The Colour Purple

I said recently that I was planning some Aussie Bloggers Conference-appropriate knitting. For some time I’ve had it in mind that a whole day of sitting and listening/talking would be ideal for making good headway on a work in progress. What would it be? What would be perfect? The obvious answer was a pair of plain socks, all that round and around knitting would be just the thing to keep my fingers busy while taking in the information and a useful buffer if I felt like looking busy and not much like interacting at any point in the day.

But you know what? Plain socks? Over them. For now at least. I do have a long-suffering pair on the go and they will come in my bag with me but I think I’ll be bored by them. I need something simple but thrilling. Enter, Glenora Alpaca/Silk.

Glenora Alpaca/silk

This beauty has been in my stash for quite some time and has popped into my mind often. When I think of it, it’s spoken to me of one thing only. Icarus. I made the Icarus shawl 18 months ago and since then it’s been my most cherished shawl, the one I wear almost more than any other. I think as shawls go, it’s perfection. Need a reminder?

Icarus wing span
The size is so wearable, the beautiful Helen’s Lace (chortle) is beautiful in so many ways. When I’ve fondled the Glenora Alpaca/Silk, it’s often reminded me of my Icarus. So, as the saying goes, ‘you can’t stop at one.’

I’ve done a few repeat projects, be it socks or shawls. When a pattern works and is a pleasure to knit, why not repeat it? So I’ll have a purple Icarus before too long – and those lovely straight rows are perfect (mostly) mindless knitting. But there was a snag today. A terrible, upsetting snag.

I took my baby Icarus on the bus. It might sound risky to take lace knitting on the bus but as I’m still on the easy part, I thought it would be fine. I was, until my bus driver pulled up sharp at a stop and my hands slammed into the seat in front of me. Curse him! Stitches fell off. I may have sworn. A commute-knitting incident of the most distressing kind.

I will save Icarus. I’ll have a few rows to rip back but at least it’s plain knitting. It’s not too devastating. Things will be fine by the time I get to the conference. I’ll be well and truly underway. So far, she looks like this (note: photo taken pre-incident).

purple icarus

Small, simple, pretty. Early days, but I’m excited to have a Purple Icarus.

While we’re on a purple theme, if I needed more evidence than the dropping temperatures and misty mornings that Canberra is sliding into autumn, it’s here, in my Autumn Crocuses. I only discovered they’d arrived yesterday and they made me smile.

autumn crocuses2

Each year when they come up, I take them as a true and fabulous sign that summer is behind us and Canberra is changing.

autumn crocuses3

I can feel cardigans, red wine and winter cooking in the air when the autumn crocuses show up. They are giant, purple cups heralding the arrival of my favourite weather!

autumn crocuses

I should also add the commentary on my post about the Aussie Bloggers Conference was both welcome and interesting. In no way did I intend to cause offence to the Mummy Bloggers attending the conference – my thoughts were all about my own place among a group and the fundamental differences in approach we might have. Breaking into a well established group which has a whole language of its own can be a bit daunting. I do feel a bit anxious about fitting in. I do worry that there will be awkward moments, challenges and moment I wish I hadn’t come and not just because it’s a room full of mothers. But I’ll deal with it and there’s plenty to look forward to.

The comments about labels were also interesting. I actually don’t mind a label – I give myself the label of knit-blogger because it keeps me focused on what I most want to write about, with the caveat that I stretch outside that boundary sometimes. I’ve always maintained a focused blog because that keeps me engaged.

Anyway, it should be an interesting weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people and hopefully having loads of fun and informative discussion at both the sessions and the dinner.

And I’m especially looking forward to knitting my Icarus shawl for a whole day at once.



25 thoughts on “The Colour Purple

  1. ah! your icarus is so lovely! nice weight/drape to it too. i’m sure another purple one wont go astray. hope you had a good time at the bloggers conference and got lots of knitting done.

  2. Hello! I thought Id just pop a note in here,I agree with several others that you are a personal blogger and in that way I think I must be too though you have the most interesting knitwise content that I havent been able to find the time to add to mine,every now and then I go out and find something interesting but finding the time,wow thats a task,
    Im a Mum of 5 big boys but I rarely add them I veiw my own as an outlet to ramble on which is probably why I dont have many comments on it,LOL.Ive pulled back from doing so for a couple of years as I realised a local person(a big gossiper to boot) had discovered it and that has made me a trifle nervous so am contemplating going to another provider,costly as it might be.I live a fairly isolated life and I tend to use my blog to speak my mind,but with this other persons intrusion I now feel rather disabled.Anyhow I read your posts quite regulary and am in awe of the gorgeous patterns you knit and that gives me inspiration to try more.Enjoy your Conferance,even if its just a great weekend with a mate!(and knitting time)

  3. Hi Bells,

    I haven’t visited here before 🙂
    I commented on a photo retro mummy shared from #ausblogcon2011 on twitter which then led me here I’m in awe of your gorgeous work! Maybe I’ll see you knitting on a bus one day and if I’m not feeling too shy I might introduce myself : )

  4. I always meant to knit Icarus after seeing yours but I got sidetracked by Cleite which is another beautiful and fairly simple knit. But now I’m all inspired to do a purple Icarus – thanks for that idea!

  5. That beautiful alpaca/silk looks stunning on my monitor. Sorry about the dropped stitches, but I know you’re plenty competent to pick up/back up & fix that loss!

  6. I love your crocuses! They are up so early! I’m pretty sure Summer has well and truly gone! As for the Icarus shawl -it will be divine! The silk/alpaca will be perfect, and as for the miss-hap on the bus, I’m sure you’ll fix it and it will be fine! Happy Icarus knitting!:-)

  7. Yes, it seems like a perfect combination of yarn and pattern; and a whole day to knit sounds fantastic too. I was worried at first when you said it was alpaca/silk – I was still thinking “socks” and wondered how that yarn would wear! Silly me! A shawl will be perfect!

  8. Oh wow… you can knit awesomeness like that? AND you’ll be doing it at the conference? I’m so going to find you and just watch.

  9. The Icarus shawl is an absolute classic. Some shawls insist on becoming part of your everyday life – as this one will. Canberra must be beautiful just now with the autumn leaves beginning to take colour. In Sydney the leaves of deciduous trees just gradually get dry and brown and drop off – so disappointing.

  10. And here I was excited that purple crocus meant the beginning of spring! I think it’s so interesting to watch southern hemi blogs shift from hot to cool as we northerners do just the opposite. It’s often a nice reminder of the best of each season. Lovely yarn, and have fun at the conference! Who cares about fitting in? We’re all doing our best to look like we’re at ease and know what we’re doing at those things, anyway!

  11. I like the idea of Autumn Crocuses. We don’t have them (that I’ve ever heard/seen). I imagine anything that heralds the end of a “hard” season (like winter and summer) is welcome at this point.

    I like the Icarus shawl in all of the incarnations I’ve seen. It’s beautiful.

  12. Oh no, a bus related knitting accident. I am glad you are such a skilled knitter because you can fix it!! It will be beautiful in the lovely purple. Although the leaves are turning the weather her is not Autumnal, it is so warm. I am so looking forward to Autumn!!

  13. Lovely lovely yarn. Disappointed though that the bus driver wasn’t driving carefully enough to prevent a knitting accident. Very rude of them!

  14. This is going to be gorgeous, and plenty of wow factor too for all the Not Knit Bloggers to drool over. Purple really is your colour, and that yarn! I’m saving my red version of that for a cap shawl I think. And hello autumn. Can not get here quick enough!

  15. I’m so pleased you’re not planning on knitting plain sox. Making something to love is a good move. I’m halfway through my coquille according to the pattern, but not according to the wool, so I’m extending it! Eek! Not.following.the.pattern (see how you inspire me to leap into the unknown)

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