A Stylish Apron

The third week of my leave has seen me living with the plague. Ok, maybe not the plague (an absence of bubonic pustules is telling) but a nasty chest infection that’s kept me out of action. It came on the night we returned from Braidwood and I’ve kept warm and sheltered since, always making sure to heed my mother’s warnings when outside the house to wear a scarf and keep my chest warm.

Except for today when I modelled an apron I made recently. The sun came out briefly after lunch and I headed outside to get some Vitamin D and show off my latest sewing project. I went looking on Etsy a while ago for some fun patterns for aprons, figuring it’s a great way to try my hand at matching fabrics and making something useful. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Everyday Chic Apron

The design is by Everyday Chic and I bought it from their shop on etsy. They’ve got several great apron patterns.

It ties up both at the neck and the waist and sits very comfortably.

Everyday Chic Apron

I’m used to aprons made from heavier fabric though – this one is just made from quilting cotton. I’m unsure yet how I feel about a lightweight apron – perhaps it’s just a matter of adjusting since I’m so used to stiffer fabric in commercially made versions. I do wear aprons a lot (I’m forever wiping my hands on my clothes in the kitchen if I don’t!) so I’m going to  make more of them for sure.

The chickens were wandering around while we took these photos and I grabbed Shirley for a cuddle. I love cuddling the girls (or the Sister Hens as we call them sometimes. If you watch Big Love you’ll get that!). They’ve become very willing recipients of a bit of handling, but do let us know when they’re not interested (mostly by running away!).

Everyday Chic Apron

I love this picture. How much more rustic can you get than standing in your back yard on an autumn day, wearing a home-made apron and cuddling a chicken? I should add, lest this all sounds just too picture-perfect, that seconds after Sean took this photo, Shirley crapped on my apron and flapped out of my grasp. Nice one, Shirley. There’s a first time for everything.



19 thoughts on “A Stylish Apron

  1. ahahahaha… Shirley bought life back to reality real quick ;D …great photo !

    Apron looks great something I need to buy cause I too wipe – splash – throw food all over me whilst cooking. I’ve ruined many a thing doing this..grrr 😀
    Hope your feeling better !

  2. Hope you’re feeling better. The lurgy seems to be going around; GS#! had it, then WM, then me!

    The apron is lovely; much better than the ones I have which are all only from the waist down and inevitably it’s not the area where clothes need protection!

    Shirley, where’s your taste in aprons?

  3. I’ve used both quilting weight cottons [ that huge stash ‘o mine ] and also some that verged on furnishing . Both worked just fine although it was a slightly different style of apron where all the edges are bias bound with wider than usual [ home made ] binding, so that might have had something to do with it.

    Love the come hitherish looking over the shoulder shot.

  4. A Good fusible interfacing and a lining will add weight and definition to the apron. Your apron is looking great

  5. Love the photo and the after story 🙂 Lovely sewing Bells hope you feel better soon and get some more of your mini trips in – loved to hear about Braidwood

  6. I hope your chest is clearing up. We’re full on in allergy season and it’s bad from all the rain so everyone is sneezing and blowing their nose.

    The apron is so pretty. I like aprons that just tie at the waist. I am always folding the tops down. I think it’s that I don’t like things around my neck.

  7. I love a good apron too as I am fairly messy, not chook messy though!! You so look very countrified with your apron and chook. Is your apron lined?? A good lining always helps!!

  8. yeah thanks for that shirley. im sure it wasnt a comment on the apron, which is indeed very cute! im used to thicker ones too, will be interesting to see how this wears. hope your bit of time in the sun helped with the lurgy (it sounds like you have man-flu actually!).

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