Estonian Lace – The Triinu Scarf

I ended 2010 with a completed piece of lace. Here, let me show you. It’s called the Triinu Scarf and it’s from Nancy Bush’s most wonderful book, Knitted Lace of Estonia.

Triinu Scarf

I was shocked to check my project notes on this and discover I started it in March 2010. I really didn’t think it was that long ago. I’d started it on a whim one day when I was already over-committed, knitting wise, worked on it for a week and promptly put it away. In November this year it came out of hiding and in about six weeks was done.

I love it.

Triiunu Scarf

For my first Estonian lace project, this was a good choice, if a little dull towards the end when I’d memorised the pattern and just wanted it to be done. But that goes for all lace projects right? No one gets to the end of umpteen rows of lace and thinks, wow I wish that would just keep on going forever, do they?


But it was interesting enough to keep me engaged mostly and as always the Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool/Silk (in Peacock) was a dream to work with. It’s my favourite laceweight yarn in the world now, having made something with it twice. It’s light and silky but not so light and silky that it’s a slippery experience. It’s got grip. I adore it.

Triinu Scarf

The scarf is quite long, almost my height (so about 5ft 1) and is topped and tailed by a lace edging that contrasts nicely with the body of it. You can see the edging in the photo above.

And as for the nupps, those little buds that define Estonian knitting, I really made peace with them on this project. I got to love them. I got into a rhythm with them that suited me well and I wasn’t at all bothered by them. They only occur on two rows per repeat so it’s no big deal at all.

I’ll be doing another pattern from this book this year. But in the meantime, I’ve switched from Estonia to Shetland. Wanna see?

shetland tea shawl

It’s the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace! I’ve wanted to do this since Sean bought me the book for Christmas two years ago but somehow always thought it was beyond me. Perhaps at the time it was but now, it’s flying off the needles. It helps that I’m still on leave from work and that Wollmeise lace is so nice to work with. It’s safe to say this is how I’m spending much of my time off.

Happiness is lace knitting in summer. It really is.



37 thoughts on “Estonian Lace – The Triinu Scarf

  1. What a gorgeous colour and such a delicate piece of lacework in the Triinu. Wow!
    The Tea Shawl is just glowing, you will look very splendid in either of these two 🙂

  2. I love lace knitting, too, but I’m nowhere near taking on Estonian lace. Your shawl is just stunning. It must feel wonderful to have such beauty coming off your needles. You are amazing!

  3. oh Bells – stunning! The peacock colourway is just perfect, and I’m glad to hear it is possible to make peace with nupps! (I’ve tried many times, still not there!)

    and the Shetland is going to be gorgeous. I love anything Shetland, though 🙂

  4. just gorgeous. the green will really suit you. im still not feeling particularly friendly with nupps so i might not go estonian again this year but the patterns in that book really are stunning. and the STS. oh my. im with you on the wollmeise lace love there! cant wait to see you getting about town with both of them this winter.

  5. Oh that is a glorious scarf and such pretty photos. I thought I was going to hit the lace big time in 2010 maybe 2011 will be the year for lace as well as the sewing! Enjoy the rest of your time off with your next beautiful piece, can’t wait to see that finished.

  6. Wow, Triinu turned out beautifully, Helen! And don’t you just love Zephyrspun? I wish it came in more colors, though. Triinu has been on my to-do list since I got the book. Just need to finish off a few things on the needles, and I think that’s next up for me, too!

  7. Beautiful! Funny, though, your description of just wanting to be done is why I rarely knit scarves of any sort, lace or otherwise. I get so bored bored bored by the end of it! Knitting a scarf as long as you are tall, that’s an accomplishment in my book even if it’s just garter stitch! I spent my summer knitting sock-weight shawls and scarves and such, and yep, it was just right for summer. Enjoy!!

  8. I got that book as a Christmas gift and was eyeing that scarf. I love the design (along with many others). I haven’t been in the mood for lace for a bit but I can feel the desire taking hold again.

    Your scarf is gorgeous. So light and airy and wonderful color.

  9. Beautiful! I’m still working on lace I started a year ago
    and not nearly as complicated. I just don’t seem to be able to
    apply myself enough to concentrate on the pattern – will be a
    perfect scarf come winter.

  10. Well with an Estonian heritage I have been loving my
    exploration on what I can only think that maybe my own Great
    Grandma, Aunties ect may have made. I have yet to block my finished
    Raha scarf.

  11. The triinu is beautiful, and it looks like the other will be, too. Isn’t it funny how you have to be in the right mood for lace? You can pick something up and be “done” with it in a week, then pick it up a few months later and be obsessed? That happened with my Icarus – so much so I immediately cast on a second. Which is now sitting…

  12. Wow! Your Triinu looks amazing, what a perfect colour and balance of light and lacy with definition. I can see that being a favourite!

    And your Tea Shawl is going to be stunning in that colour! How big does it get?

  13. I absolutely adore the triinu shawl! I am starting an estonian lace shawl this year -with nupps! It’s one of my new year resolutions! I love the shetland tea shawl too! You are a talented knitter!:)

  14. I saw a BIG ad for the Canberra Show Craft entries the other day! Hope that is on your dance-card as well as it is a great way for locals to see your work – and then there is the Royal Easter Show in Sydney?

  15. The Triinu is superb, I immediately went to The Book Depository and bought the
    book. I have been looking for a project for a skein of Fifty Fifty (Silver Gumleaf) I bought from Knitabulous, now I found it I also bought a skein of Silken Thread which I haven’t
    used before, am hoping that there is a project in the book for that as well
    I enjoy reading your blog, as you have such a wealth of information to pass on to other crafters like myself.

  16. Oh, Triinu is just superb! Great colour and lovely pattern, and just blocked out so beautifully!

    Can’t believe how much of the Tea Shawl you’ve already done! It looks fantastic, can’t wait to see it done!

  17. I’m so impressed by the Triinu scarf. You’ll be able to wear it as a shawl, or because it’s so light, scrunched up as a winter scarf. Beautiful. As usual, the Wollmeise in your Shetland Tea Shawl seems to glow. Looking forward to seeing it finished too.

  18. lace perfection! the scarf is gorgeous and sounds very luxurious weith its length and silkiness. and you’ve done heaps on that shetland shawl! wishing you a lovely lacey summer!

  19. Gold stars for you, young lady. The colours of both of these are superb. One of these days, I too shall block a few of the shawls I’ve made.

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