Egeblad Doily

A while ago I decided I’d knit a doily for my mum’s 60th birthday. Her birthday is still a month away. A few weeks ago I started a doily for her birthday and then got it into my head that I’d finish it ahead of time because she was visiting and it would be nice to give it to her as an early gift.

My fingers are still crying out from the effort it took to make that happen. Sometimes, you get a knitting idea into your head and your fingers simply have to comply. Oh boy. Two weeks and I was done. Tonight, I gave the doily to my mum while she was in town overnight and I was SO glad I put in the effort.

It’s amazing how a piece of knitted lace goes from this – a lumpy piece of crumpled fabric:

doily - befre

To this:

doily - 4

I was trying to explain to someone at work today the magic of pre and post blocking of lace knitting and I think really the only way to explain it is with a visual demonstration. Even I, who have blocked a piece of lace or two in my time, am amazed at how lovely and huge this turned out. I imagined dinner plate size. It was so much more. Dinner plate and then some!

I was excited to give it to my mum. I thought she’d love it but her response was even beyond what I hoped. Even my dad, who usually just smiles and says ‘that’s cute’ was drawn in. That’s a winner.

The pattern is called Egeblad which is Danish for Oak Leaves. I love how once it’s blocked you can see the oak leaves.

doily - 3

I don’t even remember why I chose it but I liked the look of it and for two weeks I worked solidly to get it done. I even worked on it on the bus and it came out just so lovely.

I used Twilleys Cotton 20, which I think was given to me by RoseRed a long time ago, a donation from her own sizeable stash of crochet cotton.

doily -2

In the end this doily took me two weeks and it was a fast, furious labor of love and it won’t be my last. You get a total lace high over a short term. You can’t beat that really. It wasn’t hard. There were a few rows that really demanded attention but they were minimal and the thing was over before I knew it.

I absolutely recommend a doily for great gratification and a wonderful sense of achievement!

doily - 1

I think my mum really loved it. She held it like the treasured thing I hoped it would be become. You can’t ask for more than that. Go ahead and make it. I urge you. It’s worth it. You’ll find details on my Ravelry page.



40 thoughts on “Egeblad Doily

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  2. It’s lovely! And so quick to make (for you…knowing me it would take much, much longer!!). I hope you’re allowing yourself to be proud of making such a gorgeous piece that quite possibly might become a family heirloom. Wow.

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  4. your absolutely right about blocking.. a must ! always nice to see that crumpled mess straighten out into a masterpiece, I find shawls have the same effect πŸ˜€

    glad your mum and dad liked πŸ™‚ …and why wouldn’t they πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh, yeah. There is nothing like the magic of blocking, going from a scrumpley thing that’s a bit worrying to a beautiful knitted work of art, just like that. Magic.

  6. It’s gorgeous. I’ve never made a doily and I’m sure two weeks is not nearly enough time (but I knit considerably slower than most people!). I am having an intense desire to go and find some cotton and some small needles.

  7. oh my goodness – stunning!

    and for reals – two weeks??! you are a superwoman! now lets get you some icepacks and anti-inflams for those poor hands πŸ˜‰

    I bet your Mum treasures that gorgeous gift

  8. Oh it is simply stunning! What a gorgeous gift for your mum’s 60th! Wish I was a lace knitter but my mum turns 60 today so I have no hope of knitting one for her present, lol!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! I love that moment in lace blocking when you realise the sore fingers and difficult rows were absolutely worth it.

    I still hold that doilies aren’t daggy when used well, or when they’re as beautiful as this one. ;o)

  10. The difference between the unblocked and the blocked is amazing, as is the doily itself. Its worthy of giving it the title of “Heirloom” for many generations

  11. Phenomenal. Love, love, love. You tempt me to return to crochet with this one. I remember my first…and last…doily. It was going beautifully until I reached a row where I couldn’t make sense of the instructions. It was in those long ago days when I was so new to needlework that it never dawned on me that there might be a MISTAKE in the pattern and that I should search for an errata on-line. Or maybe go to a local shop where someone might now how to help me. What did I do? Frogged it and forgot about it. Now I find myself being drawn into the whole lace wormhole — even considering learning to tat. Pardon me while I go check myself for fever. πŸ˜‰

  12. Simply stunning, Helen! What size needle? I’m a fan of these beautiful pieces, too. They look smashing with a lovely vase of flowers sitting on top, or a pretty crystal candy dish, or, or….

  13. That really is beautiful. What was the finished measurement, do you remember? I need something for my round dining table.
    I’m glad your mother appreciated the effort. As someone only 18 months from her own 60th birthday (how in the world did that happen!?!) I wish I were not the only one in the family with the skills to produce such a thing. Maybe Tesla will have an interest in learning how.

  14. Ohhhhh – that’s a work of ART! Bravo! So glad you got pictures so you could share that with us. The before and after shots are just magic.

  15. Wow, Bells, very impressive! Can’t believe how fast that went, too! I love how the design of the “body” looks like those propeller seed thingies oak trees drop. That is pretty cool, how that’s incorporated into the design, too. (That is, if it’s not just my imagination?)

  16. Dearest, you are an artist. I can’t get my head around being that gifted and talented. I wouldn’t know where to start blocking lace. I’m still struggling with dropped stitches in a 25 stitch scarf!
    Wonderful, beautiful job. Reminds me of very old Irish lace and linen which we’ve lost the ability to make to some extent. Thank you for keeping the old arts alive xxxx

  17. Blocking is magic, but its only as good as the thing that was knitted and this is just beyond lovely. So big too, I never would have guessed. I’m a total convert to the doily now. I think you should have saved it for the show, but I’m so glad it was truly appreciated.

  18. Oh my word, that is so beautiful, and how lovely that your mum and dad especially appreciated your doily. Blocking lace is pretty amazing. Your edging is especially nice!!

  19. Oh it is so so lovely. And yes, that transformation is just amazing. I’m so glad your mum and dad loved it.
    How big did it turn out to be? Don’t suppose you took a piccy with a dinner plate on top of it, for scale?

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