In Threes Cardigan: A Cardigan for Alice

After I finished the jacket I made for my nephew Willem, I had plenty of the Cascade 220 left over and I knew I wanted to make something for Alice out of what was left. This way they could be matching cousins.

In Threes Cardigan

The choice of what to make was simple when I found this little pattern on Ravelry a few weeks ago – it’s called In Thees: A Baby Cardigan and it came together in about five days. Too, too simple.

In Threes Cardigan

When I first started it, I thought ‘oh this is just a simple little piece. It won’t be anything special, just a run around garment’ but something happened once it came off the needles. It seemed so much lovelier than I imagined. Something about the stripes, and the way it sat. I laid it out on my lap and thought, this is a good piece of clothing. This is something that will really be an Alice item. I can’t explain. It’s just Alice. Her parents’ reaction to it backed up how I felt and when I sent a picture to her Aunty Adele the response was the same. This was a lovely little toddler cardigan and so very Alice.

She modelled it for me today while simultaneously wandering around the house and yard and looking sad. Alice has been a little under the weather this week and very clingy and teary. She’s all about snuggles and upside down facial expressions. You can see it in this photo. A little bit of a sad face.

In Threes Cardigan

There really isn’t that much to say about this cardigan except that it’s stunningly simple and effective. One to two skeins of worsted weight wool, 5mm needles, a few days’ worth of knitting and you’re done. I love the little wooden love heart buttons. They work so well.

In Threes Cardigan

I made the little dress under the cardigan too. It’s the same little dress pattern I’ve been using since last year – the Lizzy Pinny – just upsized because she’s grown. It’s some nice blue corduroy, lined with pale blue flannel for extra warmth. Paired with the cardigan it worked like a charm, as if I’d made them to go together, which I didn’t. I made them in the same week but didn’t know they’d work so well until we dressed her this morning.

Sometimes, it all just comes together perfectly. I’m already lining up another one!

In Threes Cardigan



28 thoughts on “In Threes Cardigan: A Cardigan for Alice

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  3. This turned out rather sweet, I can see why you were taken by it – the stripes work beautifully with the blue πŸ™‚
    Yaay for putting leftover yarn to good use πŸ˜€

  4. oh i love this! it’s perfect, and so lovely with the dress and tights and everything. i must look up this pattern! and look at alice’s lovely thick pony tails! my girls are just starting to get interested in hair styles, but their locks are alas not so luxuriant. hope alice is feeling better soon…

    • Oh I meant to update. I forgot. She dropped punkin. Punkin split. Punkin is no more. I’m planning on cooking ours before she comes over next otherwise there might be some confusion!

  5. wonderful colour for that darling little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl.
    don’t you love when something just comes together and well-exceeds your expectations of it??

  6. It’s such a lovely cardigan and Alice looks so gorgeous!! And what a happy circumstance that her dress as such a perfect match. I hope she is feeling happy again soon.

  7. Oh they are definately Miss Alice clothing! She looks absolutely adorable in them. The cardigan matches the little dress perfectly (which I thought you had made). Corduroy is one of the best fabrics for children’s clothing in wintertime, I just wish they made larger clothes in them for tweenies!

  8. Beautiful! All kids should have something that’s been made just for them. And it’s just so satisfying to be able to do that, isn’t it?!

    • oh Lynne I’m not so sure about that! These five photos are from a series of about 30, many of which were photos of Alice’s head as she ran away from the camera! It takes a lot of photos to get just a few good ones!

  9. its the perfect alice outfit. the light blue and the cute sleeves, just gorgeous. sorry to hear shes not been well. im sure shes getting lots of cuddles though!

  10. So adorable – must check out that pattern, glad to hear it’s simple but as you say it looks more than that – something which always makes me happy πŸ™‚ Paired beautifully with that little dress – I wish I had that whole outfit for myself!

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