Handsome Socks

I felt bad when Sean’s birthday came around last month and I didn’t have any socks for him. He really does love his knitted socks. He even wrote about it here. After knitting socks for myself, knitting them for Sean is the most satisfying thing to do because he wears them all the time and is always so appreciative. It’s nice.

So the day before his birthday in November, I cast on a pair of socks and finished them yesterday. I was going to save them for Christmas but he’s seen me knitting them, has tried them on, knows all about them. What would be the point of the charade of wrapping them?

Here they are. I call them Handsome Socks because I really think they are very, very good looking.

handsome socks3

The yarn is an old favourite of mine Zitron Trekking XXL. I have made socks for Sean out of it before and it wears and wears. It’s amazingly nice to knit with and yet still sturdy and durable, which as we all know, many sock yarns aren’t. Many of the more durable yarns aren’t that nice to knit with. This stuff ticks both the boxes.

Don’t you love the tweedy colour changes? It was fun watching the colours emerge on this. The colour way is 101, if you find yourself looking for it.

handsome socks2

The pattern was also a repeat performance. If it works, it’s worth doing again right? It’s Nancy Bush’s fabulous Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks with Dutch Heel from Knitting Vintage Socks.

One of the great things to love about this pattern is the long, long cuff which for someone like Sean who has slim ankles blossoming out into a full calf, is a great feature.

handsome socks1

Also, the foot is made narrower than I’m used to – you know how after the heel you usually reduce stitches down to the number you began with at the cuff? Not these ones. You reduce down to about 10 stitches fewer than you cast on with and Sean says they feel really good.

Finally, the really great feature of these socks in the Dutch Heel. Check it out. It looks kind of like a boomerang on the base of the foot. I once had a stern woman at SnB tell me she had Dutch women in her knitting heritage and no one had ever made something called a Dutch Heel. I wish I had said at the  time, hey, take it up with Nancy Bush. I’m just following a pattern.

handsome socks4

Whatever it is, I like it and it fits Sean well.

He has loads now. They should keep him going for a while.



13 thoughts on “Handsome Socks

  1. See! This is just what I was talking about. Most every pattern I’ve tried has the foot the same as the cuff, and that just doesn’t work for me or Jason. I knew there was a trick to fix it, but wonder if it’s as effective when you’re doing a woman’s sock where you have a pattern going all the way down to the toe. I know the reductions could be tweaked to the bottom of the foot, but then would the patterned bit wrap too far around? Hmm…sock knitting and rocket science seem to share the same level of difficulty in my mathematically challenged head. 😉

    Fabulous socks anyway. A very merry Christmas to you both!

  2. Those are very handsome socks, indeed. I’m always happy when other people don’t feel the need to make self-patterning socks match. I actually like the more random look.

    I suppose I should knit a pair for Farm Boy sometime, but male feet are so large!

  3. My family has come to expect handmade socks for birthdays and Christmas and I like to oblige them for just the reason you named. They love them and wear them.

    I’ve learned the hard way that Pk only gets socks with nylon in them because he’s just too hard on socks (and shoes too) to use anything else. He has several pairs now and another one coming so he’s good until his birthday in Feb (for which I have some black and purple yarn waiting to find a pattern).

    It is so rewarding to give something that you know they’ll use and love.

  4. I share your liking for this pattern, and I’ve become very partial to the Dutch Heel since discovering it. I like the variation between the two socks – one seems to have more of the lighter blue than the other. Not quite matching is a great look. Lucky Sean.

  5. I must make my other half some more socks, like Sean he wears and appreciates them so much and I want to try that heel one day. Lovely to catch up with your recent posts, your words on being an auntie were very special. No nieces and nephews for me yet but I’m trying to apply the village mentality with children of close friends.

  6. They look great! Love Trekking, am glad you mentioned the colour, I wouldn’t mind getting some…in a few years’ time, when I’ve knitted some of the sock yarn I’ve already got, heh!!

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