From Little Things

Today I floundered in my attempt to have a creative day. I couldn’t find a direction. Everything I picked up seemed not right and I put it down again. In the end, I sat with my knitting and a DVD and tried to comprehend the vastness of the floods in Queensland. Readers outside Australia may or may not have seen the devastation that’s struck our formerly drought afflicted northern state.

After only minor rain here, a mere droplet compared to what Queensland has suffered, I took myself outside to try and clear my head and shake the cloud that had hung over me all day. I was so happy to find that the restored bed in the garden is showing signs of responding very well to all our hard work. I knelt in the long wet grass and found evidence of new growth. If that’s not a balm for a day spent in a weird mood, I’m not sure what is.

One of the things I love about taking macro photos is that it forces me to get in really close and see the things I might ordinarily miss. Like this asparagus spear.


I really thought, having only just salvaged my asparagus from crippling weeds, that it wasn’t going to do much for the rest of the season. But the four of five spears that have emerged in the last week tell a different story!

Nearby, the dwarf beans I planted a week ago are just waking up. Doesn’t this little guy look like he’s stretching his arms and yawning?


Elsewhere, there are signs of more life. I never tire of the hairy little fronds of tomato blossoms. Aren’t they just perfect?

tomato flowers

And even these lumpy little oddities give me a thrill. They’re tiny cucumbers, emerging from a plant I didn’t think was going to do much but may in fact bear fruit after all.


I’m taking all these small things in my garden as signs that from little things, big things grow. With that in mind, if you can give even a small amount to the flood victims, those who have lost homes, places of work and, at the very worst, loved ones, then big things can happen. Those of us who are safe, dry and far away from the devastation can do a lot just by going here.



23 thoughts on “From Little Things

  1. Your veggie garden seems to love the rain and the warmth like mine; we’ve got zucchini plants that I can almost see grow in front of my eyes.

    Seeing the floods everywhere is so terrible. Not so long ago we were all wishing for the rain to come and now we’re wishing it will stop. There seems to be no middle ground this Summer.

  2. Bit of a random thought. I have never thought about how asparagus grow before, they look quite nifty & make me want to just sit down and eat straight from the ground!

    I am feeling a bit mojo less myself. I think I have come upon an idea to get it going again. Will keep you posted! 😉

  3. the rain is crazy, and awful. your garden is looking great, i’m especially impressed by the asparagus. they’d go nice with a lovely (fresh) egg-based dressing …

  4. The Queensland flooding has made the news here, and my heart goes out the folks there. We’ve had similar flooding here, and many of our Wisconsin towns have been devastated in the past few years.

    It struck me that your post touches on the bipolar nature of nature (I know that’s a bit awkward but I haven’t had quite enough coffee yet!). In your garden, you find the nourishing, beautiful qualities, but the floods remind us that nature is not so easily tamed!

  5. It was Henry James who said that the three most important things in life were ‘to be kind, to be kind, to be kind’. I think this post shows that you would enjoy Mr James company and he yours (even though I am almost certain he couldn’t knit!)

  6. I love OPGs (Other People’s Gardens) – both vegetables and flowers.

    On the floods – my daughter lives just a block back from the Brisbane River. Fortunately, her apartment is up a bit of a hill and won’t be inundated, but the usual road she uses to access her street is already under water. Even for people like her whose house isn’t in danger there’ll be an uncomfortable few days with electricity blackouts, no public transport, and general difficulty getting anywhere.

  7. It is frightening to see the devastation being caused by the floods and feel so powerless to help those in need. It is always good to remember our blessings little thought they may be.

  8. Days like that are tough on the psyche. I think you found the perfect antedote. I love the photos of the tender green things. It does help balance out all the snow.

    I don’t know what to say about all that water. it’s unfathomable to me. And yes, every little bit of help makes a difference. Thanks for the links.

  9. Never underestimate the determination of a plant which wants to grow! Love the wee bean sprout… I can almost hear the yawn!

    I’ve been following the news of the floods. Terrifying.

  10. After looking at photos of snow, and more snow, and further snow, your sprouts and tendrils are a Godsend! You have warmed my heart and given me hope. thank you.

    Knitters know that just a tiny gesture, repeated often enough can produce magnificent things. Every penny helps and no contribution is too small.

    The thing I admire about the news we have seen from the floods is the way the people respond to the disaster. When Katrina hit New Orleans, all the victims sat around wailing how no one was doing enough to take care of them. In Oz, everyone is taking care of themselves and their neighbors. Gosh I admire that!

  11. I had no idea–thanks for sharing!
    Your garden holds so much hope and promise right now. I’m especially excited about your asparagus!

  12. The power of water is such a scary, scary thing. Those poor people. I have to stop watching those things, too. I can’t believe how quickly your garden is growing, though – that is pretty cool. Love the pics!

  13. We’ve seen it. The floods are the number one headline news story today in the UK.

    I think there will be a lot of people hoping that things improve as soon as possible.

  14. It’s just awful. I have had to stop watching the news. The list of town affected is staggering.

    Your veggies look lovely, we have been enjoying ours for a few weeks now.

  15. I heard on the ABC that so far the flooded area is the same as Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands combined. And growing. It is hard t comprehend.
    Seeing your lovely garden close up is a wondrous thing. The little bean is definitely yawning and waking up!!

  16. Kev Carmody’s ‘From little things’ gives me goose-bumps everytime I hear it, not least because at the time of Rudd’s ‘Sorry’ speech I played the Getup! version almost non-stop. Such a wonderful, quiet song full of so much meaning.

    On a completely different track, the flooding news has definitely made it to europe – lunchtime banter the other day featured a couple of co-workers incredulous that the size of the flooding was “as big as Germany and France” combined!

  17. The floods seem to be going from bad to worse…I feel for those affected. While out grocery shopping last Thursday, our local Lions were out collecting donations for the flood relief. I’m pleased to say people were being generous, I had to line up to put my donation in the bucket 🙂

    Love your vegie patch…it’s always so rewarding going your own (or at least some of it) food.

  18. Even here in Oregon, we have seen the devastation the floods have caused. Our personal experiences with small floods allow me to understand what they feel. When dealing with nature a person has little control, no matter if it is flood or fire.

  19. A Queenslander (fortunately not flood affected) I was talking with on Rav today said she’s going to be ramping up her vege patch as a result of the flooding – because so many crops will now be ruined as a result of the floods – so your lovely vege patch will be even more beneficial for you now – good for soul, good for wallet, good for tummy.

    Great photos too – you are so right about that seedling, definitely yawning and stretching as it wakes and grows!

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