Passing days

The year is, as years do, moving along at a cracking pace. As always it’s a mix of work, knitting, gardening, family, food and wine. I’d like to say I wish work wasn’t in that mix but frankly, it funds the rest of the good stuff so I guess it has to stay even though I’m busier now than I have been in a long time.

Here to share are some photos capturing lovely moments from recent weeks. They’re not the greatest photos because they’re often snapped in the moment on phones.

We atteneded a politically themed trivia night to raise money for the Queensland Flood appeal. The questions were all about Queensland politics and history. I contributed a sum total of one answer and it was about Queensland literature. The rest of the night I drank red wine and knitted the socks I’ve been working on since AUGUST 2010 for a friend. They’ll be finished one day.

red wine and socks

I visited Alice and read her some stories. She loves her books so much. That morning when I arrievd, she grabbed a book out of her mum’s hand and thrust it at me. I got the message, loud and clear.

Reading with Alice

She reads so much that her mum often says to me, ‘She’s definitely your niece!’. I think I was never far from a book or ten as a child.

Last week I harvested my first peapod. I’m waiting a while to collect a decent harvest but this little pod pleased me so much. They were sweet and tender. As peas ought to be.

First peas

And finally, this was too good not to share. Alice received a little table and chairs set from my parents as an early 2nd birthday gift. I wasn’t present for this but wish I had been!

tea party

Fee sent me this photo of Miss Alice having a tea party with Buzz Lightyear. I’ve seen her make cups of tea for people with her little tea set before but have never seen her sit down and conduct a tea party like this. How quickly they grow! And doesn’t Buzz look thrilled with his red frogs and cold tea! I’ll be seeing Alice this weekend and hope very much for some of that for me.

Have a great weekend everyone.


17 thoughts on “Passing days

  1. Great pics! I especially love that Alice has a pink tea set AND a Buzz Lightyear – so many toys are marketed as “boy” toys or “girl” toys. We had the devil’s own time last Christmas finding a Not-Pink set of pots and pans for my 2yo nephew, so he could be like his Daddy the chef. We did eventually find one, but it was in the pink-and-girly aisle of the toy department. Grrr!

  2. That sock is awesome! Such a fine knit and such pretty colors. And you and Alice reading together are just Awwwww-some! Hooray for her! May she learn to read early and never look back! When she gets older, remember the early 20th century boys books for her. “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” , “Tarzan”, “Around the World in 80 Days.” It will give her a wide vocabulary and an appreciation for good writing. And they’re “ripping tales!” I read them when I was 8 or 9. I didn’t understand everything the first time through, but it sure beat “Dick and Jane.”

  3. It’s so nice to hear when life is good. That Alice just gets more enchanting!

    I’ve been dealing with a number of disasters, one of which is the loss of my domain name. I’m starting over at

    I’m also wondering if the news of our labor union problems are being reported in Australia? I hear we have been getting a lot of coverage in The Guardian in England.

  4. It’s good to capture the “little” things on passing days – because often they are the most meaningful things. Lovely pea pod and fresh peas, lovely story time and tea time and lovely knitting!

  5. yay, its the weekend. and where does the time go?! everything always moving and growing, look at that little girl, not a baby anymore. hope you get plenty of wine-and-knitting time this weekend too.

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