But I’ll push myself up through the dirt
And shake my petals free – Dar Williams. Spring Street.


It’s a little unfair that the daffodils wake up before daylight saving begins. I leave home in fog or beneath an overcast sky. I come home in the dark, or close to it. So I make the most of my daffodils on the weekend.

It’s so fitting that one of the first signs of Spring to arrive in Canberra, well before Spring is even due, is the colour of sunshine.


But the cold weather isn’t over yet and won’t be for some time. So I’m still knitting cardigans, albeit in lighter yarn than the dark days of winter called for. I’m determined to get at least one more cardigan churned out before the days become all sunshine and warmth.

While doing so, I’ve got one eye on my fabric and yarn stashes, and am trawling through patterns on Ravelry planning the spring and summer knitting. Lace. Socks. Little cotton tops and sunhats for Alice. Summer skirts in light, breezy fabric.

It’s nice waking up.



9 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I love that the seasons change and daffodils are a happy sign of things to come. They days are getting much longer here and all the blossom trees are out.

  2. It’s also warming up here in Perth & my cherry blossom are starting to bloom which is quite early. I don’t want winter to end as it’s the best knitting season.

  3. I’m with Amy, I don’t want summer to go away just yet. Daffodils are one of my favorite signs of spring. Yellow is hopeful that more colors are coming back into the landscape. After all the hot dry weather we had in July, August is wet and things are greening back up (too late to save my flowers but that happens sometimes).

  4. your daffs look wonderful, so bright in the cold light! spring is certainly on the way. i was feeling sorry that i didn’t get more winter knitting done, but now you’ve inspired me to look at those warm season patterns!

  5. Lovely happy daffodils! I am loving watching the days getting longer. Very much looking forward to daylight savings, from that perspective. Also looking forward to seeing what you will be making!

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