World, Meet Dorcas

So, a bit of Friday fun.

It’s no secret that I love my chickens. We both do. They’re the third, fourth and fifth members of our family in a way I never expected they would be.

It’s also not a secret to those around me that chicken love has meant a bit of a fascination with chicken related fun stuff. If something has a picture of a chicken on it, chances are I’ll love it. If it’s a model of a chicken, then I’ll be drawn to it.

I should add, I’m not letting this obsession take over. I once knew, through my sister, a woman who was obsessed with ducks. She had literally hundreds of duck figurines and related paraphernalia in her house. You couldn’t move for the duck stuff. That won’t be me. No really. I mean it.

But a few fun chicken related items have crept into my house and the most recent lot came via my sister Adele. When I visited her place last week, she gave me a long awaited new friend (I’d seen photos).

She’s very special and her name is Dorcas. Here she is perched temporarily on my glasses shelf. Beside her is a chicken shaped egg warmer Adele also gave me. Too cute.


Why is she called Dorcas? If you know the series, Lark Rise to Candleford then you’ll know the main character is Post Mistress Dorcas Lane (played by the wonderful Julia Sawahla). Adele has become quite the fan too and when she rescued this lovely chicken from a garage sale for me, she was immediately named after Dorcas Lane.

Before Dorcas came into my life, she had a few falls and Adele had to do some careful glueing. But she’s come through ok and I’m rather fond of her.

I introduced her to the Sister Hens (Big Love fans will get the reference!) and I’m not sure how welcoming they were.

Dorcas and Hens

She’s a sweet, funny little bird and she will one day be the inspiration for the name for a real chicken, when we add to our brood. We just have to make sure she doesn’t fall off the shelf again any time soon.

So there’s a little light-hearted Friday fun. Hope your Friday is easy and your weekend ever better.



22 thoughts on “World, Meet Dorcas

  1. I think Julia Sawahla is a wonderful actress and I love that Dorcas is named after her!! I am sure she will gain a few more friends in the months to come!! She looks right at home with her Sister hens!!

  2. I just saw Dorcas and she spoke to me. I think she is marvellous. Promise not to go crazy on the chicken theme. I have been restrained so far. Love to the girls. Aunt Delly xxx

  3. Aww, she’s adorable! They’re all adorable.

    My neighbours have chickens too. Sometimes they leave us fresh eggs in a basket by the back door. I love those days.

  4. Love the photo with your chickens – they’re very lovely creatures. Great work on you hwbc too – I have to say I slightly prefer your seams in version, I certainly love your fabric choice and it’ll be a lovely snuggle.

  5. We have new neighbors at our beach house that have chickens! I think of you every time I go past, and am dying to meet them! (The chickens AND the people.)

  6. She is a great addition to your brood. Love her little chicken feet!

    I’m very careful no to let people know what my latest obsession is. I don’t want to be unindated with stuff I have to dust like I was as a small child when I told everyone that I loved dolphins.

  7. Dorcas is the perfect name for a chook. Have you seen ‘Ladies in Lavendar’ (Maggie Smith & Judi Dench)? There’s a housekeeper called Dorcas, played by the fabulous Miriam Margolyes, I’d never heard the name Dorcas before and I just loved it. Wouldn’t name my kids Dorcas but it’s a great chicken name. Other essential viewing: Chicken Run.

    • oh yes Chicken Run – I have that. Love!

      Ladies in Lavendar doesn’t ring a bell at all but I think I must track it down.

      I had heard the name before – a character in a favourite childhood book – Playing Beatie Bow – was Dorcas but known as Dovey.

  8. So when can we start calling you the Chicken Lady? 😉 And be careful, once I let it slip I like elephants I became inundated with need-to-be-dusted knick-knack elephants…most of them are packed in a box still from our last move 7 years ago.

    Do you have any Rhode Island Reds? Are they common outside the US? They’re apparently very popular here, from what I’ve read. It’s our state bird (yup, a chicken).

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