Knotty Gloves

Like many knitters, I thought, for a long time, that full fingered gloves were too hard or too fiddly. Early on, they seemed like a mysterious item that were impossible to make. Well, not impossible as such, since somebody out there obviously made them, but all those fingers? How was it even done?

I’m here to report, like others before me, that it’s entirely possible and not at all tricky. Maybe a tiny bit fiddly. But altogether satisfying and fun! Here are my Knotty Gloves.

Single Knotty Glove

They are designed by the very clever Julia Meuller who has a lot of amazingly designed gloves to her name and this will not be my last pair.

Knotty Gloves

I did these instead of a pair of socks, as part of the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club, which totally makes sense right? Socks? Gloves? They are all similar in concept and designed to warm up the extremeties. Only difference is that as far as a replacement for a sock pattern goes, these use a lot less yarn. One skein of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn went into these socks (it was a gift from Drk) so I have a whole skein left over.

Knotty Gloves

Gloves are really fast. The only thing that slowed these ones down was the cable. It wasn’t hard, just required attention. And I had to knit it twice on the first glove because I got so carried away I forgot to include the start of the thumb. So really, I knitted this cable three times in total. I was very comfortable with it by the time I reached the second glove.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t go for a variegated yarn with such an intricate cable but I felt confident the variegation in this yarn (colourway is Aslan) was light enough to let the cable shine through. And I think it works. I’m not thrilled with how the colours become more blocky in the top of the hand – it’s the one thing that would put me off doing a glove again in anything other than a solid colour but light definitely works best with these I think.

glove detail

And the fingers? Everyone seems to assume that this is the worst part of gloves but seriously, it’s not that bad. There are on average about 20 stitches on each finger – so five on each needle which means they go really, really fast. This week I basically knitted one each day on the bus.

Knotty Gloves in progress

The concept is simple. When the hand is the right length, put all the stitches on waste yarn and for each finger, pick up the right number from the front and back, knit a small tube. Absolutely not fiddly or difficult at all. And so fast. How long does it take to knit a small tube? No time at all. If you’ve got any reservations about gloves being painful or difficult, lose it. So straight forward.

They got their first out today at a protest rally. Canberra is well and truly cold enough for gloves now and I know these are going to get loads of wear.

I have to make more because these are far from perfect. Like a first pair of socks, these were a learning experience and I would change the fingers on some of them, making them a tiny bit longer in some instances, and a bit narrower in others.

And honestly, the designer has some seriously impressive looking variations. I’m itching to try more.



31 thoughts on “Knotty Gloves

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  2. They’re beautiful! Handknit gloves are something else eh? A bit fiddly (but definitely not hard, I agree) but worth it for the fit alone.

  3. They look great! Interesting that they take less yarn than socks as I have some Koigu in my stash that isn’t enough for socks, maybe it would be perfect for gloves!

  4. Lovely. I want to use that pattern to make some ridiculously bright yellow gloves for myself with some re-purposed yarn.

    The first gloves I knit were in single-stranded Kidsilk Haze. Since I mastered them I’ve been fearless!

  5. im so pleased to see this yarn become something so beautiful. definitely a great combination, and the cable is really stunning. there is no way on this earth, however, that i am going to knit little fingers with 6 stitches on each dpn. you are a more patient knitter than me!

  6. I haven’t tried knitting gloves and, despite your reassurances, I still think they look hard – so I’m very admiring of your achievement. I like the pooling. I always like unexpected elements in otherwise classic patterns, so I think these are ideal.

  7. really lovely gloves. i have this pattern queued and ready to cast on soon as a gift for my sister in law, so it’s been really helpful to read about your experiences with it. i’m feeling more confident about tackling it now!

  8. they look great! I am intrigued that they used so much less wool than socks, I guess hands *are* smaller than feet but with the cable, and the fingers, you would think it wouldn’t be much less.

  9. Yours look really great and I too like the pooling ! ..interesting colourway also very pretty 😀
    …I remember making my first and only pair of gloves years ago for my dad for when he went camping only when they hit the water they stretched immensely – he still wore them regardless, gotta love that …lol
    Consequently I’ve never made any since.

  10. Lovely gloves Bells. I really like how the cables flow from the cuff. Very nice.

    Absolutely agree that gloves are worth doing. Like you said, the most fiddly part is over so quickly!

  11. They are beautiful! I just completed my first sock ever on Dpns (kudos to silvers sock class) and feel invincible. I will not let gloves intimidate me now. 🙂

  12. I’m so glad to see you’ve attempted this. I’ve had a polite request for a pair of gloves for Christmas (in sharp contrast to what I lovingly refer to as “a list of demands” from a certain family member who shall remain nameless), so this is definitely going in my queue. Thanks, Bells.

  13. You almost make it sound like anyone could whip up a pair of gloves, but I know you underestimate your own skill. I love your gloves; the cable pattern is so elegant. Still, I have enough trouble with the thumbs on mittens!

  14. Well done! I admit to shying away from gloves because of the fiddliness of the fingers; how can you be sure to get them the correct length/circumference for your fingers? I knit a paif of Knucks once, and I swear each finger was completely different!

  15. Pretty gloves. I’ve only made one pair; and as much as I love them, I didn’t enjoy making them. This pattern would make nice mitts as well. Hope you have a great weekend.

  16. Well I just spent a lovely ten minutes browsing the patterns available over at the Knotty link! I won’t say never, I have all that sock yarn lying around. 😉 I’ll sew in a zipper, I’ll figure out buttonholes, I’ll knit gloves.

    Yours are great! It’s so nice to knit a challenge and be pleased with it at the end!

  17. Your gloves are knotty, but nice!!! They aren’t difficult, are they?? I am tapering the fingers on the gloves I am knitting now, and I like the tapering A Lot!!!

  18. They are lovely – really nice colour and fantastic cable. But I am not convinced they wouldn’t be too fiddly for me! Knitting thumbs on mittens gets on my goat as it is, I reckon doing 10 of them would really sh!t me! Heh! But I will never say never, I’ve done that before with knitting and had to eat my words. I am amazed they only used 1 skein of yarn though!

  19. Oh wow, could you make me a purple pair in fluffy wool. I love gloves and don’t have a pair at the moment. I have large hands though, so they would have to be man sized. The wool doesnt have to be fluffy. I was just sitting here looking at your photos daydreaming about two tone purple gloves 🙂

  20. oh gosh, they are LOVELY!!!
    I totally agree on how rewarding glove knitting is, too. I haven’t made any since I was a teen, but I used to love it.

    nice work, Bells 😉

  21. Lovely cables – however I am quite pleased that I am addicted to my iPhone so bare fingers are *essential* and I can get away with fingerless wristwarmers…

    I think my hands are just too big and clumsy to knit tubes.

  22. These are beauties and that cable really works in this colourway. I keep thinking of lovely mittens and gloves I want to knit it never really occurred to me they’d use less yarn or be quicker than socks – hmm sometimes I’m soooo simple!

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