Monday joy

I went back to work today. Five weeks’ worth of emails greeted me on arrival – they were dealt with fairly promptly with some swift deleting. So little electronic communication is relevant or important weeks after the fact.

When I got out on the wrong floor, I wondered what on earth was going on. How could I get out on the wrong floor after just five weeks? My sister said that was a sign that I’d had a truly restful break and I think she’s right. In a way it flew by, but in a way I see that I crammed a lot in, trying to make the most of the time without necessarily panicking about it slipping like sand through my fingers.

I tried hard to get that balance right. So we’ll take going to the wrong floor as a very good sign.

And if I needed any evidence that my creative output over the break was good, this photo helps cement that notion (yes, clunky segue – I know. Indulge me!)

This is Alice the morning after giving her the stuffed patchwork dinosaur of the last post. Her mum wrote to say that the dinosaur was the first thing she wanted on waking, and that he had to help her eat breakfast.

Alice and the dinosaur

Let’s call that a win, yes? I kind of knew that yesterday when I arrived at her house, presented the dinosaur to her and within minutes he was ‘roaring’ and eating gravel and ‘dinosaur’ became one of her many new words of the day. We took her briefly to an afternoon party with some friends and the dinosaur was cordially introduced to anyone who would pause to meet him.

And in the evening, over wine and dinner, we (her parents and us) named him Doug.

Doug? I know. I don’t know why either but we laughed a lot and somehow in that mass of stupid, non-sensical conversation, Doug was born.

Knowing that Doug had become an instant pal this morning helped with that re-entry into the working world. Just a little.



20 thoughts on “Monday joy

  1. Emily had a small plastic snake that she named Bubba the Snake. She carried him around with her and he slept on her pillow. it’s hard to know what kids will cling to. Alice has good taste in making Doug her new bff.

  2. hope the settling in to work isn’t too traumatic, and you manage to keep that holiday feeling going on at home. how cute is alice with doug! so great when they respond to something you’ve made for them. and he’s not even covered in cereal (yet).

  3. I know just what you mean about finding the balance during a leave. I have the same issue each summer. I try to balance working around the house with my various creative endeavors. It’s not as easy as it sounds, is it? However, I’m not complaining! I’m grateful for the time!

  4. oh i love Doug too. great name, so sweet that she loves him. i think that picture makes the whole 5 weeks a success really. i cant believe its over already though. i hope youre coping ok.

  5. Hooray for Doug and the wrong floor! Tough to get back to work after such a break – 3 days off and I’m a little squeamy about tomorrow 🙂

  6. Wow, you’re back already! I guess five weeks isn’t as long as it seems… Well, I hope it isn’t too bad being back at work. (Ironically, we have a holiday today, your first day back.)

  7. Alice has instinctively gone to alliteration in choosing Doug. And its quite a popular name at the moment with little ones being named Doug. And the sounds that make up Doug are easy for a child to say. It could be that Doug becomes the “go to” toy and this would also definitely be a win! I loved seeing all the sewing you have been doing. Nat xxx

  8. The five weeks seemed to fly from here, I can only imagine how it seemed to you! Oh, if only we could all live a life of leisure! I hope re-entry isn’t too bumpy.

  9. ‘Doug’ looks as if he is in for a very good life. If all dinosaurs had that much love and attention there might still be a few around!!
    The wrong floor?? You are very well rested indeed!!

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