A Yellow Jersey – with hours to spare

Hours before our very own Cadel Evans rode down the Champs Elysees, this is what my project for the 2011 Tour de France knit along looked like.

honey - pre blocking

Off the needles, still a little lumpy and bumpy and in need of a good strong blocking, but it was done.

That hill climb I anticipated in the the arduous applied i-cord all around the edges of the piece was not quite the feat of endurance I thought it would be.

I started it late Saturday night, spent about four hours on it on the rainy Sunday we were blessed with yesterday and had it done before dinner.

Some parts of this cardigan just flew by. The second sleeve, for example. Started on Friday night, I dragged the cardigan around everywhere in a big bag on Saturday – to the markets, to my sister’s house where a cat and Miss Alice insisted sitting on my lap – but still I got through it.

I really didn’t think I’d do it. I really thought the final stages would drag on long after the riders were popping champagne corks in Paris.

But no, it’s done. I got my yellow jersey. And when it’s dry and I’ve sewn on my handmade buttons, there’ll be photos to show off what a fun and hopefully successful knit this was.

There’s been a lot of grey yarn in my life this past month. I’m gonna do something red.



22 thoughts on “A Yellow Jersey – with hours to spare

  1. Are you, like me, finding post-TdF life a little flat? No more drifting off in front of a helicopter-eye tour of France; no more rushing home for the 6 pm highlights of what you missed; no more willing CE to the top of the next hill. Sadly, no more opportunities to casually drop “peleton” or “tete de la course” into general conversation.
    One night I came to, just in time to see a stable of Deux Cheveaux, all parked next to a field of sunflowers, as the peleton rode past. Just one of a bunch of memories of TdF2011.
    Until next year. Will you knit red polka dots?

  2. Congratulations! It looks fantastic and so fitting for you to finish the cardigan as Cadel was winning. There were definitely cheers and excited applause for him over here in Berlin. Looking forward to seeing the finished, blocked cardie being worn.

  3. hooray! you did it! it looks beautiful, and a grey cardi is always useful – and it would look rather fabulous with some red accessories too …

  4. Congrats on finishing! To you AND Cadel!

    And yes, red. Red is where it’s at. As far as I’m concerned red is ALWAYS where it’s at šŸ˜‰

  5. Congratulations, I am so looking forward to seeing it being worn. Something red sounds great, although I did think your next project was going to be yellow. I am not very TdF aware!!

  6. You know, I wasn’t sure Cadel was going to pull it off either, until he just killed that time trial. (Freaking impressive!!!) Here’s to the fortitude of Aussies!

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