Nutkin Socks

A miracle occurred here on Friday. Something completely unheard of. I finished two knitting projects on the same day. One was my featherweight cardigan, which will follow in a later post when I get some good photos. The other was my Nutkin Socks. They’ve been difficult to photograph, being so vividly red, but I’ve tried to fix that through editing, with mixed results. This one captures how brightly red they are.

Nutkin socks

I think I’m a bit disappointed with how the darker red has pooled so much instead of blending in, but I’m told that’s pretty normal for Wollmeise sock yarn. This is the colour, Indisch Rot (or Indian Red) in the 80/20 Twin yarn – which for the uninitiated means it’s 80% wool and 20% nylon – something that improves its durability.

I think this photo captures the colour more accurately and highlights the nice lace pattern.

Nutkin Socks

You know, to be honest, I’m only moderately happy with these socks. There’s not a lot of give in them, but after washing they’ve softened up a bit. The lace pattern has skewed a bit but they’re perfectly wearable and attractive in their own way so no complaints really.

Nutkin socks

I did change the pattern a lot though, as many others in the Super Special Sock Club did. A plain rib cuff instead of a fancy folded over one; a plain heel instead of the weird one the pattern called for (I don’t even remember since I knew right away I’d do a plain gusset heel) and it had a short row toe as well but pfft. I was totally happy to do a regular toe as well.

In the next stage of the Sock Club, in which we’re to knit a pair of socks every two months, I’m going to bypass socks and knit some fabulous gloves instead. Aren’t gloves just socks for our hands? Yes! Stay tuned.

I hope you’re all having a relaxing and happy Easter break. We certainly are. I made my own Hot Cross Buns, (inspired by my sister, Adele, who wrote about hers here) and although I burned many of them (glaze goes on AFTER baking, Bells, not before) some of them turned out perfectly. I enjoyed the process enough that it reminded me how very much I love making bread so that’s something I intend to do a lot more of now that I’m on leave from work.




21 thoughts on “Nutkin Socks

  1. Just realized I’d missed this post, and the funny coincidence is I’ve JUST removed Nutkin from my queue. I just decided I was “over” whatever urge led me to want to knit it in the first place. Now I have a reason since you are only “moderately” pleased. One should be totally over the moon about a new pair of socks, right? 😉

  2. Ooh love the Nutkins, they look great in such a vivid red.

    Funny, I’ve been thinking about gloves lately too. Can’t wait to see which glove pattern(s) you go for.

  3. MMMmmmm that hot cross bun looks y.u.m.m.y 🙂

    Shame your not completely happy with your socks, they look really lovely from here and the colour looks gorgeous too even if it does pool 😀

    Looking forward to Featherweight I love that cardi… and Yaaaay !! for completing two projects in one day… come and finish mine…lol

  4. the socks colourway matches your Easter bread, did you know??

    i the the colourway is very pretty, despite pooling – which i think may be heightened in the photograph, anyways?

    can’t wait to see your featherweight!!

  5. I love the way your Nutkins look, but based on the overall comeents, I think I’ll pass on this pattern. I have been more more and more likely to knit the heel flap and toe the way you did. Why mess with success?

  6. You must be feeling relaxed already to finish 2 FO’S in 1 day
    Love the socks but it is one thing I have never attempted
    My ultra light alpaca cardigan is coming along slowly at this
    rate it will be next winter
    I love baking bread there is so many varities you can do it is only limited by
    your imagination, but then the big worry is eating it all, bangs goes the
    waist line LOL

  7. I love bread baking because it’s part science, part cooking so it makes me feel smart and cheffy at the same time.

    I only did one nutkin. I too have biasing on mine as well. I was forming a ‘twist theory’ about these socks – but the biasing on your wollmeise blows my theory out of the water. I thought it was the yarn twist, that the smooth twist wollmese wouldn’t do it.

    But they’re beautiful as you say, and I didn’t notice the pooling..

    Gloves! I’m knitting gloves too! Gloves are heaps of fun, for some reason I prefer them so much more over socks.

  8. You need to get the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, Bells, if you want to start baking bread. You mix warm water, salt, and yeast, let it rise, then refrigerate it. You have enough dough to make 4 boules over the next 2 weeks. I’m addicted to the Italian Semolina variation but it has pita, flatbreads, and all kinds of variations. Mmm, homemade bread.

    I love you socks. I’ll have to look up that pattern.

    I’m totally envious of your long time off work. Maybe I should emigrate…

  9. Two FOs in one day! That sort of productivity could lead to the lightheadedness and weakness associated with startitis…. Congrats!

  10. I did the same Nutkin mods, too, except toe-up. I like the way you’re just going with the skew instead of trying to straighten them for photos. 🙂

    I’ll be doing gloves, too, though still kinda following the Leyburn pattern. I still don’t have enough socks 🙂 but I need a small rest from them.

    Good job finishing two projects on one day! Bet that felt weird! haha.

  11. The Nutkins are certainly a pretty pattern but I have yet to read one post where the maker has been 100% happy with them!

    Ah, hot cross buns – I love them. I have been buying mine from one of the two large supermarket chains in NSW; they have more fruit and are generally denser than those made by either of the major bakery chains. I have never successfully made bread. *sigh*

  12. I was just thinking of you, and wondering how you were kicking off your break… apparently not by napping, heh heh. Well, good for you! Can’t wait to see the featherweight, and hear the detais. I saw a striped one on ravelry that has me tempted…

  13. Yay for two FO’s in one day! I think I have done that once…a long long time ago, heh! It’s a cool feeling, isn’t it!

    Except for the colour, we practically have nutkin twins! I have done basically the same modifications. No short row heels for me, thankyouverymuch!

    Look forward to hearing about your glove experience.

  14. i can tell you’re enjoying your break – finished objects, baking, you sound relaxed already. i am so glad i didnt bother with nutkins, it sounds like a few people had similar issues, but socks will always look spectacular in wollmeise. cant wait for featherweight either.

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