Egeblad Preserved

Remember a few months ago I made an Egeblad Doily for my mum? It was a birthday gift and as we were also giving her a digital photo frame, I had it in mind that she might put the frame on the doily. Here’s how it looked when I gave it to her.

doily - 4

Upon receiving it, my mum decided it was too good to use. I tried to insist that no, no really it should be used but as with all gifts, sometimes we have to appreciate that recipients may have ideas of their own. I relented and agreed she should do with it whatever she thought best.

She told me she would get it framed. She told me she thought it was the best way to make sure it was kept as nice as it was the day I gave it to her and really, when I thought about it, I knew she was right. I’ve seen framed doilies before. Good friend Ailsa, of Knitabulous, has posted some beautiful examples of framed doilies in her house. So I knew it would look great.

In the small town where she lives, Mum found a framer who said he enjoys a challenge. Apparently he brought his mother in law on board to make sure it was pressed flat and prepared properly for the job. It sounds like they really took great care with it. And here’s the result!

Egeblad Doily

Didn’t he do a wonderful job? Mum took a friend along with her to choose the colours of the board and mat. If I look really closely I can see places where I could have blocked the points more evenly but despite that, I think it just looks wonderful. I’m incredibly touched that mum appreciated this gift enough to want to preserve it for years to come. It need never come out of the frame. It’s a fitting tribute to a vintage pattern.

I haven’t seen it myself, except for this photo so I can only imagine how much more beautiful it looks up close.

If we must deem an object too good to use, better to have it on display than tucked away in tissue paper, don’t you think?



37 thoughts on “Egeblad Preserved

  1. At first I thought your post was on ‘Eggplant Preserves’ – a great subject of itself. But this is really special. My first job was as a picture framer and based on that brief experience, now many years ago, I am seriously impressed by the circular mount (matt). And your inner spider is inspiring to your 8 ply friends. Magic!

  2. I agree with your Mum that your knitting is worthy of framing for posterity – and decoration is a use, isn’t it? That said, I couldn’t bring myself to frame, say, a shawl – those kinds of things are meant to decorate a person!!

  3. I understand perfectly!

    A few years ago I made my mum a fair-isle hot water bottle cover for her birthday – very twee, pale purple with tiny cream love hearts all over. On the day she took one look at it and proclaimed it far too good to use, and she hasn’t yet. It does, however, sit on her bed, alongside my da’s burgundy and cream argyle hot water bottle cover. She’s using them as decorative cushions!

    Only a mum can appreciate how much we put into our knitting 🙂

  4. It is beautiful that your mother values your work (and you by association of course!) so much that she went to such an effort.

    It does look great too.

  5. such beautiful work, bells! i’m not surprised your mum chose to frame it. although i like to use things too, i love precious textiles displayed as artworks.

  6. Absolutely – if it must be preserved, that’s the way to go. I think of all those items of lace hidden away in the vaults of the Powerhouse Museum where almost no-one will ever see them and it saddens me. I know it’s for the good of the item but…

    Good on you, Bell’s mum, a great solution and a well done job.

  7. How lovely is that – better than my auntie who puts anything I knit her away in her special things chest – use them I cry – I’ll knit more! Nice to catch up with you – hope that featherweight is coming along nicely

  8. What a lovely idea! It looks beautiful, and I’m sure your mom thinks of you every time she walks past it.

  9. What an amazing framed display! It looks just so great – your mum probably knew all along it would look that good. Glad you let her do it.
    Definately better to show off your Good Stuff, than put it away because it’s TOO GOOD for using!

  10. I think it looks gorgeous framed. It could go either way, really. I like functional art, but I also really like the idea of handwork taken seriously as artwork. The main thing is that the recipient, your mum, treasures it so.

  11. I like the fact that two different crafts complimented themselves so well. Your beautful kniting and the framer’s beautiful framing. He (and his mother in law) did a lovely job. I really enjoy framed lace. it’s easier to see the intricacies of the stitches.

  12. How lovely that your mum treasures your gift so much. Maybe she could have had it sealed inside a flat glass plate!! Oh, that’s a bit recursive, it could sit on another doily!! Pshaw, the points look fine!!!

  13. I had to laugh Bells, only a real knitter would look at something that stunning and say, ‘I can see places where I could have blocked the points more evenly…’ 🙂

    I made one of these for my mum too. She happily plonked it on her coffee table and puts glasses or biccie tins on it. Given that’s what she does with all the doilies she inherited from her crocheting relatives I had a fair idea it would blend in. Bless her! Aren’t mums awesome when they’re really proud of you.

  14. Oh aren’t mums wonderful ! …lol

    I love this as it’s so typical, it is what I call… straight to the pool room moment…ahahaha ;D

    Your mum obviously is so proud of it and treasures it that much that she wants to keep it beautiful forever and that is just great !

  15. Its just so gorgeous, and I’m with rosered, I think this is even better than hiding it under something else. it deserves to be displayed and admired. I’m so pleased that your mum loves it so much, that must be such a great feeling.

  16. It all depends on your definition of use, I guess! I can’t really think of a better use of this beautiful doily than as an artwork! Because it really is a work of art! Lovely.

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