A Special Sock Club

Since I rediscovered my sock love recently, I think I am pumped and primed for an intense bout of sock knitting that a group of fellow knitters are gearing up for.

Sydney knitter, Lyn apparently hit upon an idea some weeks ago at an event and the idea quickly got legs, if you’ll pardon the pun. Soon there was a group set up on Ravelry and the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011 (SS62011) was born. What started as a smallish group of friends agreeing to devote 2011 to sock knitting began to grow.

In the last couple of weeks, patterns were nominated and voted on and soon we’ll have our final list of six great patterns. Most of us are committing to knit six pairs of socks in 2011 and we are knitting from our stashes. I’ve had great fun digging through my stash in recent days, discovering forgotten skeins and choosing skeins from the list I’d at least mentally reserved as too special to use.

There’s no such thing really as too special to use. What good is a skein sitting there unused and reserved for some future special pair of socks? Use it, I say! Find it, choose it, knit it!

I think I’ve come up with my final six skeins. Want to see them? Sure you do.


Across the bottom, from the left:

Colinette Jitterbug in Copperbeach
Vintage Purls in Tuesday’s Child
Lorna’s Laces in Aslan
Socks that Rock in Beryl

In the middle:

Koigu in a deep red

And on top

Wollmeise in Rittersporn

I’ve tried to choose a selection of different colours. I could easily have done several reds, several greens or several blues. I stuck to one of each. I avoided choosing anything that was too stripey, although the Lorna’s Laces will stripe a little I think, but not in busy stripes so it’ll work.

We kick off on 1 January and though one pair of socks every two months doesn’t sound too bad, I know from recent experience that other knitting can take over and a deadline can be missed.

There are no Sock Club police. If you don’t make a deadline, you don’t make a deadline. But I do rather like the idea of giving it a solid go. Some of them will be for me, some will be gifts. At least this way I know I’ll get a few gift pairs done in good time next year.

And I do love a deadline. I’m never so focused on my knitting as when a deadline looms – if only because of the promise it carries that a new project will be started soon!

Bring on the new year!



11 thoughts on “A Special Sock Club

  1. That’s some nice sock yarn! I have the Copperbeech–I made it into a scarf thingy. Be forewarned, those skeins are small–weigh as you go! And yes, my 100% wollmeise wore through in no time at all. I’m saving my other skeins for more shawl-type projects.

    I thought I was all sock’ed out, but I’ve been knitting nothing but lately. First for the girl, then Nicholas, and now Vaughan, and when I measured Vaughan’s feet I was shocked to realize that his feet are only a little smaller than mine, when it comes to socks. I cast on 60 stitches!!

  2. Nice choices! I’ve nearly bought that colour Jitterbug so many times, it’s so nice.

    Don’t want to rain on your parade, but I’m not sure you should use the 100% wollmeise – lots of people on Rav say it doesn’t wear very well for socks (kinda ironic really for a sock yarn!). The Twin is supposed to be better. I’ve not used the 100% for socks though, so I don’t know from personal experience. Maybe other commenters might have a view? Such a good colour though!

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