Easter Weekend

Hibernating. That’s what we’ve been doing. I haven’t left the house in four days (except for a brief outing to Spotlight and the markets) and it’s been wonderful! I’ll save the knitting for another post – including the finished featherweight – there’s been no chance for decent photos when I’ve been either gardening or blobbing in my PJs for four days! – and show you other fun stuff instead.

On Easter morning I made some spectacularly successful Russian Easter Bread. It’s probably also Greek Easter Bread but the recipe i used called it Russian. I even dyed eggs red for it.

Russian Easter Bread

If you’d like to read more about it, I wrote about it on the blog I share with my sister Adele. I just loved making it.

One afternoon we did something we’ve wanted to try for ages and built a vegetable bed edge out of green sticks cut from a large tree in our front yard. We wove them in between stakes and felt positively rustic for doing so.

twig edging

For our first go, we learned a bit about what to do next time, including putting more stakes in to weave around. The chickens were part of the process. They wouldn’t get out of the way! That we managed it at all with their ‘help’ amazes me. I want more of these edgings. We just need to wait for more green twigs!

In other autumnal garden jobs, we’ve ripped out all but one of our tomato plants now, before the frost arrives properly. We had loads of green Romas on the plants still and so found another great use for our deck – shelter for hanging plants to continue to ripen!

Here are a few of them, hanging in a corner where they’ll get good sunlight and protection from the frost. We already hung some cherry tomatoes there a couple of weeks ago and they’ve ripened so we know this works.

tomatoes hanging

What I find curious is about this is that so much advice says to hang your tomato plants in a cool, dark spot, like a garage but we did that one year and they just shrivelled and rotted. But on the deck, they’re going great!

And we’ve admired our beautiful Claret Ash tree and how it’s living up to its name with deep, red leaves. The ash trees we planted as bare rooted youngsters a few years ago are taller and more striking now. Look at the colour of these leaves.

claret ash

A beautiful, quiet long weekend in the seclusion of our work-in -progress backyard has been lovely. I’m sure I’ll have to go out sooner or later but for now, I’m keen to keep hibernating.



15 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. That bread looks so yummy & the red eggs remain me of birthdays. My mum always make red eggs for our birthdays as she said that eating them bring us good luck.

  2. i love the tomatoes and the beautiful red leaves – your garden photos are always such a treat! here’s to hangin out and laying low over this long-long weekend 🙂

  3. My favorite way to spend a weekend is hibernating. As our weather gets nicer (I just know the sun will come out one day), we spend more time out of doors and that’s great but I love the weekends in the fall when we start to pull back inside and huddle. Cozy, Comfy.

    I love the red colors of your tree. Did you press some in wax paper with Alice?

  4. That’s some pretty productive hibernation you’ve been up to!

    The colour of the leaves is stunning; it’s those beautiful colours that make Autumn my favourite season.

  5. We had a semi-quiet weekend: if a three day visit from a very active 14 month old counts as quiet!

    Good idea with the tomatoes. Ours didn’t do well this summer – too much rain and therefore humidity!

  6. such a great productive weekend! a perfect homely antidote. and your photos really evoke a canberra autumn. hope you have lots more of this planned over the next few weeks!

  7. Sometimes a long weekend hunkered down at home is just the thing! The red eggs look great. It can be so hard to get a true red (rather than pink) with food coloring.

  8. I love quiet weekends at home, especially those involving baking and blobbing in pjs!

    The photo of the red leaves is great! Really great colour and nice shapes.

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