Kai-Mei Socks

On the weekend I was able to give my sister Adele an early birthday present – a finished pair of socks! These are the fabulous Kai-Mei socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation.


We had a photo shoot on Sunday morning before she headed home but she wore them overnight, since Canberra is now officially cooling down, and said she was very happy with them.

This sock yarn, Vintage Purls in ‘Tuesday’s Child’ was a gift from Shelley, and I knew early on they would be for Adele. The colour is perfect for her (even if it is on her feet and not near her face!) It began life as the first pattern for the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club I’m part of – the Shur’tugal socks but I didn’t like the pattern and DrK suggested Kai-Mei. She was spot on. After a bit of a hiccup in the beginning I settled quickly into making that lovely lace panel that runs along the side curve of each foot and before I knew it, they were finished. Three weeks from start to finish. Easy peasy. Even all that rib on the leg didn’t take too long in the end. They flew off the needles. It helped I had a deadline with Adele visiting. I do so love a deadline knit. Nothing spurs me on to finish like a point to work towards.


And like many patterns by Cookie A, they were fun, a bit challenging and ultimately something that stretched me. Yay for Growth As A Knitter (GAAK – thanks to RoseRed as always for the term!).


I’d always looked at this pattern and wondered if the holes would render them a bit pointless in cold weather. Perhaps if you live in the icy northern hemisphere, then perhaps they’re a questionable choice. But in Sydney’s mild winter, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

By the end I was so taken with the Honeybee lace stitch that I’m keen to try other patterns that use it, like Laura Chau’s Honeybee cardigan, although I’m not convinced I’d suit such a cropped cardigan.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the chance to learn something new and to make a pattern I’ve admired for a couple of years. And I don’t mind that I didn’t make the first pattern in the club – as we all keep reminding ourselves, there are NO knitting police!

Willem wanted to be in on the photo shoot too. Who am I to turn him down?


And now my sister has a new pair of winter socks – just as well really since the last pair I made for her finally gave up the ghost last winter with a massive, unfixable hole in the heel. She was well overdue for a new pair.



28 thoughts on “Kai-Mei Socks

  1. GAAK. a fabulous term i now use in my own head! recently i looked at the 2 shawls i’ve just finished (both decent sized shoulder shawls which i’ve loved making), and i remembered how a couple years ago, the rows on the smallest size ishbel seemed incredibly and almost impossibly long. “that’s GAAK” i said to myself 😉

  2. Lovely socks! The pic with Willem is particularly sweet.

    I reckon you could lengthen the honeybee cardigan. It’s such a nice stitch, I think it’d be worth the effort to modify the pattern.

  3. I love that last photo!! So cute and fun. Yup, I’m one of those who won’t go near lace socks. I either want warm feet or naked feet, there really is no in-between for me! I let my feet go free at the first sign of spring. (Sigh, a Sydney winter sounds FABULOUS, from what I’ve heard!!) I also would not wear a cropped cardigan. I think it requires a very specific body type. But the lace panel is beautiful and definitely calls out for patterns that showcases it in some visible places, too!

  4. Those are lovely! I’ve been too intimidated to try Cookie A socks even though I have Sock Innovation. These may inspire me enough to give it a go!

  5. Those are one of my favorite patterns from that book. I just love that lace panel. You chose a good color for Adele. I’ve never seen the Honeybee cardigan so now I’m off the find it. I like that lace stitch but wasn’t sure I wanted it to be hiding in my shoes all day. A cardigan however might be just the thing.

  6. The socks are gorgeous, Bells! Gorgeous. I think I recently saw a longer version of the honeybee cardigan somewhere on ravelry that was really cute. Maybe the knitter included lengthening instructions?

  7. Those are lovely socks! I have a pair of Kai Mei in hibernation. I made a mistake in the lace and then further mistakes when I tinked. I do like the pattern, though, so maybe I’ll dig them up.

  8. What wonderful socks. I have that sock book but haven’t made anything from it yet. It is great to hear that they were a fast knit. What a lucky sister you have!

  9. Oh they are so pretty. Great colour and I love the curving lace pattern.

    And hurrah for GAAK indeed. I must challenge myself to do at least one challenging project. I’m such a slacker knitter sometimes….

  10. They are lovely socks, Adele is so lucky to have such a thoughtful, kind and clever sister!! I had wondered about the big lace holes, but I feel very reassured.
    There are so beautiful longer versions of the HoneyBee cardigan on The Ravelry, I have been very tempted by them myself!! The pattern comes in two lengths. I would not want to frighten The World myself by wearing a cropped cardigan. I don’t think The World is ready!!

  11. I was at Annie Proulx tonight at the Portrait Gallery and half thought I might hear your clickety-clack. Now she’d love a pair of your socks!

  12. The socks look fantastic. I have Cookie A’s first book but most of the patterns look very intimidating. Maybe I should branch out and try one to knit.

  13. yay! i love this pattern, its one of my all time favourites, and once you get the hang of it, its major bang for buck i reckon, deceptively simple. and terrific in this colourway, perfect for adele. so much to love!

  14. The socks are gorgeous – perfect combination of pattern & yarn. I love Cookie A’s designs but have yet to knit one as they are knitted from the cuff down.

  15. Many, many thanks for my lovely new socks. They were very warm on Saturday night and so comfortable. i love them and the colour choice works a treat. I must say they look especially fetching with the gorgeous almost 7yo in between them. Isn’t he just delightful! He’s all mine!

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