Girl’s Best Cardigan

I’ve been aware of Australian designer Georgie Hallam for ages – friends around me have knitted endless cute items for children from her steady output of wearable, gorgeous designs, particularly for girls.

I’ve had a little girl in my life to knit for now for two and a half  years and so it astounds me that I haven’t delved into these patterns before now. Why? What opportunities I’ve missed? Dresses, summer tops, gorgeous cardigans, little vests. Endlessly inspired designs. So I plan to play catch up.

I started with her new pattern, Girl’s Best Cardigan. Alice’s mum asked for one last cardigan before winter ends and I complied, like the good knitting obsessed aunt that I am. Today, Alice and I had an outing. We went into town and she posed for photos in the park, with her dinosaur.


Such a sweet girl, such a delight to knit for. Decked out in a purple dress (by me), purple tights and her cardigan, she was a real picture in the sunlight.

It’s a fabulous design. I like the long line shape of it and the wonderful lace panels that are knit as you go, rather than being knit on as a band afterwards.


It’s done up with four buttons at the top (one is inside) in such a way that it drapes at a rather fetching angle. And it’s finished off with a picot bind off all around the openings, the hem and the sleeves.


The other nice detail, which you can see in the above photo, is ruffling in the sleeve cuffs. It’s also in the lower sides of the body. That was a nice new skill to learn.


The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Silk Supreme in Silky Plum. I used just over 200g, or one and a bit balls. It’s gorgeous to knit with. My first time. It’s wool/silk/mohair so makes for something that’s smooth, with only a hint of mohair fuzz and oh so warm. I doubt she’ll get heaps of wear out of it but the length means she should still be able to wear it into next autumn, by which time she’ll be three. And taller. But hopefully not broader.

Georgie Hallam does that marvellous thing of providing a range of sizes in her designs. Up to age 12 in some cases! It was a fast-ish knit – taking me just on three weeks.

I think what I’m trying to do is get as much toddler knitting in as I can. I’m sure the time will come when she’ll either lose interest (not that she’s interested now – she just wears whatever she’s put in) or she’ll get too big to have the same level of output I’m managing now.

Next, I move onto cottons. For summer.



26 thoughts on “Girl’s Best Cardigan

  1. Man, is that a cute cardie or what! And isn’t Alice darling in it.

    Not to mention the luscious contrast between the purple and that yellow slide, what a great photo.

  2. I want that sweater for me! It is just darling on Alice.

    You are smart to knit for her now. The only knitted item my daughter (age 21) has been interested in is a pair of mittens. I can’t talk her into a scarf or a shawlette!

  3. Very cute, and very well-coordinated. After a weekend with the dotee choosing her own clothes I’m delighted by anything that is so restrained. I’m on the lookout for a cardigan for her for next winter. Will add this to my list and look at Georgie Hallam more generally. Thanks.

  4. Very pretty, the pattern and colour suits Alice so well. I reckon it’ll be a good piece for those days when it’s warm during the day but still cold in the morning and evenings.

  5. that’s gorgeous, bells! the lace fronts and edge details are just lovely. i’ve admired georgie hallam’s designs for ages, but haven’t managed to make any. and lovely to see alice wearing a dress by you too! she is losing that baby chubbiness and looking quite grown up!

  6. Oh Helen this is stunning ! the colour choice and it all looks so sweet and glam with the purple dress (look at you sewing 😉 and the tights – all just lovely !!!
    I’ve never heard of this designer I’ll go and check her out – thanks for link 🙂

  7. Such a lovely cardigan – I really like the longer line. Re cotton, as you know, Bena has gotten heaps of wear out of her cotton Little Sister’s Dress and then Sweetheart – the cotton means it can be worn most of the year. But what about a skirt- since knitted skirts are so much more problematic for adults!

  8. Another one chiming in that, at this age, my two grew up but not out.

    A good friend of mine who’s proud aunt of two (one girl, one boy) has the intention to knit for them until age eight. After that, she’ll happily knit but only when requested directly from the child for a garment.

    Thank you for the introduction to a new designer. Good thing I have friends with kids the correct size …

  9. Beautiful cardigan and I love the colour. It’s a shame I don’t have anyone small enough any more to knit that for. Busy with socks these days and steadily getting addicted!

  10. It’s a gorgeous sweater. I really liked that you used a grown up type yarn for it . Your sister knows how to care for the handknits. Alice looks lovely in purple! The sweater is so feminine but not fussy, just a perfect little girl knit

    • it’s true. From the moment I gave Alice a koigu cardigan at 3months and her mum looked after it (all the while making sure it was worn lots!) I knew I could knit with nice things for her!

  11. I don’t think my oldest gained a pound between ages one and three. He just stretched. (He was such a roly-poly baby though! He had lots of stretching room!!)

    Thanks for introducing me to another designer. That’s an adorable sweater. I’m at the point where G will want to pick her own yarn and quite possibly pattern, too (from a few choices). Every time I’ve gone into a yarn store with her she’s gravitated toward the sparkly stuff, so if she’s still in that mode I’m going to have to find a sparkly yarn I can work with… but oh, at the moment I’m facing the dreaded Buying of Pants for my skinny boys, I can’t even think handknit winter items yet!

  12. Very, very cute. I second the notion you should knit away like a demon for the babies and toddlers in your life – I am currently itching to make something for a baby and haven’t a one in my life for whom to do it. I’m going to have to resort to that weirdo thing we knitters sometimes do, and give handknits to people we aren’t really well-acquainted enough with to do so…

  13. Hi Bells, oooh, that cardi is just adorable. I love the picot edges and the colour! Very cute and Miss Alice is just gorgeous! I have three girls and love to knit for them, however they are all teenagers now and aren’t really into knitted items, except the odd scarf and hat. It is a joy though, that they occasionally knit and crochet things themselves! I, too am looking at knitting in cotton in the next few months! -Or even bamboo which is lovely also. I’m going to an aunty to a baby boy in November and never having knitted anything for boys, I’m quite excited by the prospect!:-)

  14. Everyone tells me that toddlers grow up not out, so it should fit her next year (and maybe even the year after!). It’s such a nice twirly length right now, very sweet! And I do love those gathers, very clever!

  15. Melissa is on the money about elongation. I know this because my 18 year old daughter wears as a bolero today, a dress I knitted her at 3 years old. And one of the most successful conversions I ever made was adding a deep Liberty Tana lawn hem to a too short cardigan – a case of sending good money after good money!

  16. Oh, look at Miss Alice!, she is such a big girl now!

    Looks great! I love Georgie’s patterns, and I am just finishing up my third Bloom. After two, kid’s tend to get longer, not wider for a while, so she should get some more wear out of it.

    • Good to know Melissa. There are some knits from her first year that apart from too short sleeves still fit her width wise quite well. She’s gotten taller, more stretched out and isn’t the chubby muffin she used to be.

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