Pretty Swirls

I’m surprising myself at how many small projects I’m working on and churning out lately. It’s all gloves and mitts and hats and baby wear while my big projects languish. I think perhaps in previous winters I’ve focused in a big way on the large things like cardigans and blankets and have wondered at the end of winter where all the small garments were. This year, I’m catching up a bit.

While we were in Melbourne, I worked almost exclusively on toddler hats. I finished one while I was there and got the second one under way. Today, I handed them over.

Alice’s mum asked me to knit two little hats for Alice and her special friend, Katie, who is the other little girl at family day care. It was a request I couldn’t help but love.

The pattern I chose was the Swirl hat – a great 4ply pattern that came together really quickly. Easily memorised, it makes a perfect travelling/commuting project. Here’s Alice modelling hers.


It’s a snug fit. I made the 18-24mths size thinking it’d be fine for a 27 month old. It will be but probably not for that long. The hat I made for Alice’s friend was so much tighter. I think her head must have been that much bigger. I really could have gone up a size or at least a needle size.


Never mind. They fit now and they were almost such instant patterns that it’ll be no trouble to churn out more. This one is made from leftover Wollmeise in Indisch Rot. That’s taken care of the whole skein bar a scrap of it so I think I’ve found my new way to use up leftovers. It’s perfect really. Such a fun little pattern.

I made Katie’s hat from some raspberry coloured 4ply that came in my big bag of goodies from Wangaratta Woollen Mills. Katie was far too shy to pose in hers but she did look awfully cute. Here’s a work in progress shot taken in a Melbourne laneway.


These hats really have inspired me to look differently at my stash. I have bags and bags of half used balls of 4ly. Yesterday RoseRed and I were talking about making fair isle toddler hats out of them and I can’t stop thinking about it. What fun to finally find a use for all those little balls in such bright colours!



19 thoughts on “Pretty Swirls

  1. You are set for life with all your knitting modelling being done by Alice!! Such a clever idea for using up sock wool and Alice looks, as usual, gorgeous in her new swirly hat!!

  2. Gosh I’m away from here a little while and all these FO’s zip past – how lovely to have fun little FINISHED things šŸ™‚ Must try that little hat pattern – very cute

  3. This is a GREAT hat I want one too. I particularly love swirl patterns in hats they look wonderful the way they swirl around the head, they’re very flattering šŸ™‚

    Alice looks lovely in it šŸ™‚

  4. what could be more adorable than a toddler in a handknitted hat? the hat’s lovely and alice is so cute in it! i love the idea of fairisle ones too.

  5. The hats are adorable, Helen. Hats are SO much fun…almost instant gratification. As you know, I’ve been knitting lots of berets for friends and family over the last few months…must be something in the air!

  6. I’ve been making mitts like crazy with my leftover Cascade 220–well, I was for a while anyway! Leftovers are good for mittens, too. And, of course, little-kid hats!

  7. I am always surprised by how big little babies’ and kids’ heads are… even when the hat seems GIGANTIC on the needles. Very cute, though – and I love how she and her friend will have matching hats!

  8. Kids do have such big heads, compared to their bodies, don’t they! And they do grow so quick. But lucky that new hats are quick to make! Very cute!

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