An Ipad Cover

A few weeks ago, we bit the bullet and bought an ipad. A certain member of our household had longed for one for some time and so it was inevitable we’d get one eventually. In due course we’ll have one each but for now, we share. When it came time to choose fabric for a cover, I had to choose something that Sean wouldn’t be ashamed to pull out of his bag in public. Not that I would have been inclined to choose anything particularly feminine for myself, but it was something to keep in mind.

I chose a tutorial I found online. It was really well written and easy to follow. Any mistakes I made (and I did make a few) were my fault and not that of the pattern.

I’ve had a nice piece of Amy Butler  fabric in “Lotus Revisited Wallflower” for a while that seemed perfect. To line it I used an old sheet in a matching pale blue. A note on using old sheets: I didn’t realise that because the fabric was quite worn and thin, cutting it out wasn’t easy. It seemed to warp and twist every time I tried gently to run the pencil along the ruler. That took several goes. I’d think twice before using an old thin sheet again, even though I love the idea of repurposing fabric.

Quilting it was quite fun. Nice straight lines.

quilting the cover

Then came the assembly. The pattern said to use interfacing between the wadding and the fabric but I didn’t. I couldn’t see that it was going to add much to the stability of it given there’s so much padding. Can anyone give me a good reason I should have used it?

It came together really nicely. It’s snug. The pattern is supposed to go around not just an ipad, but a case as well.

ipad cover

All I can say is thank goodness for seam rippers. The first time I turned it the right way out after joining the lining and exterior fabric, the flap was trapped on the inside, between the layers. I lost a good hour ripping it all apart!


I’m thinking I would like to join a strap to it now, for easier carrying. Or maybe I won’t. Not sure. All I know is it’s a nice, squishy and cosy cover that works really well! Next time I make one (and I will) I’d place the velcro a little better but it’s fine for now.

ipad cover

Speaking of the iPad, there’s someone else who’s taken to it like a dream. I mean, I love it especially because of how it’s so great for uploading PDF patterns, making them so clear and useable (so much better than carrying paper everywhere!) but we’ve found a lot of great toddler apps that have made the iPad very popular with Miss Alice.


She slept over on the weekend and we spent a happy morning in our PJs playing with it on Sunday. We read Dr Seuss books, do puzzles and play all sorts of number and alphabet games. She’s incredibly adept at it. She’s a great reader generally and swaps between real books and books on the  iPad with ease. It’s so much fun to play with it together!



23 thoughts on “An Ipad Cover

  1. I’m trying very very hard to resist the call of the iPad. It’s tough, because I’m on the web a lot for work (well, for play too), and everybody’s talking them up. Besides, they’re so darned cute!

    Not nearly as cute as Alice, though.

  2. I want an iPad really badly. I’m so jealous. A friend’s nephews call it “the big phone” because they’re used to their parents’ iPhones.

    Looks like you did an excellent sewing job; you make me want to fire up my machine again. That Alice is a doll. I love her open, happy face. You can tell that she is a much loved child.

  3. That’s one handsome iPad cover. Your stitching is so straight, I’m so impressed (and a bit envious of your skills and sewing machine that behaves better than mine).

    Am really pleased that you love your iPad. We got one last year and it’s been great. I can barely remember life before it!

  4. I used an old sheet to make jammie pants, but I wasn’t drawing right on the fabric–I was cutting around pinned-on pieces. Maybe that would be easier? Drawing on fabric is not always easy to begin with anyway. The case looks great. I didn’t know the reason for interfacing there either so thanks, Tia! I was going to say that Amy Karol in Bend the Rules Sewing suggests thin flannel in place of interfacing and I’ve done that before. Oh, and the flap thing–when I first started it gave me a headache, trying to figure out which way to put sticky-out things when you’d be turning them (like handles on bags). It seems counterintuitive to bury them inside. It helps to think it through first, even make a sketch or mock up with paper. It helps me, anyway. 😉

  5. What a fantastic ipod cover. Love the fabrics you used. How lovely that Alice can enjoy the modern technology too, she looks quite happy with it.

    • it gets taken out a lot actually! I took it to Sydney twice; he’s taken it to work a few times. I take it when I’m working from a pdf. It goes out a lot more than we thought it would!

  6. Cool! Cool iPad, Cool cover, Cool fabric (I used some of that one!), Cool quilting, fantastic!

    Now if you can train the chickens to use the ipad that would be magic!

  7. I love how readily the little ones embrace technology. My sons were quicker to learn to use the computer than my hub. I’m sure Tesla will pick things up just as quickly.
    Learning the tricks of re-purposing fabric comes with practice. Old sheets are great as they are usually so soft. Keep at it 🙂 The case is great and the fabric choice is perfectly gender neutral!

  8. Looks great! The reason you use interfacing between the fabric and the wadding, is to give the fabric stability during the quilting process. Something that can happen is as you’re sewing the quilting lines with a machine, is fabric drag. Not only does it pull the fabric out of shape, but can at times, chew your wadding through your fabric.

    Another good investment for anyone doing any quilting on a machine is a walking foot. It assists taking thicker layers of fabric under the foot, by way of a topside pair of feed dogs.

    • Oh I’m using a walking foot! I love it!

      And that explains what happened this morning re the interfacing. The wadding did get sucked into the feed dogs a bit and I was cursing the machine. I won’t do it without interfacing again. Thanks for that.

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