Violets are Blue

I’ve been on the hunt for knitted headwear (that isn’t a hat) for Miss Alice. Her hair is growing and some days she’s determined not to have it pulled up. Wearing it down just means it’s in her face. Cutting it isn’t going to happen as she’s got a gig as a flower girl in September and her mum thinks it’ll be good to have nice long hair on the day.

Enter the knitted headband.

headband - close

The perfect solution. Alice gets her hair pulled off her face so prettily and I get the satisfaction of a fun, quick and relatively simple knit.

The band was the simple bit. The flowers were fiddly – little leaves, loads of ends to work in etc but I got there.

alice - headband1

You know what was amazing with this? How often do you look at a pattern and know that somewhere in your stash is exactly the right yarn, in exactly the right colour? The pattern called for Louet Gems fingering weight in ‘Willow’. I had exactly that yarn! It was meant to be.

I’d been a bit concerned about the fit. Would it stay on? Would it be too tight? Too loose? It stays on pretty well. Except for when she started running around kicking a football with her brothers shortly after these photos were taken. But very little headwear would stay on under those circumstances, I’m sure.

What was lovely was when I put it on her, we took her to the bathroom to show her. She reached up and touched the little violets and said ‘Pretty!’

I call that a success.

alice - headband

The pattern is Violets Are Blue by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting. She knits and designs for her little girl and has a series of headbands. I’m planning on making more. Taking only a couple of nights to make, I see a future for lots of my sock yarn scraps!



23 thoughts on “Violets are Blue

  1. Looks so nice on Alice. I used to put on headbands (unfortunately not knitted) for my eldest girl as she has not much hair & looks like a boy.

  2. Well if you has the exact wool it was Fate!! Alice looks gorgeous and a headband is a very useful accessory. I love the flowers, well worth the effort!!

  3. Violets and honey – it’s a sensual wonderland over here. Love your honey cardigan and those fab buttons, it looks a treat on you as does this pretty band on Alice.

  4. Wow, she’s really growing up — not a baby anymore, but starting to get that little-big-kid look! Great flower 🙂

  5. just gorgeous! alice and the headband both. i remember wearing the nylon knit headbands when i was little, this is a vast improvement! i’m inspired to make some for my tangle-haired girls.

  6. This is just so pretty ! and it suits her so well too. Sometimes things are just meant to be, as well as being a practical solution.
    My little man could do with one of these practical solutions for his dreds, however I somehow think he won’t approve – maybe if I remove the flower detail 😉

  7. It’s so sweet, Bells, and Alice looks so sweet in it, too. I remember the stage of Grace’s hair always being in her eyes–she went through it a lot younger, since we never cut bangs to begin with. But now? Oh my word her hair is GORGEOUS. It’s long–all the way down her back–and curls into long corkscrew curls (esp. when it’s humid) and I think it will physically hurt me when it’s finally cut in any way. I should see if she’d like a headband–she’s been wearing mostly pony tails in the summer. I don’t know about those fiddly flowers though!

  8. What a sweet little headband for an adorable little minx. Those are the sort of flowers I love, yet I know they will not be fun to make. Someone needs to invent an easy flower that looks beautiful.

  9. It’s very cute! And a great way to use sock yarn scraps! Even better when the recipient thinks it is pretty! That makes darning in all those ends worthwhile!

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