She Will Have Cupcakes

On a recent shopping expedition, our ten year old niece (Sean’s sister’s daughter) came to a fabric shop with me. I wanted her to show me the kind of fabric she would like for a sundress. Amongst other choices, she seemed to most love some cupcake fabric. Love is possibly an understatement. She was positively ecstatic about it. I confess I couldn’t quite come at the idea of a whole dress made of cupcakes so on a return trip by myself, I bought different fabric for a dress and enough of the cupcake fabric for a bag. And here it is. It’s the same as the red and cream one I made I made recently. The Simple Bag from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.

cupcake bag

Do you see what I did there though? I put the pink fabric upside down. I’m not too distressed by it. My sister pointed out that when my niece looks down, the cupcakes will be the right way up. I’m more bothered by the fact that I didn’t think of it while I was sewing. Still, you don’t make these mistakes too often right? I’ll know to check the direction of a print next time.

And here’s the lining of the bag. A nice, bright pink check pattern. I admit it’s all way too much pink for me but I know she’ll love it when she opens it on Christmas day.

bag interior

And while we’re on cupcakes, I made my first batch of christmas cupcakes yesterday, most of which Sean took to work for his team. They loved them!


They’re Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Cupcakes. Recipe is here. I’ve made them for several years – the cake is almost gingerbready in flavour and texture –  varying the decoration slightly each year. Today Sean found a sale on Wilton’s Food colouring paste and bought me some red and some yellow so I think my next batch, to be made tomorrow, might branch out from the green!



19 thoughts on “She Will Have Cupcakes

  1. Happy Christmas Bells! I hope you have a lovely time. All your cakes, gifts etc look beautiful – you are very clever and the recipients will know that you have made all with love.

  2. What a lovely bright, cheerful bag Helen, Ethnie will love it. Don’t stress too much about the up side down cupcakes I can still make that mistake after all these years. You once said to me if you want something perfect buy it off an assembly line. I have never forgotten that when I make the odd mistake or two. Congratulations. Love Mum xox

  3. Ooh, cupcakes. Sean’s team is lucky. I made scratch cupcakes last summer from a recipe out of the paper. I tried them twice and they were sawdust dry. I threw away the recipe.

    Cute bag! I agree, that’ll be the last time your print’s upside down, but as Roxie said, looks right side up from here!

  4. Well of course your cupcakes are upside down. You’re in Australia! They look just fine in the Northern hemisphere. (sorry- ten year old logic) It’s a splendid bag and she’s a lucky girl.

    Do you make your own fondant? I am SOOOOO impressed!!

  5. my, those cupcakes look so very good and christmasy – what perfect icing. what will you do with the yellow and red colourings i wonder? and the bag is so sweet with its mix of fabrics, your niece will love it.

  6. I am so impressed with your SIL’s way of viewing the world … and cupcakes. Sadly, sewing is like knitting, doesn’t matter how much you have done it, the newbie mistake is waiting to get you! Best not to sweat it I reckon.

  7. They are good cuppies, those ones of Nigella’s! And most excellently decorated by you!

    And the fabric – yes, you won’t make that mistake again, hey. I’ve been there and done that too!

  8. I did the exact same thing with my cupcake fabric. But I’ve been super careful since then. Touch wood!

    I love those cupcakes and they sound delicious. I love anything with mixed spice in. yum yum yum.

  9. You are right about only making that mistake once. You will end up with a whole list of things that you subconsciously check as you sew. It will be come second nature. I can see your niece has the same fervour for pink that I have for green!!!
    Thank you for the link too, I shall definitely cook some of these!!

  10. You now have ahead of you the adventure of the skirt with three sewn seams (2 sides, 1 top); the shirt with two left sleeves and no extra fabric leftover and I could swear I’d turned the iron off. You really are doing beautifully and, as a graduate of the Erika Knight opportunity for advancement class, I can say this with authority. Enjoy those lovely cakes. PS Isn’t it lovely to see Nigella on the ABC now she is passed uber-fame and enjoy what seemed a bit over the top when she first came out?

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