Honey. The Story So Far.

At the start of the Tour de France race, I cast on my Honey Cardigan. Then I went to ground and just kept knitting. Apart from bus knitting, this has been my sole knitting project for two weeks in an attempt to have it completed by the time Le Tour finishes.

Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to make it but I’m going to come close. Want to see how it looks so far? Just quietly, I’m thrilled to pieces and seeing how it looks in these photos is just inspiring me to knit faster.


We took these photos this morning at a tiny village called Majors Creek – a left over goldmine town. I’m tempted to go back and take the finished photos there because it’s so picturesque, especially on a cloudy winter’s day. There’s a well, an old chimney, a cemetery and a lone pub full of locals around the fire.

But I digress.


I think by the end of Le Tour, I’m going to have the sleeves done. I’ll finish the body in the next day or so and so might just, at a pinch get through the sleeves by Saturday if I’m really focused.

But finishing this requires miles of i-cord around the edges. Serious i-cord. That’s where I’ll slow down I think.

Truth be told I’m not that fixated on getting it done by end of the race. I only ever saw participating in this knit along as a way to make me get through something more quickly than normal. I don’t mind a bit of pressure – it’s such a great way to make me bring something into sharp focus. But getting Honey off the needles before too much of winter slipped by was important, so that’s where I’m at.

I think it’s going to be lovely. It was a good choice for me. Those cables are amazing aren’t they? As Sean was taking the photos he said something like ‘wow those cables really stand out!’ He’s right. They do. And I am beyond thrilled with the way the charcoal Cascade 220 is knitting up. Perfect. While away this weekend, I found handmade buttons for my Honey. But I’ll save those for later.

honey back in progress



24 thoughts on “Honey. The Story So Far.

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  2. This fits and looks really lovely Helen, I can hardly wait to see the handmade buttons. You’ve done heaps, there really is something to be said about “one project knitting” – things get finished ! ..lol. The i-cord edging is going to look amazing, it’s such a beautiful finish I think.
    Looking forward to seeing the end results 🙂

  3. Oh wow Bells, that cardi is looking beautiful on you!! I especially like the effect of the cables on the front edges – do you have to put ribbing on it or will you be able to keep that loveliness as is?

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  5. I love that your husband commented on the cables (he’s right too, they do pop!). Wasn’t it he too who recently commented “is that boy wearing a Noro hat?” or am I thinking of someone else? He’s been trained up well, anyway 🙂

  6. http://www.studiostrategos.com/blog/2010/12/3/still-knitting.html

    It is not the exact same cable, but I am very fond of this similarish version – which makes a great man’s scarf (and woman’s as well).

    In Major Creek, until the very early 80s the village shop had a window display that dated from the 1920s – and it wasn’t a retro statement, it was a ‘gee I must get around to changing the window’ statement ‘as I haven’t since 1938.

  7. that is looking gorgeous! the cables are so striking. the back looks great, but i love the lines they create at the fronts. the colour is perfect too. bon chance as you head towards the finish line!

  8. Hi Bels! Thank you for your sweet comment. It feels weird not having my flock with me. I’ll get more in spring I think where else can I get eggs? 🙂
    I love Le Tour as well and following the race avidly.
    I always admire those that can knit and your cable looks great!

  9. The cables certainly do stand out!

    I love your relaxed attitude to getting it finished – but earlier this winter rather than later is a good goal; it’s certainly a cold one!

  10. Wow, those cables really do pop, they’re fabulous and it is a joy to do the trying on as you knit. It looks great!! I would not look forward to miles of i-cord either. Wishing your knitting fingers all speed as you rush towards the end of the Tdf!!

  11. Wow, look how much you’ve done! I reckon you can do it! And as a bonus, the Tour finishes on Sunday, not Saturday! So yay, an extra day! Perfect for miles of I-cord! It looks great!

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