’t made anything from it…I don’t even remember this bag being in it. Must pull it off the shelf and have a looky!

    Good work too on the lace – it’s so pretty! I have some of that yarn (heh, sound familiar!!) but have yet to try it out, everyone says it’s just lovely to work with!

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