A Few on Friday

I take photos all week. Some weeks anyway. I fill in moments by wandering around outside snapping a photo or two here or there. At some point, I remember to take from the camera to the computer and sometimes I’m surprised to see what I photographed. Last night was a case in point. I’d completely forgotten about a few things I’d tried to capture and so I thought it might be a nice way to wrap up the week by sharing a few with you.

The first is a spider web I found hanging from our clothes line. Our resident Clothes Line Spider (yes, that’s a real variety of spider) usually just wraps a few long threads from one spoke to the other. I’ve never thought of them as particularly striking but earlier in the week, this one amazed me so much (on the way to the chicken coop) that I raced back inside determined to try to capture it. And then I promptly forgot and the week got away from me.

spider's web in the morning, on the clothesline

Truly it made me think of a small shawl hanging from my clothes line and I photographed it about twenty times until I figured out I should a) use the big tree behind it so it didn’t just disappear into the early morning clouds and b)use a flash. It worked. Whoever made it had a great eye for placement. The way it draped off the line was perfect. And then it was gone.

In our autumn garden, the tomato plants have hung on for dear life, but this morning we got our first mini-frost and so they are truly going to fade now. In anticipation of this, we rescued lots of the green ones a few weeks ago and have been ripening them inside in a basket. Have you ever had a Black Russian tomato? I never had but I love heirloom varieties of vegetable and so spent the summer watching these gargantuan tomatoes growing, all the while wondering if we’d ever get to try them. This morning, we had the first one. Black Russians are large, often misshapen tomatoes, renowned for their juiciness. The plants need serious, heavy-duty staking because of the sheer weight of the fruit. Some of them have made me think of giant, overstuffed pin cushions. This one wasn’t even the biggest, or even close to being the misshapen.


But the taste was the real surprise. I’m fussy about tomatoes. I don’t eat (raw at least) shop bought tomatoes. I like them really, really ripe and out of someone’s home garden and that’s about it. Until I grew tomatoes myself, I never really got what they were about. But these Black Russians have taken my appreciation, in one meal, to a whole new level. The flavour! The juice! We had slices on turkish bread with ham and salt flakes for breakfast this morning.

On my day off on Tuesday, I got my hair done. The grey roots were so bad that even Sean was saying ‘I think you need a hair appointment!’ (note: he says this not because he gives a toss about my grey roots but because he knows I do!). I think I’m going a little lighter every time.


It was also this season’s first outing of my Shiraz cardigan. I’m so glad I worked hard at the end of last winter so it’d be ready for the start of this one. Oh how I love wearing Cascade 220!

And finally, we visited Alice last weekend. Her parents have installed a hammock on the back deck (just in time for winter…go figure!). I didn’t realise until I took this photo that Alice’s outfit looked fabulous against the purple and orange fabric. She looked up from playing with the iPhone just long enough to answer my question, which was ‘who’s a cheeky monkey?’ She pointed at herself.

It’s good to be self aware, Alice!

cheeky monkey

That wraps up my week. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m determined to finish my second Featherweight sleeve in the next twenty four hours. Wish me much speed!

Have a good weekend everyone!



32 thoughts on “A Few on Friday

  1. Hi there,
    You are a very great photographer. I love the picture of the spider web. It’s amazing. I’ve never tasted a Black Russian tomato before but I would love to try it. Great post. Good luck with your blog

  2. Ohhhhh, that is a great photo of the spider web!

    And Black Russians – we grow a variety called Black Krim, and they are so good. They taste almost like they are pre-salted. But their skins are so tender, they’ll never get into a store – they’d be bruised to pieces.

  3. The photo of the spider’s web is a fabulous photo.

    Alice is cute, as ususal and her clothes, indeed, match the hammock very well.

    Isn’t it great to take photos of the little bits of our lives and look back on them later? Since I came back to blogging, I have a new appreciation of the “little things” that make up my life.

  4. The spider web is beautiful and I’m impressed your stuck at it and found out how to photograph it in all it’s splendor. The other trick (so I’m told) is to spray a bit of water mist onto the web to make the dew drops reflect the light.

  5. I love having a camera small enough to take with me on a daily basis. I find myself pulling it out and taking shots of whatever floats my boat. Maybe we should have a Photo Friday or something to look at all the random shots of the week before.

    Your hair looks marvelous! I’m thinking of how to grow out my haircolor and I’m thinking of having it highlighted heavily and letting the grey bits mix in as they grow out. I’m not quite there yet….

    Spiders give me the willies!

  6. It seems you have a very talented spinner residing in your clothesline! The black russian tomatoes are nice arent they. My dad grows his own tomatoes too so the shop ones never taste nice to me. I love it just on toast with salt and pepper while it is still warm! Miss Alice does look very cute against the orange and purple!

  7. This is where digital really shines! Way back in the day that spiderweb would have taken a whole roll of film, bracketing each shot, and you still wouldn’t have known if the picture came out until it was far too late to take more. I miss film sometimes but I really do appreciate the way digital is “free.” And your spiderweb photo is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing your week in photos with us. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. great photos! the spider web one is stunning, how nice to capture something so ephemeral. and that’s such a good photo of alice – she just keeps getting more gorgeous!

  9. That spider web is amazing.
    We often have pet spiders (so to speak) who set themselves up in particular parts of the garden, mostly the front of the house and admire there ability to build and rebuild regularly.

    Your hair looks great that colour

  10. Lovely photo of the web.
    You make me excited about the tomatoes we are growing!! pity I didn’t get the black Russian variety though.
    Alice is cutie. Just like my two cheeky monkeys πŸ™‚

  11. Spiderwebs are the most amazing thing, aren’t they – so much work, so much beauty, so easily blown away. And they look so good with dew or raindrops on them. Great photo!

    Your hair looks good too – I always wish I could get my hair looking like it does straight out of the hairdressers.

  12. Awesome photos and stories – that is really the coolest spider web! How cute is Alice, btw? And I love the hair, too! A bigger shot of the cardigan would have been nice… maybe there’s on on ravelry…? I’ll go check! Beats what I’m supposed to be doing, going for my morning run!

  13. Spiderwebs are the most amazing thing, aren’t they – so much work, so much beauty, so easily blown away. And they look so good with dew or raindrops on them. Great photo!

  14. when i was a kid, i used to take tomatoes (store bought ones even) to school and eat them like apples. i would take a little pinch of salt wrapped up in foil (before sachets existed!) to sprinkle as i bit. its been a long time since ive done that, and your photo makes me miss tomatoes like that very badly! and that one of the web, so amazing, like its a lovely silk laceweight. as for alice, cheeky monkey indeed!

  15. I have tasted one of those tomatoes, and you are right, they are delicious and need little embellishment!! I wish it was cold enough so I could wear my Shiraz too. Nice hair, it’s very lovely and highlighty!!

  16. I love the spider web.

    And aren’t black russian tomatoes just divine? We managed a grand total of ONE off all our plants (frost, grumble grumble) but it was the best tomato ever.

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