Swirl Hat – Upsized

A little while ago, you may recall, I made a Swirl Hat for Miss Alice. In red Wollmeise.


When her Aunty Adele saw the photo she said immediately she’d love one too. I’m not sure she thought I’d actually do anything about it but I knew already that the pattern came in both adult and child sizes.

I chose some yarn from my stash that’s been there FOREVER. Truly, it goes back to the very first joint shopping spree RoseRed and I ever did together, ordering from somewhere overseas. I don’t even remember where now but it was 2007, the year we met. It’s a nice gentle pinky-red in Jojoland Melody Superwash. A delicate, soft 3ply. I was very glad to finally find a use for it.

Truth be told, I think it’s a little long. I could have made it half an inch shorter so that it didn’t have that odd looking peak at the top. But it fits nicely otherwise.

Adele's Swirl Hat

I had to modify it a bit since the pattern is written for 4ply and the Jojoland Melody was a  fine 3ply but that just meant adding another repeat’s worth of stitches.

Adele's Swirl Hat

I really like the stitch in this hat. I want to find other uses for it. It was, apart from anything else, enjoyable knitting. A nice, rhythmic repetition that made for good bus or coffee date knitting.

Adele was here on the weekend and I wish I’d thought to get a photo of both of them in their Swirl Hats. That would have been so lovely. Instead, I’ll embarrass Adele with a great photo of her and Miss Alice on a slide together at the markets. They did this over and over. As Alice declared with jubilation, ‘It’s fun!’

Adele and Alice at the market playground


ps yes Adele is wearing vibrant blue tights. We recently got an order from We Love Colors in the US and we all, including Alice, have tights in brightest reds, blues and purples to chase away the winter doldrums!


13 thoughts on “Swirl Hat – Upsized

  1. love the tights – they look great with adele’s matching top. might have to check out that link … the swirl hat is lovely in that fine gauge too, beautiful colour. it does look an interesting pattern, on first look i thought it was a kind of rib, but it looks more intriguing than that.

  2. Those tights are amazing – great colurs !

    I SERIOUSLY love this swirl hat !!!! …I’m partial to swirly patterns, you’ve inspired me with Alice’s hat and now once again it’s under the radar.. I must knit it, I’m sure I can dig out some Noro from stash ;D ..looks great Helen.

    Love the slide picture – fun !

  3. I love the tights but don’t know if I’d be comfortable in such bright colors at my age. I start to get self conscious sometimes. I may just buy a pair and try them out and if I like them, I’ll probably go crazy. I think I get more sensitive as to what’s “appropriate” for women in their 50’s and I’m not sure why that is.

  4. Aunt and Miss in matching hats, that’s so cute!

    We love colours are such a great supplier of tights. Not just the colours, but the quality too. I’ve yet to destroy a pair of theirs. (ok, now I sound like an ad, heh)

  5. I kinda like the little top. I have a very round head, and my face looks much, much rounder if I out on a fitted hat, so I prefer hats that have a little slouch or a top like the one you knitted. It makes it look more modern, im my opinion.


  6. We Love Colour is a huge hit with derby girls, too – they are great tights!

    The matching aunty/niece swirl hats are very cute too 🙂

  7. Love the tights from that place. I bought several pairs last year, adding in two greens to your range. Also had denim blue, navy and bright red. Fun!

  8. Lovely picture of Aunty Adele and Alice – they really look like they’re having a great time; which is why they kept repeating it, of course!

    Pretty hats too, a very lovely design.

  9. I love that picture of them on the slide! I can’t believe how big Alice is! Wow, it goes fast, doesn’t it? And I love that the hat yarn is one you bought with RoseRed early on; that you have been friends long enough that you have early days to remember. Life is funny, huh?

  10. Bright tights are fun! But I always wear them with knee high boots, so you only get a flash of colour between top of boots and bottom of skirt! My legs are big enough without drawing more attention to them, heh!

    Cute hat! It looks like the same stitch pattern as the Odessa hat? I made one of those a few years ago and enjoyed it too! The yarn I am pretty sure we bought from Little Knits.

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