On Being Resilient

It’s fair to say I’m having a rough week. So are some other people around me – arguably some people around me are having worse weeks but you know, when you care about people their bad weeks are your bad weeks, too.

I’ve had occasion this week to reflect on resilience. On being resilient. I think I will have a few more moments this week when reflecting on resilience will be necessary and when it comes down to it, I’ll do to do a lot more than just reflect on it. I’ll have to actually do it. Resilience is the term used to describe the ability to cope with stress and adversity. We’re all tested. And sometimes we lose the plot and don’t cope.

At some point today I took a deep breath and decided that some days just ask you to take one step at a time. A work friend and I sat over lunch and wine venting about how awful some weeks are and decided we needed to think of some positive things that would get us through. The experience was helpful.  The things we thought of were signposts to better days.

Admittedly I felt like I was grasping at straws a little but you’ve gotta take the good where you find it right?

Like casting on new socks tonight. Nutkin in Wollmeise “Indisch Rot”. Lovely.

Indisch Rot for Nutkins

Or looking forward to my sister and her family visiting this weekend when I’ll be able to give her a dozen eggs for the first time. I know she can’t wait to have her first home grown dozen.

And tomorrow is a special day to look forward to. Something that will make me smile. Miss Alice turns two. What a wonderful, magical, challenging, energetic age that is. She is, it’s safe to say, absolutely into everything. The world is a great big window of discovery and she’s out to get herself into that incredible place as much as possible.

Here she is at her party last year. Wonder what will happen for her at the family BBQ tomorrow night? She’ll be running around a lot more than she was last year when she’d just learned to stand up alone.

Alice eats a cupcake

In the meantime, I have some socks to cast on, a glass of wine to drink and a bowl of icecream to devour.

And some much needed sleep so tomorrow I can learn more about resilience.

I hope your week is less stressful and if it isn’t, then I wish resilience for you.



27 thoughts on “On Being Resilient

  1. Ah resilience… I’m working on it too. Sometimes I’m even succeeding!
    Popping over to your blog for the first time and enjoying having a click around… especially enjoying reading about your chooks!

  2. Resilience. Right. Good message. Needed to hear that, myself.

    I love how Alice goes straight for the icing. Good for her. Life is short, go for the good stuff straight-on with no hesitation. We need to take lessons from her.

  3. Arent those horrible weeks just annoying, but I guess it makes us appreciate the good times so much more doesnt it. Happy Birthday to Miss Alice for tomorrow too.

  4. May all the commetns you have received from people who care about you wrap around you in a big, warm hug.

    And haapy second birthday to Alice.

  5. Hey Bells,
    Some days, weeks and months can seem full of obstacles and dramas! I often have to tell myself to just breathe (that’s because sometimes I actually forget to) and take one thing at a time and have faith that it will get better! Resilience!
    Have a fabulous birthday weekend for MissTwo! Gorgeous age!

  6. yes you have had rather a lot thrown at you this week, but i think the one step at a time position is highly under-rated. we tend to get caught up in this momentum of needing to fix eveyrthing now, smooth it all out, worry about it a lot, but really, none of that will have any affect. life will do what its going to do, and all you can do is choose how you react. very wise. and oh how cute is that little alice, happy happy birthday to her!

  7. Resilience is something that we all have to master through life and sometimes things just break us down when we least expect it, I think the answer is to try and remember what you have gone through in life and find strength from the moments you did come through to the other side.. you are your greatest strength 🙂

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE 😀 …two is a lovely age, very cute !

  8. The good news is, these times of stress are temporary. It sounds like you are working through it with the help of some excellent activities: wine, knitting, friends, ice cream, and birthday parties. Hugs!

  9. People who have had “interesting” childhoods tend to be more resilient than those whose parents protected them from everything. Resiliency is a word we use at work every day since we’re talking about recovery and the two are linked.

    People who have the reserves of inner strength are those that bend with the stress and are still standing when it’s over. I often use the “think of the good things” approach and humor. Humor can help, although I know it’s hard to find the funny in some situations.

    I hope next week is a better one for you all.

  10. You can’t keep the birds of unhappiness from flying over your head, but you don’t need to let them nest in your hair. Good for you for bouncing back!! Keep looking for the little goods, and they will add up to overbalance the big bads.

    And have a ball at the party.

    Yay chickens!!

  11. Well, the Nutkins are making me feel great… so relaxing! The pattern is already memorized, and I just have to pay it a little attention while watching TV.

    Sounds like a 2yo’s birthday party is exactly what you need this week!

  12. So sorry you’re having a difficult week. I certainly understand. Last week I was thrilled when the entire computer system went down, giving me an unexpected deadline extension.

    There is some new research about resilience. People who successfully overcome addiction tend to rate high on that quality. Makes sense. If you have experience overcoming adversity, you are more likely to take on new challenges.

    I haven’t heard from you for a bit, so I wanted to make sure you know I’m now blogging at caffeinegirlknits.com

  13. wine, knitting, icecream and sleep sound like an excellent response to adversity. sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week, but i think you’re right – finding the positive things and simple pleasures can help you through. your yarn looks most cheering, and alice’s birthday sounds like it will be a treat.

  14. One of the good things about getting older is that you know that if you use your resilience when its most needed you are able to work through to a place where you are able to marvel at how well you survived. Enjoy the small consolations – and Alice’s birthday!

  15. I think resilience is so important, and you often find untapped resources of strength when you need it the most. I am glad you have some happy things to cheer u up and give your resilience some moral support. Alice isn’t a baby any more, she’s two!! I think you’ll have a very fun BBQ!!!

  16. We could all do with some more resiliance skills I think. I know I do, from time to time! I’m sorry you’ve had such a crappy week, I really hope the rest of the week is full of good things (and that other things to come that you know about have good outcomes).

    And hey, happy birthday to Alice – I’m sure tomorrow will have lots of lovely happy moments!

  17. I’m so sorry it was a bad week. I hope you share some of your tricks for resilience. That picture of Alice with the cupcake did start off my day with a big smile, though. Too cute!

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